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Spinny with Extra Care: Prepared for You

Your comfort and safety is our top priority. In the interest of protecting our customers, employees and their families, we at Spinny are adopting a number of measures following the WHO guidelines to provide a contactless car buying experience. For this, we at Spinny are training our personnel in the appropriate social distancing measures as well as in hygiene and sanitization practices.

Hygiene and Sanitization Practices

The Coronavirus has brought hygiene and sanitization front and centre. To this end, all of our personnel who interact with our customers have undergone training in the best hygiene and sanitization practices. Our personnel have been trained to prepare a hygiene and sanitization kit for their home test drive and home delivery duties. These kits include disposable face masks and gloves as well as a hand sanitizer. These kits are prepared before each home test drive and home delivery with no face mask or glove being reused.

Social Distancing Practices

Even though the lockdown has ended, social distancing is still a good practice to follow to ensure safety for you and your family as well as our personnel. To this end, our personnel have undergone training so that they can conduct their duties with the least amount of contact to ensure a contactless car buying experience. This means that during a test drive, our relationship managers will maintain a safe distance from you while you drive the car. During delivery, our relationship manager will make minimum contact with you while handing over the keys.

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