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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Used Car Valuation?

Used second hand car valuation is the process of determining the price of a used car in a given time period. Valuing a used car takes into account the make, model, year, variant, and kms driven to offer a fair price range for the car. By using a used car valuation, you can accurately price your car when you are ready to sell your car.

Q. Why is Spinny the best website for Second Hand Car Valuation?

Spinny's data-centric algorithm has access to more than 5 lakh transactions all over India to provide an quick online quote for your car based on the age, make, model, and distance driven. After evaluation of the car's condition, the actual price of the car is very close to the online quote provided by Spinny. This means Spinny's car valuation is reliable and meets customer expectation to help them get the best price for their car.

Q. Do I have to pay for using Car Valuation tool?

The Spinny car valuation tool is completely free to use. There is no payment required to use the car valuation tool to find the price of your old car.

Q. How Does Used Car Valuation impact the insurance of my vehicle?

Used car valuation does not impact the insurance of your vehicle. You can get a free valuation for your car to sell at the best price.

Q. How does the Used Car Value Calculator help sellers and buyers?

With a used car value calculator, sellers can get a quick online quote for their car that provides a price estimate they can sell their car for. For buyers, a used car valuation calculator provides an indication for the right price range to pay for a specific model of car from a specific year. This helps buyers and sellers make a more informed decision.

Q. Do I have to register on Spinny to check my second hand car valuation?

There is no need to register on Spinny to check the value of your car. Simply enter the details of your car to proceed to the next step.

Q. How do determine the value of a car?

The instant online quote provided by Spinny is based on a data-centric algorithm that provides an estimated price based on the current market demand for your car, its recent market sales and data from over 5 lakh market transactions.

Q. In how much time will I get my money after selling my car to Spinny?

Spinny offers instant payment for your car, even before handover of the car. The payment for your car is initiated as soon as you agree to the price offered by Spinny.

Q. Is it necessary to have a valid car insurance at the time of selling?

A valid car insurance is not required at the time of selling and will not impact the value of your car.

Q. Can I negotiate on the value provided by the car valuation tool?

The car valuation by Spinny provides a price estimate for your car. No negotiations are possible on the price estimate.