Toyota Glanza User Reviews


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Amazing car with amazing warranty from Toyota

"The Glanza is amazing for the fact that Toyota is offering an amazing warranty package with it. I like to drive a lot and the huge numbers of kilometres that Toyota is offering as standard add to my peace-of-mind. Plus, the AMT on this car is actually good and once I drove it, it didn’t take me long to make up my mind!"

-Puneet Garg


The best CNG version I've ever owned

"I was a bit scared at first when I decided to bring the CNG version of the Glanza home, but having spent a few days with it, all my fears have vanished. While power and torque are less, you hardly feel the difference until you are absolutely launching the car from a stand still, and you can always switch to petrol whenever you want to have a bit of fun!"

-Vivek Khatri


Didn't like the AMT much

"Compared to my friend’s turbo i20, the Baleno feels very sluggish and the AMT feels like it’s built for driving at slow speeds. We got the AMT because my dad wanted an automatic, but it’s not at all good if you want to overtake in a hurry."

-Gaurav Kakkar


With Toyota's trust, I simply love the Glanza!

"I love the Glanza for the fact that I get Toyota service. On top of that, the manual version of the car is simply a hoot to drive. The clutch action is effortless so I am not tired in bumper-to-bumper traffic and at the same time I get the thrill of driving a manual transmission car, and a great one at that. The features that Toyota has brought in with the second-gen version only add to its value."

-Rishi Mathpal

Cabin is not upto expectations