Spinny Home Test Drive With Extra Care

Spinny with Extra Care: Home Test Drives

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Your comfort and safety is our top priority. In the interest of protecting our customers, employees and their families, we at Spinny are adopting a number of measures following the WHO guidelines to provide a contactless car buying experience. For this, Spinny is introducing Home Test Drives for customers who would like to purchase a car to own your own safe personal mobility at this unprecedented time.

How does it work?

Much like a standard test drive, booking a Home Test Drive works in the same way. All Spinny cars that are available on the website are eligible for a test drive at your home. These test drives are linked to our Spinny Car Hubs. As such, test drives at your home are only available within a 10 km distance from our Spinny Car Hub.

There are certain points to remember when you book a home test drive with Spinny:

  • In the interest of all our customers, we will only allow 1 car per customer to be test driven at a time. If you are interested in more than one car, you will need to book multiple test drives.
  • In order to better serve you and provide more convenience, we will also allow you to preview the car via a video call before the test drive. You can use this opportunity to view the car and ask our representative any questions you may have about the car and its condition.
  • If you feel the car doesn’t meet your requirements, you have the option to refuse the test drive and schedule a test drive of another car.
  • Once you are satisfied with the car, you can confirm your test drive with our representative.

What precautions will Spinny take?

At Spinny, we have taken steps to introduce sanitization and hygiene practices that are in line with WHO guidelines. Our personnel have been trained to ensure that the test drive takes place with the least amount of contact as possible.

Pre-Test Drive Car Sanitization

Before the test drive, the car will be disinfected at our Car Hub with a focus on surfaces that are highly touched. These surfaces include the steering wheel, dashboard, infotainment console, and gear knob. In addition to this, all door handles inside and outside the car are also sanitized.

A Safe Test Drive for You

The relationship manager who will assist you with your test drive will also prepare a kit which will include disposable face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. This kit is prepared for each individual test drive and is not reused between test drives. Our relationship manager will ensure that a safe social distance is maintained at all times during the test drive.

What precautions should you take during the Test Drive?

While we take every precaution to ensure that you and your family remain safe from any infections, we request that you also take some precautions to further secure your test drive experience.

  • If you or a family member has a fever or has any other symptoms related to COVID-19, please postpone your test drive to a later date.
  • Please use the glove and hand sanitizer provided by our relationship manager. You are free to use a face mask of your choice. The use of face mask and gloves during the test drive is mandatory
  • Please refrain from any contact with our relationship manager.

Getting your car Home Delivered after the Test Drive

To make your used car buying experience even more convenient and safe, we will also deliver your desired car to your doorstep. Your entire car buying experience is now contactless, including the delivery of your car. Our executives prepare your car by completely sanitizing your car inside and out.

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Your car is then delivered directly to your doorstep, completely safe to drive. From our Car Hub to your doorstep, we’re going the distance to ensure you get access to your personal mobility with as little contact as possible.

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