Pricing you can trust.

Whether you’re buying or selling a car.

Our full stack model means pricing you can trust.

Our sellers source cars directly from individuals. We facilitate the sale of the cars listed on our website directly to individual buyers. In either process, there are no middlemen or dealerships involved in determining the price of a car. By eliminating middlemen and eliminating steps in the traditional distribution process we are able to assure you quality and by using market data to arrive at a fair and fixed valuation, our sellers are able to give you the best price whether you’re buying or selling on our website.

Our valuations – driven by data

Spinny Star Engine utilizes market trends and numbers for specific models and makes rather than the base price in the used car market. It also takes into account the detailed 200-point inspection we undertake on every car. Spinny’s Star Engine continually reflects data from thousands of sales in the used car market, to facilitate fair pricing to the cars listed on our website.

Fixed price - confidence in our valuation

We believe if the buying price or selling price of a car is negotiable, it’s not the right price. You will always find that the initial price offered on evaluation will not differ greatly from the final offer after inspection. If you’re buying a car, our registered partners assure the price quoted by them for every Spinny Assured ® car. By being sure of the worth of every car that comes our way, our registered partners are able to pass on savings to our customers in their first interaction.

Pricing in tune with market numbers

Market sentiment around the launch of a car or new model can variably influence the demand and supply of a car and its market worth. Spinny’s Star Engine continually reflects the updates from new car launches and consumer response to the same.

We know quality. That’s how we arrive at a fixed, fair price.

A car’s ownership and service record goes a long way in determining its price. Our 200-point inspection of your car leaves nothing to chance and conjecture regarding its value. Our focus on determining quality means a pricing you can trust.

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