Check & pay e-challan

An e-challan is a digital fine issued by the traffic police for a traffic violation. An e-challan can be checked online, which gives the details of the fine, the current challan status, the challan amount, and an option to pay e-challan online. An issued e-challan can be checked through the Parivahan portal or by using the Spinny tool. The step-by-step guide for paying e-challan online is easy to follow and lets you conveniently clear the challan without visiting the court.

How to check e-challan

Enter the registration number of your car and click submit to check any issued e-challan to know the challan status for your car. All pending and unpaid e-challans for your car will be shown, with the option to pay the fines to clear the challan. Checking e-challan online is a convenient way to stay updated with challan status of your car while also paying the e-challan online for minimal inconvenience to you.

How to pay e-challan

After you check e-challan online on Spinny and your challan status shows pending fines, you can choose to pay e-challan online conveniently and securely. All e-challan payments can only be made through the Parivahan platform. By paying e-challan online through Parivahan will help you skip the visit to the court to pay the fine. Clearing any pending e-challan will also help you quickly sell your car and remove any liabilities associated with the challan.

Pay e-challan Using Parivahan

Follow these steps -

Step 1: Go to the Parivahan website

Step 2: Click on e-challan System

Step 3: You will be redirected to a new page. Click on 'Get Challan Details'

Step 4: Enter the Registration number of your vehicle, followed by last 5 digits of the chassis number or engine number. Complete the captcha and click on 'Get Detail'

Step 5: The details of your e-challan will be shown. If the information is accurate, click the Pay Now button

Step 6: Select your preferred payment option to make the payment

Step 7: Upon completion of the payment, an acknowledgment will be provided with the transaction ID for future reference

Common Traffic Challans

ChallanChallan Penalty (Rs)
Driving Under IntoxicationFirst Offense: Rs. 10000 and/or 6 months in prison Second Offense: Rs. 15000 and/or 2 years in prison
Overloading Pillion RidersRs. 2000 fine + disqualification of license and/or community service for 3 months
Over Speeding VehicleRs. 1000 for LMV, Rs. 2000 for MMV
Driving DangerouslyRs. 1000 – Rs. 5000, seizure of license, and/or 6 months -1 year in prison
Driving Without licenseRs. 5000 and/or community service
Driving Without Valid InsuranceFirst Offense: Rs. 2000 and/or 3 months in prison, community service. Second Offense: Rs. 4000
Signal JumpingRs. 1000 – Rs. 5000, license seizure, and/or 6 months – 1 year in prison
Two-Wheeler Rider Without HelmetRs. 1000 + license scrapping for 3 months
Riding Without PermitUp to Rs. 10000
Driving Without A Valid Driving licenseRs. 5000 and/or community service
Unauthorised Driving Of A VehicleRs. 5000 and/or community service
Not Carrying Necessary Documents Specified In The Motor Vehicle Act While DrivingRs. 500
Travelling Without TicketRs. 500
Driving Despite DisqualificationRs. 10000
Violating Licensing ConditionsRs. 25000 to Rs. 1 lakh
Violating Licensing ConditionsRs. 25000 to Rs. 1 lakh
Driving Without Valid Vehicle Fitness CertificateRs. 2000 – Rs. 5000
Driving Vehicle Without Registration CertificateRs. 2000
Rules Of Road Regulation ViolationRs. 500
Driving Below 18 Years Of AgeRs. 25000 with 3 years of imprisonment of guardian or owner
Not Obeying Orders Of The AuthoritiesRs. 2000
Oversized VehiclesRs. 5000 – Rs. 10000 and/or community service
Driving Without Fastening The Seat BeltsRs. 1000
Negligent DrivingRs. 1000
Racing Vehicle On Public RoadsRs. 5000
Not Making Way For Emergency VehiclesRs. 10000
Stopping At Pedestrian From Crossing Or Crossing A Zebra CrossRs. 100
Violating The Yellow LineRs. 100
Displaying 'Applied For' In Driving License PlateRs. 4500
Improper Use Of Headlights And/ Or Tail Light While DrivingRs. 100
Signal JumpingRs. 100
OverSpeedingUp to Rs. 1000
Driving under influence of Alcohol and/ or DrugsRs. 10000
Use Of Mobile Phone While DrivingRs. 1000
Use Of Horn In Silence ZoneRs. 100
Driving Without Valid Number PlateRs. 100
Using Obstruction To Other Vehicles And PeopleRs. 100
Parking In 'No Parking' ZoneRs. 100
Parking on any Pedestrian CrossingRs. 100
Parking The Vehicle On WalkwaysRs. 100

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an e-challan?

An e-challan is a digital fine that is issued by traffic police for violating a traffic rule. As an e-challan is issued digitally, there is better record keeping of challans issued while also making the payment of challans more convenient with online payment options.

Q. What happens if we don't pay challan?

Payment of any challans issued is mandatory. Failing to pay any pending challans will lead to a court summons to appear in court and make the required payment. Non-payment of challan could also lead to other consequences like additional late fines.

Q. How does the e-challan system work?

With rapid digitalisation, the e-challan system is able to work automatically as it is directly linked to the central database. Any traffic violations caught on traffic cameras will automatically generate the respective e-challan. Once issued, a notification is sent to the car owner of the traffic violation and the pending fine. The car owner can use the link provided in the notification to view details of the challan and pay the fine online.

Q. Is paying e-challan online secure?

Paying e-challan online is secure and convenient as it uses secure payment gateways to handle your payments as you pay e-challan online.

Q. Can I still drive my car if I don't pay the challan?

You can still drive your car if you don't pay the challan. However, you will need to pay the challan within 60 days to avoid any additional fines.

Q. What are the options to pay e-challan in India?

There are multiple ways to pay e-challan in India. The most convenient way is to pay e-challan online. Another option to pay challan is to pay the fine at the local court. Finally, in some cases, you can directly pay the fine to the traffic police.

Q. Where can I pay my e-challan?

It is convenient to pay e-challan as there are online and offline options to choose from. You can pay e-challan online using the Parivahan website or the police website of your city. For offline options, you can visit the court on the specified date and pay the challan.

Q. How to pay e-challan after due date?

The process to pay e-challan after due date is the same as the process to pay e-challan online. However, there will be a late fee applied to your challan, which will need to paid to completely clear the challan.

Q. How to contest e-challan?

It is easy to content the e-challan if you find that the challan was issued incorrectly, you have the option to contest the e-challan. You can send an email to [email protected] and submit a complaint with the relevant proofs.

Q. How can I check my e-challan online?

As e-challan is completely digital, you can check e-challan online in multiple ways. You can use the Parivahan website to check details and pay e-challan online. You can also use the online tool on Spinny to check e-challan online and make any require payment securely.

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