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A way of pricing you can trust
At Spinny, cars are sourced directly from individual sellers and sold to individual buyers. This way, by eliminating multiple layers of dealerships usually involved in the sale of a used car, Spinny always provides you the most fair & competitive prices while selling your car or buying a new one.
Data driven valuation
Instead of a one-price-fits-all norm prevalent in the used car market, we at Spinny make use of a data based pricing engine that takes into account your car’s demand & supply data, it’s recent market sales and our 200 pts inspection report to arrive at the most true value of your car.
Demand supply trends
A lot of market factors like new car launches and market sentiments around an existing car model can variably influence the demand & supply of a car and in turn its worth. Spinny’s star price engine is constantly updated with data from thousands of used car transactions to offer you prices in line with the market trends.
Recent nearby sales
To further correct any distortions in the pricing, recent sales of cars nearby the sale location are also factored in by the pricing engine to ensure you always get a fair deal.
hatchback car
At Spinny, your car’s quality matters to us
Every car’s condition is unique depending on its ownership and maintenance. At Spinny we make sure that you always get the deserving price for your car and nothing less. This is done with the help of our detailed 200 pts inspection process that evaluates your car thoroughly to offer you a price you can always trust