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Spinny with Extra Care: Prepared for You

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Your comfort and safety is our top priority. In the interest of protecting our customers, employees and their families, we at Spinny are adopting a number of measures following the WHO guidelines to provide a contactless car buying experience. For this, we at Spinny are training our personnel in the appropriate social distancing measures as well as in hygiene and sanitization practices.

We’ll Come to You

In this current environment, it is advised to only leave the safety of your house when absolutely necessary. To make used car buying convenient, every Spinny Assured used car is available to for a home test drive. The cars are sanitized every day, so you can rest assured your test drive will be safe and secure.

For even more convenience, once you buy a Spinny Assured, we will deliver the car directly to your doorstep. Your car will be completely sanitized, inside and out, to make it completely safe to drive for you and your family.

Every Car Sanitized

Every Spinny Assured car undergoes deep sanitization every 24 hours to ensure that every car is completely safe to drive. Alcohol-based sanitizers are used to sanitize the exterior and interior of the car.

Additionally, every Spinny Assured car is also sanitized before and after every test drive. Frequently touched surfaces like door handles, windows, steering wheel, dashboard and seats are sanitized. At every stage, we are committed to ensure every Spinny Assured car is as safe as possible for test drives and deliveries.

A Safety Kit just for You

Our Spinny executives have been trained to prepare a hygiene and sanitization kit for their home test drive and home delivery duties. These kits include disposable face masks and gloves as well as a hand sanitizer. These kits are prepared before each home test drive and home delivery with no face mask or glove being reused.

Every Executive Monitored

The Coronavirus has brought hygiene and sanitization front and center. To this end, all of our Spinny executives who interact with our customers have undergone training in the best hygiene and sanitization practices.

Our Spinny executives are screened for normal temperature daily and are asked to report any symptoms they are experiencing. Our executives are also equipped with the necessary safety gear such as disposable gloves, N95 masks and face shields to ensure they can safely interact with our customers.

A Completely Contactless Experience

With each of these steps, we are ensuring that you experience a completely contactless used car buying experience. Here’s a glimpse of what you can experience when you choose to buy from Spinny:

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