Hyundai i20 Expert Review


The 2020 Hyundai i20 is not just a facelift, it’s a new car altogether. Having impressed Indian buyers with their previous models, Hyundai had a herculean task on their hands with their competitors catching up with them in the hatchback segment. This was to maintain a certain dominance within the Indian auto market as well as maintain the trust that they had spent 2 decades building. The 2020 i20, when compared to the previous i20 models, feels completely different. There is no element that resembles the earlier i20s. Its stunning looks alone can make a potential customer want to know more about this hatchback.


Paint Quality4/5
Panel Gaps4/5




No. of Airbags6


Eng. Response3/5
Clutch & Gears4/5


The 2020 Hyundai i20 is a car worth buying simply because it makes you feel much younger once you start driving it. The feel of it is unlike any other as this is as close one car gets to driving a sports car on Indian roads as this. A brand-new design as premium looking as the 2020 i20, matched with the new interiors and a refined engine are all the things that one sees in a car. Everything about the new i20 feels just right; the looks, the engine specs, the ground clearance and the interiors. Given that the boot space is less, this car will make an amazing grand-touring vehicle, especially with friends.

Who should buy a Hyundai i20

The 2020 Hyundai i20 is a 5-seater hatchback with a touch of premium and sporty looks. This car is ideal for long roadtrips and grand touring. Those who are passionate about driving long distances in small groups will find the i20 an ideal car. This car is meant to be driven on asphalt and with its stable suspension and wheelbase, it can counter minor potholes with ease. The all-new i20 can be used for daily carpooling as well with features to aid your daily commute to your workplace.

Pros of Hyundai i20A stylish hatchback, unlike any we have seen in the Indian marketUnique and distinctive exterior featuresRefined engine and suspensionRevamped interiors
Cons of Hyundai i20Jerky transmission makes low-end driving unpleasant, especially in traffic jamsThe interior looks too plasticky and monochromeThe door might feel too light to handle, shuts with an unpleasant thud