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Technology has a very vital role to play in what we're building here. Transparency and trust comes foremost in empowering customer decision making for the new age car buyers. As a car enthusiast, working with like-minded people at Spinny has been absolutely great as we can relate to the needs of the modern car buyers and build our products accordingly.

Ashiv, Software EngineerFavourite Car - The Kia Sonet.

It has been an absolute delight working here. From day 1 I have felt connected with the entire team. The best part about working at Spinny is the culture where we always strive to improve and innovate. Dealing directly with customers everyday, we get the opportunity to change their perception around used cars and the response has been terrific.

Sahil, Team Leader, SalesFavourite Car - The Hyundai Elantra.

What makes a workplace conducive to personal growth is the constant motivation to do better everyday. At Spinny, I'm always surrounded by spirited individuals who are working towards a common vision of radically changing the experience associated with buying a used car for better. I'm glad to be a part of this revolution and happy to be contributing to its cause.

Naveen, Supply HeadFavourite Car - The Honda City.

The people are so important at Spinny. We believe in not only recruiting the right people but also creating a collaborative work environment where people find pleasure working alongside each other. What I find most rewarding about my position is bringing together a team that genuinely cares about solving customer’s problems.

Priti Awasthi, Manager, HR & Talent AcquisitionFavourite Car - The Honda Jazz.

Right from requesting for a test drive on Spinny to driving the car home, we have to ensure that customers are guided the right way and they experience a seamless and a smooth buying process. And as an Operation Analyst, I love getting to see how my work directly impacts our customers. Our customer's always feel like they're being served instead of being sold something.

Mayank, Operation AnalystFavourite Car - The Mahindra Scorpio.

Design is what defines the image of the brand and how it is perceived by the people. At Spinny, we make constant efforts to come up with new designs and art work that accurately conveys the brand’s values and principles. Beginning from the UI experience to how the brand is portrayed on social media platforms, at Spinny we get the creative freedom to explore and present designs that strike a chord with our audience.

Arindam Majumdar, Creative HeadFavourite Car - The Honda Civic.
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From Operations to Product Development to Marketing, there are a number of people in our family who come from different regions and backgrounds. But in all our differences there is one passion that unites us all together - our love for cars & our insatiable thirst to achieve greater levels of customer satisfaction.

Every individual at Spinny is focused on countering the deeply rooted negative perceptions of the used car market. We're bringing standardization, transparency and absolute convenience to transform the used car industry for the better. Join Spinny not just to develop yourself but also to bring change.

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