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How to Apply for a Used Car Loan with Spinny?

3 steps to Apply Online

Document Submission
1. Document Submission

Submit all required documents for verification

Quick Loan Approval
2. Quick Loan Approval

Once verified, your loan is approved and dispatched to Spinny

Payment made to Seller
3. Payment made to Seller

Spinny relays the payment directly to the seller to complete the sale

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Why apply for a used car loan with Spinny?

A.Through Spinny, your loan application is expedited as we have all the required documents to make the application process smooth and convenient. The combination of our certification process and our established partnerships with leading banks gets up to 85% of the car's value financed with rates starting from 12.5%.

Q.What are the steps to apply for a used car loan online?

A.The loan procedure starts with the collection and verification of your documents. This is followed by the bank's own valuation of the car. Based on this valuation and your credit worthiness, your loan is approved and dispatched to Spinny, who relay the payment to the Seller.

Note : Spinny only facilitates the loan. The approval and disbursal of the loan is subject to the bank.

Q.Criteria for Used Car Loan

A.Loans are available on cars up to 10 years old. Your credit worthiness is also verified to determine your premium.

Q.Used Car Loan vs New Car Loan

A.The high mileage and doubts about past usage increases the interest rate in case of used car loans. Banks are able to predict the resale values for new cars and thus, offer lower rates for new car loans. The high mileage and doubts about past usage increases the rate.

However, Spinny’s cars are certified, which removes the doubts and makes the resale value more predictable. This brings down the interest rates and you can avail rates as low as 12.5%, depending on your credit worthiness and the value of the car.