Maruti Suzuki Swift Expert Review


The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a household name in India. It has achieved a cult status with all three generations of the Maruti Swift improving on the mantra of a sporty hatchback that would be fun for enthusiasts, but at the same time, not cost a lot to maintain and be a comfortable car for the family as well. The Swift is instantly recognisable on Indian roads because of its years of service and the fact that it looks different than anything else on the road. This little fact has always been a key ingredient of the Swift since the onset.


Paint Quality3/5
Panel Gaps4/5




No. of Airbags2


Eng. Response5/5
Clutch & Gears5/5


The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a delightful hatchback that offers an enjoyable driving experience for enthusiasts while also providing practicality for small families. At the same time, it’s one of the easiest cars to drive. Since its introduction in 2010, the Swift has garnered immense popularity and continues to be a top choice in Maruti’s lineup. One of the key strengths of the Maruti Swift is its versatility. It effortlessly accommodates a family of four, and at a reasonable price, so taking along a bunch of your loved ones on your everyday adventures becomes that much easier. Additionally, what stands out about the Maruti Suzuki Swift is that the running costs feel like peanuts compared to other cars in its segment. The service is cheap and the fuel efficiency is quite good for both manual and automatic variants. The Maruti Suzuki Swift’s design philosophy revolves around delivering an engaging ride with nimble handling, particularly in the city where it excels in meeting this objective. All in all, the Swift’s engaging handling, combined with its versatility and affordability, make it a compelling option in the hatchback segment.

Who should buy a Maruti Suzuki Swift

The Swift will be a great buy for those who are looking to buy a fun hatchback to drive, which is easy to park and has all the modern day amenities that are expected of cars. What’s more, it’s reliable as well so that will add to your peace of mind as well.

Pros of Maruti Suzuki SwiftHandlingRide qualityPowertrain
Cons of Maruti Suzuki SwiftSafety ratingCabin space