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Fair Usage Policy (T&C)
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IntroducingSpinny Assured BuyBack
The simpler way to own your Spinny assured car without the worry of long-term ownership costs. Get assured future resale value for your car on your purchase.
BuyBack Benefits
  • Flexible ownership tenures
  • Guaranteed future value
  • Easy upgrade
Freedom of Choice
Drive a car model that you’ve always wanted, in a color that you like, with a transmission that you prefer, and that too for a tenure of your choice.
Take your pick
More to drive, less to commit.
At the end of your tenure, either hold on to your car, exchange it for an upgrade or return it for the assured buyback value.
Browse Cars
Future Value, Assured at Present
Upfront buyback value assurance at purchase. Return your car at short tenures of 6, 12 or 18 months.
Get buyback value
The best of both worlds
Cheaper than Subscriptions, Simpler than long term Ownership.


Q. When can I return my Spinny car to get the assured buyback value?

Under the Buyback program, you can return your Spinny Assured car after periods of 6, 12 or 18 months for its assured buyback value. However, if you wish you may also choose to hold onto your car or exchange it for another car. Buyback assurance is only valid for a maximum permissible return period of 18 months.

Q. How can I avail the buyback for my Spinny car?

Every Spinny Assured car is qualified for our buyback program. If you wish to return your Spinny car for its assured buyback value, just raise a return request at your desired period of return from 6, 12, or 18 months from the date of purchase and we will get in touch to guide you through the return process. You can also refer to our vehicle usage policy to read the procedure in detail.

Q. Who bears the insurance & maintenance cost of the car?

Under Buyback, just like a normal car ownership, the maintenance and insurance costs are borne by the customer. As the owner, good drivers can save any wear & tear costs by driving responsibly and tending to the regular servicing schedules of the car. Don’t worry, even with the insurance & maintenance included your monthly ownership costs should be much lower than a subscription.**

Q. Is this program valid for existing customers?

The Buyback program is only applicable for purchases made on or after 01/06/20. For purchases made prior to this date, our customers, should they choose to sell their cars, can do so via our regular selling process. To get an instant quote for your car, kindly visit Sell Used Car

Q. What is the Buyback vehicle usage policy?

The program’s vehicle usage policy governs the eligibility under the program and its terms of usage that may affect the assured buyback value of the car. Kindly read the vehicle usage policy document carefully.
Fair Usage Policy (T&C)