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Rishabh Agrawal

As a Software Developer, you always have to be updated with your tech and your code to provide the best user experience possible. At Spinny, not only did I get the opportunity / freedom to implement the code I felt best served the needs, but they also have the vision to predict what will be needed to improve the experience even further. That vision helps me improve my own development skills while still having the freedom to explore new avenues

Rishabh Agrawal

Software Developer
Nand Kishor

Having worked in the industry as a Quality Inspector, I gained considerable knowledge about the technical aspects that characterize a well-maintained used car. At Spinny, I am able to leverage my considerable knowledge to ensure that every car that gets listed on the platform matches the companys' uncompromising standards.

Nand Kishor

Quality Head
Jaskaran Bawa

In our industry, customer service is one thing that isn't focused on very much. At Spinny, I always make sure that when a buyer is looking to buy a pre-owned car, they do so without a single doubt about their purchase. For this, I keep myself up to date about the information buyers may ask about as well what they may forget to ask. This is how I find the perfect match for our customers and leave a smile on their face.

Jaskaran Bawa

Disha Sharma

Sometimes our customers can't find the car that serves their needs. This is when they call us. No matter what the customer's needs, our training at Spinny enables us to check every box on their list. Our customer's always feel like they're being served instead of being sold something.

Disha Sharma

Divya Singh

Graphic design is a constantly evolving field and if your designs aren't with the trend then, as a designer, you'll fall behind. With Spinny, the atmosphere isn't restrictive and there is complete freedom to experiment with the design while producing quality designs that help promote the brand.

Divya Singh

Graphic Designer
Ankit Bagga

Being part of the Marketing Department, we have to not only stay on top of what we ourselves are doing but what our competitors are doing as well. By working as part of a team, I continually ideate and create strategies that fit our business requirement for the present and immediate future. This has allowed me to expand my skills from just knowing Adwords to a proficient level of campaign management on a variety of platforms.

Ankit Bagga

Manager, SEM

Why Become a Part of Spinny

From Operations to Product Development to Marketing, there are a number of people in our family who come from different regions and backgrounds. But in all our differences there is one passion that unites us all together - our love for cars & our insatiable thirst to achieve greater levels of customer satisfaction.

Every individual at Spinny is focused on countering the deeply rooted negative perceptions of the used car market. We're bringing standardization, transparency and absolute convenience to transform the used car industry for the better. Join Spinny not just to develop yourself but also to bring change.

Open Positions at Spinny

Delhi NCR

  • Content Marketing Manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • Customer Engagement Manager

  • Telesales executive


  • Car Inspector

  • Sales Executive

  • Sales Manager

  • Accountant

More positions opening soon in Mumbai, Pune & Hyderabad

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