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We want to sell our corporate leased second hand cars to Spinny but our city list is not mentioned above.
See why.
Currently we are buying fleet/corporate/lease used cars only in Gurgaon, Delhi & Noida

With Spinny, your car is sold  
the minute
you are ready.

Spinny Sell Your Car USP
Simply sold

Free inspection at your doorstep, instant quote and same day payment by Spinny

Spinny Sell Your Car USP
Trusted offer

Competitive bidding by partner dealers at back end to fetch best price in one go. Simple and transparent process.

Spinny Sell Your Car USP
Peace of mind

All paperwork and post sales obligation taken care by us for complete peace of mind


Competitive same day wiring offer

We will inspect your cars at your location to determine its true condition. Taking that into
account we would use demand supply data and recent market sales values for model of
every car from the fleet lot on sale to offer you a competitive combined quote for all cars.

Spinny Sell Your Car USP
Exact condition of cars
Spinny Sell Your Car USP
Competitive bidding
Spinny Sell Your Car USP
Quotes from multiple channels
10 Day Offer Validity

Our analytical and quality cars focused approach saves you from averaged out pricing norm prevalent in the market

Fleet owners get maximum value for their cars with us
Spinny invites quotes from multiple channels
to get most competitive instant price
We buy used cars from fleet of corporate companies, car rental & car
leasing companies. These cars are retailed to either through our online
platform or to our channel partners who consist of small and large
dealerships, car rental companies, taxi companies etc. Quotes are
sourced from all such partners which ensures we are in a position to
offer you best price for your company leased or fleet cars in one go.

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Money Back
Money Back
200 PTS
Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Are we selling our cars to Spinny?

A.Yes, you will be selling your car to Spinny. Spinny is the largest online dealership for used cars in India. Spinny buys cars instantly from individual sellers and businesses including car leasing and rental companies and then resell them to individual buyers. In case cars do not match Spinny's quality criteria then Spinny arranges bids from hundreds of its channel partners and partner dealers. Transaction is facilitated by Spinny on behalf of highest bidder if accepted by selling company. By operating this way we are able to provide leased or rental fleet operators instant payments for their cars and save them from months haggling and visits by dealers of unproven intent and appetite.

Q.​Does inspection by Spinny mean that it will be bought by Spinny ?

A. We conduct inspection of a car only when we have a clear intent of buying that car. But if we find, during inspection of ​a used​ car, that it has structural damage due to an accident or it has been poorly maintained or that there is a doubt of meter tampering, then we may refuse to buy ​the​ car. At Spinny, we are dedicated to providing transparent and reliable experience to customers while helping them buy high quality cars and therefore we only buy​ used​ cars that are non-accidental and non-meter tampered.

Q.How fast is it to sell my car to Spinny?

A. You can sell used car instantly to us - basically you can sell the minute you are ready. After a sell car request is placed through our online platform, we will arrange an inspection of your car at your doorstep to give a final offer based on the car’s condition and the market’s demand & supply trends. If you accept our final offer, deal will be closed by us instantly and payment transfer would be made in 30 mins. In case of businesses and car rental cum leasing companies, we also submit quotes as per your prescribed format but quotes will only be submitted once we have inspected your lot on sale.

Q.​What happens to our cars once sold to Spinny?

A. Once you sell your cars to Spinny, these cars will be reconditioned and presented to interested buyers through our online platform and our car hubs. In case we have facilitated the transaction on behalf of our channel partner whose bid was accepted by you, cars will be handed over to them once they have cleared our payment and completed required formalities. To make the transaction completely hassle free for you and your business all the paper-work involved is taken care by us only.

Q.​What are payment modes used by Spinny to pay its sellers?

A. While selling your used car fleet to Spinny, you can choose to get paid via these payment methods : Bank Transfer (IMPS, RTGS, NEFT), Demand Draft or current dated bank cheque. Please note that Spinny does not make any cash payments to car sellers whether individuals or businesses. We also buy bank hypothecated cars.

Q.​​​In which all cities can a fleet operator sell used cars in bulk to Spinny​?

A. Currently ​you can sell your used fleet/leased/rental cars to Spinny in bulk in Delhi NCR & Gurgaon. We will soon be starting our operations in other top cities of India.​ Do write to us if you want ​our fleet/leased/rental used car selling service in your city.​

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