Used Car Valuation Online in India

Used Car Valuation – Check Value of Used Car Online in India

Ascertaining the value of your used car while selling it or the value of a used car you are planning to buy is central to the transaction decision making. This should take into account the way the car has been maintained, it’s actual condition, it’s history and the current demand supply market conditions of the model of the car. Buyer should not feel that the car is over priced and at the same time seller should also not feel that the car is being sold at under priced value. Discovery of right price can play a crucial role in minimizing friction in the overall transaction process and also saving lot of negotiation time for both the parties.

Here are most reliable used car valuation tools one can use to check value of used cars online in India:

1.  Spinny Star Price Engine for sellers willing to sell their cars to Spinny:

Spinny Star Price Engine

Spinny Star Price Engine evaluates value of a used car using millions of data points of previously transacted used cars, a car’s true condition, current demand supply conditions of the model of the car and safety and maintenance feedback of the car. In last three year’s Spinny’s used car valuation tool has already gone through huge number of iterations based upon sale purchase transaction data captured by Spinny through its own operations. Due iterated by real transaction data from thousands of recent transactions, you will quite very relevant and realistic valuations here.

To check a used car’s current market valuation, GO HERE.

2. Used car valuation tool by CarWale

Used car valuation index by is one of the best accepted by users in the Indian used car market. It uses data both from online users on it’s platform and data shared by it’s partner used car dealers. Being a group company of CarTrade, it also reconciles it’s index with CarTrade pricing data to provide more accurate results.

3. Indian Blue Book by Mahindra First Choice Group

Indian Blue Book (IBB) used car price engine is common known as IBB Value and for Indian used car market it is like Kelly Blue Book (KBB) of US. It uses sell purchase transaction data from it’s hundreds of franchise showrooms running under Mahindra First Choice brand to estimate the price of a used car. IBB value commands a dominant place among all online used car valuation tools and is one of oldest in the market.

4. Orange Book Value by Droom

Orange book value online used car valuation tool is recently launched by used vehicle marketplace Droom. It provides valuations for both used cars and used bikes and comes in the print format as well. Droom publicizes it quite heavily and it drives significant online traffic.

5. CarTrade Used Car Valuation

CarTrade is engaged in various aspects of used car transactions including B2C listing, B2B auctions, B2C Franchise business and recently it has acquired CarWale as well. Combining data from all these sources and being in the business for longest time as compared to its competitors, CarTrade has probably largest data points.Using such a vast database of transaction data points CarTrade used car valuation tool gives quite a close range for various types possibilities for a car selling transaction.

You can also browse through used cars listings on OLX and Quikr to get a sense of market trends on pricing of various car models.


To learn more about Spinny Star Pricing for used cars, Go Here.

Spinny Star Price


While your used car you would definitely like to derive maximum possible valuation for it. Below mentioned article presents excellent steps to get maximum valuation for your used car. These are very simple steps and does not amount to misleading or cheating the potential buyers. These just about being more upfront and up to date about sharing all the relevant information in simple way and taking care of cosmetic condition of the car in a better way. There is no harm of these simple steps can add some extra bucks to valuation of your old car.

Go Here for this article on how to derive maximum value for your used car.


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