Hyundai Creta User Reviews


from 5 users


Superb Efficiency!

"The diesel-auto is a lifesaver. My parents bought me the Creta with the promise that I would have to maintain it on my own and also fill fuel on my own. The Creta’s great efficiency means that my fortnightly tank fill is a breeze on my pocket and Hyundai’s great and affordable service also means that my Creta stays in great shape all the time."



Good car but the engine is a little noisy.

"The top-end diesel model is a little excessive and engine noise is quite audible at higher rpms! Apart from that though, my diesel Creta is a good partner-in-crime. The fuel efficiency is so good for a car this size and I enjoy the huge feature list of the Creta. My young daughter loves the panoramic sunroof on our after-dinner drives on the weekends!"

-Darsh Gupta


Perfect for smooth drives

"The naturally aspirated petrol engine is so smooth to drive. The iMT option is the cherry on top of this cake as it still gives the feel of driving a manual transmission car, and I don’t have to keep pressing the clutch in heavy traffic."

-Prashant Kanodia


Not a fan of Creta's design & noisy engine

"My wife loves the Creta and that’s why we picked it. Personally, I don’t like the design so much. The diesel engine is very noisy as well and I don’t expect that in a car that costs more than 20 lakh! I love the touchscreen though. Best in this price bracket that I have used. Waiting to take this out on a highway journey before forming a full opinion."

-Apurv Kushwaha

Best car ever!