In a country which prides itself upon in it’s traditional culture & values, India has been a land of big families. There were times when families had ten members easy, and there was no family car that was capable of supporting 10 bottoms. However, our well known penchant for ‘jugaad’ enabled us to make do, with our close knitted families getting those backsides ‘adjusted’ into them cars.

However, with the years we have realized the virtue of modesty in the bedroom as well, and families have been limited to maximum 6 or 7 members with usually, only a couple of children in each household. But, the crux of the matter remains that no hatchback or sedan is capable of adjusting 7 people. Automakers realizing that have been building Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV) to satiate the need of an all purpose family car. The market is flooded with MPVs now, a segment which till a decade ago, only had a handful of names.

Customers have a whole platter of options to choose from now. Cars are available under all range of budgets now, with MPV’s like the Datsun Go Plus starting from 3.8 lacks & going upto 16.7 lacks with the top variant of the Toyota Innova Crysta. We have taken it upon ourselves to enlighten you regarding the best 7 seater cars in India & have compiled a list of the 5 best 7 seater family cars out there.

1. Toyota Innova – 8.5/10

The Toyota Innova has been the champion of the MPV segment since more than 10 years. It has the most space in it’s class & comes equipped with a powerful engine. The Toyota Innova is like a  plush, comfortable 7 seater couch which you can readily take out on short & long drives alike.

Innova - 5 Best 7 Seater Cars in India | Spinny Drive

Innova is First on the list of the Best 7 Seater Cars in India & has been the champion of the segment since more than a decade.


The original Innova was powered by a 2.5 litre hulk of an engine which churned out 101 bhp of power & 200 Nm of torque. Mated to a 5-speed gearbox with smooth shifts, the engine however did raise a ruckus at higher RPMs. Despite it’s sheer size & bulk, the Innova isn’t susceptible to too much body roll or vertical pitch. It has three rows of air conditioner vents to ensure that the third row of passengers survive the summer heat in breezy comfort.

Despite getting numerous face lifts since it’s inception, none of which were fundamentally very different from the first, Toyota has finally opted for an all out renovation with the Innova Crysta. Phasing out the original Innova, the new Crysta comes in 2 diesel variants (2.4 L – 148 bhp, 343 Nm & 2.8 L – 172 bhp, 360 Nm) along with a petrol variant (2.7 L- 164 bhp, 245 Nm) about to hit the market too. You can read more about it here.

Toyota Innova starting from Rs 6 Lacs on Spinny: Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon.


Innova - 5 Best 7 Seater Cars in India | Spinny Drive

The Innova is one 7 seater where the third row passengers are as comfortable as the second row ones.


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Engine Specs Mileage Transmission Dimensions
(l x b x h)
Innova Petrol 2.5L
(101 bhp
200 Nm)
12.99 Kmpl 5 Speed Manual 4585 x 1765 x 1760 mm
Petrol 2.7 L
(164 bhp
245 Nm)
13 kmpl 5-speed Manual / 6-speed Automatic 4735 x 1830 x 1795 mm
Diesel 2.4 L / 2.8 L
(148 bhp
343 Nm)/
(172 bhp
360 Nm)
15.10 kmpl/14.29 kmpl 5-speed Manual / 6-speed Automatic 4735 x 1830 x 1795 mm

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2. Renault Lodgy – 8/10


Lodgy - 5 Best 7 Seater Cars in India | Spinny Drive

The Renault Lodgy is No. 2 on the list of the Top 7 Seater Cars in India.


The Renault Lodgy has the stereotypical boxy look of an MPV. That being said, the Lodgy isn’t bad to look at it with it’s chrome grille and those angular feline headlamps. Unlike it’s compact competitors Mobilia & Ertiga, it really offers the third seat passengers with the luxury of true space. It is shorter in length than our forerunner Innova, but has a longer wheelbase & is second on our list of the best 7 seater cars.

The Lodgy is powered by the 1.5 litre diesel engine as already seen in the Duster. It has been tuned to be offered in 2 variants – 84 bhp & 108 bhp mated to a 5-speed & 6-speed manual transmission respectively. It is a great driving experience with the turbo kicking in at 1500 RPM & seeing the car happily speed into three digits. Be careful though, the car does have a tendency to display body roll while cornering at high speeds. It not only shares its engine with the Duster, but has a similar touchscreen multimedia system too along with a reversing camera.


Lodgy - 5 Best 7 Seater Cars in India | Spinny Drive

The Lodgy has much more room in the back than it’s compact contemporaries like the Ertiga & Mobilio.


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Engine Specs Mileage Transmission Dimensions
(l x b x h)
Lodgy Diesel 1.5 litre
(84 bhp
200 Nm)
21.04 kmpl 5 Speed Manual 4498 x 1751 x 1697 mm
1.5 litre
(108 bhp
245 Nm)
19.98 kmpl 6-speed Manual 4498 x 1751 x 1697 mm

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3. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga – 7/10

Ertiga looks like the car which the Ritz can see & exclaim “Mamaji”. Based on an extended Swift platform, Maruti would love to call Ertiga it’s first tryst with MPVs. Probably, Maruti’s first people mover which does not look like a kidnapper’s wet dream, Maruti has come a long way in terms of designing from the likes of Versa & Omni to Ertiga to feature in the list of best 7 seater cars.


Ertiga - 5 Best 7 Seater Cars in India | Spinny Drive

Coming in at No. 3 in the list of the Best 7 Seaters is the Maruti branded Ertiga.


It comes in 2 power options – a 1.4 litre petrol (94 bhp, 130 Nm) & a 1.3 litre diesel (89 bhp, 200 Nm) engine. The petrol variant is smoother of the two, but the diesel is efficient enough & once you factor in fuel economy, the diesel seems equally suitable, if not better. The first car on the list to sport a light-weight monocoque chassis, it has a very car like driveability and negligible body roll. The A-pillar might take some getting used to, considering how it obstructs the view every now & then.

A good looking MPV, which after making sliding adjustments to the middle row leaves acceptable amount of space for the passengers seated in the third row. Add to it the India friendly tag of Maruti & you will have the reason behind the competition’s nervousness.

It has quite a lot of the features found in the Swift. Worth mentioning is the miserly boot space of 185 litres after all the three rows have been deployed. The beige interiors which do look good need some maintenance to look squeaky clean.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga starting from Rs 5 lacs available on Spinny.


Ertiga - 5 Best 7 Seater Cars in India | Spinny Drive

The Sliding Second Row ensures that the Third Row does actually after some adjustment has Enough Space.


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Engine Specs Mileage Transmission Dimensions
(l x b x h)
Maruti Ertiga Petrol 1.4 L
(94 bhp
130 Nm)
16.02 kmpl 5 Speed Manual 4265 x 1695 x 1685 mm
Diesel 1.3 L
(89 bhp
200 Nm)
20.77 kmpl 5-speed Manual 4265 x 1695 x 1685 mm
Diesel SHVS 1.3 L
(89 bhp
200 Nm)
24.52 kmpl 5-speed Manual 4265 x 1695 x 1685 mm

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4. Honda BR-V – 6.5/10

BR-V - 5 Best 7 Seater Cars in India | Spinny Drive

Heralding Honda’s entry into the list of the Best 7 Seater Cars in India, we have the BR-V coming in at No. 4.


Honda’s retort to the dismal response received by Mobilio, the BR-V is actually a compact SUV based on the same platform as it’s siblings – Brio, Amaze & Mobilio. But since it’s a typical budget 7 seater, we have included it on our list of the best 7 seater cars. The BR-V stands for ‘Bold Runabout Vehicle’.

It is the longest car in it’s segment to account for the third row of seats, which does make it rear end stand out a bit in a MPVish manner. It isn’t as high either, another factor which along with the narrow tyres & it’s Mobilio like look all serve to make it look like a MPV in a SUV’s clothing. The saving grace is the squared out front of the vehicle with the tall & straight bonnet, angular headlamps & a healthy quilting of chrome. The roof rails & plastic cladding also give it a sporty look. The rear end deserves a mention yet again with the wrapped taillights being joined by a thin layer of plastic.

Honda Mobilio starting from 7.5 lacs available on Spinny: Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon

It is powered by the same 2 typical Honda engines – a 1.5 litre i-DTEC diesel (100 bhp, 200 Nm) & a 1.5 litre i-VTEC petrol (118 bhp, 145 Nm). The automatic CVT transmission comes with only the petrol variant. The diesel engine is however, more refined and quieter in action than the ones seen before. The new smooth-shifting six-speed manual transmission is a great new addition that readily improves drivability.

The interiors are quite bland and simple with a black monotone.  The absence of a touchscreen infotainment further adds to a customer’s woes. All being said, the BR-V is still the only car in it’s class to come equipped with 7 seats, quite a temptation for buyers looking for a 7 seater family car.


BRV - 5 Best 7 Seater Cars in India | Spinny Drive

The BR-V is the only SUV to be featured on the list of Best 7 Seater Cars


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Engine Specs Mileage Transmission Dimensions
(l x b x h)
Honda BRV Petrol 1.5 L
(118 bhp
145 Nm)
15.4 kmpl / 16 kmpl (CVT) 6-speed Manual /
6-speed Automatic CVT
4456 x 1735 x 1686 mm
Diesel 1.5 L
(100 bhp
200 Nm)
21.9 kmpl 6-speed Manual 4456 x 1735 x 1686 mm

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5. Mahindra Xylo – 6/10

Mahindra is well known for it’s powerful diesel engines which have powered many a powerful beast like the Scorpio & XUV500. Having such a tried & tested, reliable drive train along with those comfortable plushy seats only adds to the Xylo’s appeal which is the 5th & last car to feature on our best 7 seater cars list. It comes powered by two diesel engines – a 2.2-litre mDI CRDe engine (94 bhp, 218 NM) & a 2.5-litre mHawk engine (118 bhp, 280 Nm).

Xylo - 5 Best 7 Seater Cars in India | Spinny Drive

The Last Car to have made the Cut, Xylo is No. 5 on our list of the Best 7 Seater Cars


Though a high cabin does make for a sturdy look, paired with a soft suspension, it makes for a ride full of swerves & lurches. Further, the Xylo had problems with body roll. However, the new model of the Xylo saw the company addressing the problems with a stiffer suspension and work on the anti-roll bars. The car now boasts of a much fluid drive, though the slightly hard steering could still do with some work.

The interiors which originally came in just the homely beige color, were upgraded to the beige-black dual tone in the 2015 face lift to make for a more luxurious finish. The USP of the vehicle is undoubtedly the spacious third row. The top variant comes equipped with voice commands, steering-mounted controls and a range of other features.

Mahindra Xylo starting from 3.7 lacs available on Spinny.


Xylo - 5 Best 7 Seater Cars in India | Spinny Drive

With Best in Class Space for the third row Bested by only the Innova, the Xylo makes for a comfortable ride.


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Engine Specs Mileage Transmission Dimensions
(l x b x h)
Mahindra Xylo Diesel 2.2 L
(94 bhp
218 Nm)
14.02 kmpl / 16 kmpl (CVT) 5-speed Manual 4520 x 1850 x 1895 mm
2.5 L
(118 bhp
280 Nm)
13.9 kmpl 5-speed Manual 4520 x 1850 x 1895 mm

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It wasn’t by any means an easy job to decide the list of the Best 7 Seater Cars in India, and we had many close competitors.

List of cars that didn’t make the cut :-
  • Nissan Evalia

    This people mover by Nissan is a good comfortable drive, especially when driven within it’s limits. At higher speeds, however there is body roll & the ride quality isn’t really too good with each bump making it’s way into the cabin.

  • Chevrolet Enjoy

    Chevrolet’s venture into the people moving business, the Enjoy boasts of ample room and comfort. The car is stylish enough for an MPV & even offers reasonably good driveability. It’s a bit low on pick up though with the car making the 0-100 kph dash in a laidback 19.75 seconds.

  •  Datsun Go Plus

    Datsun’s ambitious experiment with MPV’s, this sub-compact MPV is the cheapest 7 seater our there. It comes equipped with smart features like follow me home headlamps, intelligent wiper system & the works. It is a pretty decent drive too & does not lack for power in city conditions.

  • Ashok Leyland Stile

    The venerable automaker who has earned quite a reputation for itself in the heavy automobile market & is trying it’s hand in the passenger vehicle business now with the Stile. Stile’s a car which lacks for a lot in terms of features like ABS & even a music system. With acceptable driving performance & comfort, the Stile is suitable for the simple purpose of ferrying people.


Which of these cars are going to be the newest addition to your family? Let us know in the comments below.
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