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  • The entire process was seamless and very quick. I checked the quote online and Spinny executive came for evaluation the same day. The entire process took less than 24 hours.
    • Murthy Kasturi, Sold 2016 Honda City
    • Chennai
  • We didn’t think selling our car could be so fast and easy. We received the best amount and it was same as the online estimate.
    • Sanjeev Gupta, Sold 2015 Grand i10
    • Noida
  • From inspection to paperwork, I completed the entire process from the comfort of home. Spinny team was very professional and friendly.
    • Surinder Pal Singh, Sold 2017 Maruti Suzuki Alto
    • Chandigarh
  • I love my car and with Spinny I got the confidence that the car will be in safe custody till it gets transferred to the new owner.
    • Tejashree Kale, Sold 2020 MG Hector
    • Pune
  • Spinny valued our car with the best price for our car and I don't think anyone can compete with the prices offered.
    • Vikrant Jadhav, Sold 2018 Hyundai Creta
    • Mumbai
  • Spinny is becoming synonymous with trustworthy experience. I checked the online estimate and received the same amount after evaluation. The process is quick, simple and professional.
    • Krish Patel, Sold 2018 Maruti Brezza
    • Ahmedabad
  • My friend recommended me Spinny and I am glad he did. The online quote was exactly matched after evaluation and payment was done within 30 minutes.
    • Prathmesh, Sold Maruti Ciaz
    • Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Spinny SellRight?

SellRight by Spinny is the most simple way of selling your car with the assurance of getting the best price in the market. With SellRight, you can say goodbye to weeks of uncertainties around your car's sale and get paid in just 1 day. By eliminating all middlemen from the selling process, we will buy your car directly from you and offer you an unmatched price, that truly values your car & comes with the goodness of a simple & convenient selling experience.
Sell your car the right way with SellRight - the best price for your car, simple selling experience.

Q. How can I sell car online in Gurgaon at Spinny?

SellRight by Spinny makes selling your car a simple & delightful experience. Just tell us a few details about your car to get an instant online valuation in less than 10 seconds. To get an accurate in-hand offer, schedule a free doorstep evaluation of your car at a date & time of your convenience. We're so confident that you'll love our offer, we even give you 3 days to find a better one. Ready to get paid? Encash your in-hand offer immediately or within 3 days from evaluation to receive payment in your account securely & instantly. We'll take care of every other paperwork, including the RC transfer, for free. Ready to sell? Click here to get an instant valuation for your car

Q. How does Spinny guarantee the best price for my car?

At Spinny, we believe you deserve a price that truly values your car. That is why, our Doorstep Evaluation makes it easy for you to get a great price and sell your car directly from the comfort of your home. By factoring in your car's condition and similar nearby market transactions, the offer you receive with us is guaranteed 10-15% higher than the market. This is made possible by cutting all middlemen from the selling process and passing on the savings directly to you, so you can sell your car with the assurance of a great price and the goodness of a simple selling experience. Get an instant valuation in less than 10 seconds, click here to get started.

Q. My car is not listed in your form. What should I do?

If your car is not listed in our instant evaluation form, it means that your car falls outside the SellRight buying criteria. The cars we buy from you are further made available on our website for potential buyers to purchase. In order to ensure the highest quality standards, we do not buy cars that fall outside our buying criteria. For any further assistance, free to contact us at 727-727-7275 and we'll help you get started.

Q. Why is my car not eligible under the Spinny selection criteria?

At Spinny, the cars we buy from you are further made available on our website for potential buyers to purchase. In order to ensure the highest quality standards, we do not buy cars that fall outside our selection criteria.

Q. How long will it take for the payment to get transferred into my account?

Depending on your preferred mode of payment, the amount can get transferred in your account in as early as a few hours. You can choose to get paid via a Bank Transfer (IMPS, RTGS, NEFT), Demand Draft or even a current dated bank cheque. Spinny does not facilitate any cash payments to car sellers.

Q. How long will it take for the RC to be transferred from my name?

Your free RC transfer should take no longer than 180 days depending on your car's further sale to an end buyer. Throughout the transfer process, we'll keep you updated on your registered contact number so you can rest easy.

Q. Where can I check my current RC transfer status of my car?

To check the status of your RC transfer yourself, you can always visit www.parivahan.gov.in

Q. Can I sell my commercial car in Gurgaon to Spinny?

Unfortunately, as of now, we do not buy commercial cars.

Q. My query is not listed. Help!

If your query is not listed here, you can reach out to us on our customer support number 727-727-7275.

Why Sell Used Car in Gurgaon at Spinny?

Gurgaon, the capital city of Haryana is one of the leading financial hubs of India with the 3rd highest per capita income. Gurgaon sprung up as an industrial hub for manufacturers in the 1970s when the Indian automobile manufacturing giants Maruti Suzuki entered the city and established a manufacturing plant in Gurgaon. Today, Gurgaon sits as the main site for offices of more than half of the Fortune 500 companies. Gurgaon also boasts of the country’s highest HDI index at 0.889 [1]. Owing to the high per capita incomes, Gurgaon is also one of the cities with the highest per capita car ownership in India. The hugely growing population of up and coming car buyers has also attracted all major automobile manufacturers to set up their manufacturing plants in Gurgaon. All of this has culminated in a plethora of passenger vehicles on the roads & highways of Gurgaon. The continuously growing demand for motor vehicles has also resulted in shorter ownership cycles. Car owners in Gurgaon are now looking to sell their used cars as early as within 4-5 years of their purchase. Avenues for these car owners to sell their pre owned cars are, however, severely restricted to online classifieds or curbside dealerships. While online classifieds may help car owners get a decent price for their old cars, the whole process can often be very cumbersome and time consuming. Dealing with individuals for test drives over weeks and months does not suit the busy lifestyles of Gurgaon residents who are now increasingly looking to sell their cars in the shortest time frame possible. Curbside dealerships offer instant money to car sellers but offer undervalued prices owing to layers of middlemen present in the process.

Spinny - The Simplest Way to Sell Car in Gurgaon

With Spinny, your used car in Gurgaon will be sold as soon as you're ready. Experience the fastest way to sell your car online in Gurgaon. Get your used car's free online appraisal, schedule an in-person inspection for your car at a convenient spot, get an instant bid, & sell your old car from the comfort of your home at the best price.

Fair and transparent price for your used car in Gurgaon

With Spinny get the best value for your pre owned car in Gurgaon. Spinny’s unique data-led valuation mechanism takes your vehicle’s condition along with the market transaction trends in account to provide you the most fair value for your old car. By owning the supply chain end-to-end Spinny also eliminates all middlemen from the process thereby passing all savings directly to the sellers. Be assured that when you sell your used car to Spinny, you will always get the most justified value for your car in Gurgaon.

Get paid instantly when you sell old car in Gurgaon to Spinny

With Spinny, bid farewell to unfair pricing and weeks of uncertainty while selling your car in Gurgaon. Have your old car valuation done right at your doorstep and get instant payment for it. With Spinny, sell your car in Gurgaon the minute you’re ready. 1) Get a car valuation online. 2) Book an inspection at your doorstep. 3) Get instant payment.

Hassle-free and secure paperwork

With Spinny, all the paperwork is handled by us, including paper transfer of your car, so you can relax at your home. Experience the most hassle-free way of selling your car with Spinny.

3 day offer validity

Take your time to decide. The offer we provide you stays valid for 3 days. Get instant payment for your used car the moment you’re ready to sell.

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