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Car Brands in India – List of Top Car Brands in India

In a market as fierce as the Indian automotive industry, only a few can be the best. With new manufacturers and models making their way into the market each year, a few survive while many bite the dust. So what makes a leading manufacturer? Is it capable offerings, premium customer service, aggressive pricing, or just a global brand name? Well, the story isn’t that simple. The true testament to any brand’s success is truly measured when the market is at its worst. And with the global pandemic hugely affecting the automobile industry, the demand for automobiles was hit the worst. Despite the challenges, here are India’s top 10 manufacturers by sale in the financial year 2020-21.

Maruti Suzuki – 12.93 Lakh Units (FY21)

Maruti Suzuki Logo

Crowned as India’s largest manufacturer, there is no surprise that Maruti Suzuki is indeed one of the best car brands in India. Incorporated back in 1981, the journey from Maruti Udyog Limited to Maruti Suzuki is quite a success story. Establishing its first manufacturing unit in Gurugram, Haryana, the joint venture between Maruti and Suzuki started off by importing 40,000 fully built Suzuki cars from Japan. However, as time passed, Maruti Suzuki started to become highly indigenous, and fast forward to the current day, the brand is proudly Indian. The Maruti 800 drove the iconic brands initial adoption and since then, Maruti Suzuki has not only impressed with its capable lineup, but also did with its efficiency and style.  

Maruti Suzuki Swift

As a brand, Maruti Suzuki is a name that is known for making vehicles that are built to suit the needs of every Indian. In fact, Maruti Suzuki cars go beyond just being affordable, as a huge dimension of Maruti’s success is their efficient range of engines across the segments. Driven by the philosophy that caters to masses, Maruti Suzuki has from its very beginning focused on making vehicles that are priced aggressively and offer maximum efficiency and value for money, catering to everyone from students to businessmen, Maruti Suzuki is indeed, India’s favorite brand.

Maruti Suzuki Current Lineup

Serving billions of happy families since decades, Maruti Suzuki’s vehicle lineup has always had a little something for everyone. Even in face of the global pandemic, Maruti’s promising lineup hasn’t seen deceleration in terms of growth as well as sales. With CNG friendly cars, and Mild Hybrid models, here’s the entire Maruti Suzuki Lineup.

Maruti Suzuki Lineup 2021

Maruti Suzuki Hatchback


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Maruti Suzuki Alto

₹3.15-4.26 lakhs

₹1.9 lakhs

₹4.65-5.83 lakhs

₹4.4 lakhs

Maruti Suzuki WagonR

₹4.93-6.45 lakhs

₹3.86 lakhs

₹5.85-8.67 lakhs

₹2.59 lakhs

₹5.99-9.45 lakhs

₹4.91 lakhs

₹5.10-7.36 lakhs

₹4.30 lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Sedans


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

₹5.98-9.02 lakhs

₹2.59 lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

₹8.72-11.71 lakhs

₹5.33 lakhs

Maruti Suzuki SUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

₹3.78-5.43 lakhs

₹4.09 lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

₹7.51-11.19 lakhs

₹5.56 lakhs

₹8.59-12.56 lakhs

₹5.23 lakhs

Maruti Suzuki MUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Maruti Suzuki Eeco

₹4.30-5.60 lakhs

₹4.04 lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

₹7.96-10.69 lakhs

₹4.09 lakhs

Maruti Suzuki XL6

₹9.98-11.86 lakhs

₹9.06 lakhs

Hyundai – 4.71 Lakh Units (FY21)

Hyundai Logo

India’s second largest manufacturer and a brand that is loved by many, Hyundai is undoubtedly one of the best car brands in India. Entering India post the liberalization reforms, Hyundai Motors India is a fully owned subsidy of its South Korean parent company, Hyundai Motors. This is the brand that took on Maruti’s dominance with the Hyundai Santro in 1996 and became the reliable alternative to the Indian juggernaut. Whether it is the innovative Kappa engines, or the good looking fluidic design, everything about Hyundai was worth the money. With two state of the art manufacturing facilities in India, Hyundai produces over 6.5 lakhs vehicles annually and Hyundai has always kept customer satisfaction at the top with a wide range of service centres across India.

Hyundai Alcazar

As a brand, Hyundai is driven by customer centric approach and a drive to offer vehicles that are truly practical and good looking. With its fluidic design language, capable range of petrol and diesel engines as well as comfort features that are class apart, Hyundai is driven by a philosophy that is built on loyalty, trust and a sense of purpose. Each and every vehicle rolled out of Hyundai’s manufacturing plant comes not only with a promise of commitment, but also with a touch of care that is fulfilled by Hyundai vast sales and service networks

Hyundai Motors Current Lineup

Known to have promising vehicles across every segment in India, Hyundai’s inventory is filled with style, performance, features and trust. Be it CNG offerings, electric vehicles or even fleet cars, Hyundai has never shied away from innovating and developing something that instantly strikes a chord. Here’s the current lineup of Hyundai in India.

Hyundai Lineup 2021

Hyundai Hatchback


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Hyundai Santro

₹4.76-6.44 lakhs

₹2.71 lakhs

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

₹5.28-8.50 lakhs

₹2.27 lakhs

Hyundai i20

₹6.91-11.40 lakhs

₹2.59 lakhs

Hyundai Sedans


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

₹5.99-9.36 lakhs

Hyundai Verna

₹9.28-15.32 lakhs

₹4 lakhs

Hyundai Elantra

₹17.86-21.13 lakhs

₹6.23 lakhs

Hyundai SUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

₹6.99-11.85 lakhs

₹8 lakhs

₹10.16-17.87 lakhs

₹7.1 lakhs

Hyundai Alcazar

₹16.30-20.14 lakhs

₹22.69-27.47 lakhs

Hyundai EV


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Hyundai Kona Electric

₹23.79-23.97 lakhs

Tata Motors – 2.22 Lakh Units (FY21)

tata logo

Probably one of the oldest names in the history of India, the evolution of Tata can be traced back to 1945 as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO). From trucks, buses and passenger vehicle to rugged defense vehicles, Tata is a brand that has been proudly associated with the nation. Tata entered the passenger sphere in 1991 with the Tata Sierra, an iconic SUV that introduced the very concept of SUV in India. Since then, Tata did not look back and gave the Indian market some of the most iconic vehicles, such as Estate, Sumo, Indica and the Safari. From 1945 to 2021, if there is one brand that can be truly acknowledged as India’s very own international brand, it is surely Tata Motors.

Tata Nexon EV

In fact, the success of Tata Motors isn’t just limited to India. In 2004, Tata Motors listed on the NY Stock Exchange, followed by the year 2006, when Tata joined hands with Brazilian company Marcopolo to make buses and coaches in India. The biggest success of Tata Motors came in 2008 when it acquired Jaguar Land Rover group. From a commercial vehicle manufacturer to being one of India’s best automaker, Tata Motors is a name that resonates with hard work, innovation, vision, and excellence. As a brand Tata is built on a nation first philosophy that boosts indigenous products and establish Tata Motors as India’s International Brand. Another thing that makes Tata Motors a name to trust, is its commitment towards providing best-in-class safety.

Tata Motors Current Lineup

One of the very few companies that actually underwent a brand revamp, Tata Motors completely changed the way it manufactured vehicles by adopting the Impact Design Philosophy in 2016. Since then, each and every vehicle from Tata Motors has had a fresh appeal to it that caters to majority consumers and critics alike. Be it petrol, diesel or even electric, Tata has it all! Here’s Tata Motors lineup of vehicles for 2021.

Tata Lineup 2021

Tata Hatchback


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

₹4.99-7.04 lakhs

₹3.56 lakhs

Tata Altroz

₹5.84-9.59 lakhs

Tata Sedans


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

₹5.64-7.81 lakhs

₹4.89 lakhs

Tata SUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Tata Punch


₹7.28-13.23 lakhs

₹6.39 lakhs

Tata Harrier

₹14.39-21.09 lakhs

Tata Safari

₹14.99-22.01 lakhs

Tata EV


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Tata Tigor EV

₹11.99-13.14 lakhs

Tata Nexon EV

₹13.99-16.85 lakhs

Kia Motors – 1.55 Lakh Units (FY21)

Kia Logo

Kia Motors may be a fresh entrant in India, but it has quickly entranced the Indian people with a capable lineup of cars. In a market as fierce as the Indian Automobile Industry, the only way for a newbie to hold its ground is by offering something that is so exceptional that it becomes an instant success. That success came with the Kia Seltos. Shaping the brand’s image in India, the Seltos’ success was followed by two equally capable offerings with the Kia Carnival and the Kia Sonet.

Kia Seltos

As a brand, Kia entered the Indian automotive industry with a vision to offer something new. Something that can change the way consumers perceive cars. Working to create movement that inspires, Kia Motors has built cars that offers the looks, technology, features, performance and ample comfort. After all, the brand had managed to sell over 1 lakh units in mere 9 months of its existence in 2020. As a newcomer, Kia has not only managed to match the growth of leading manufacturers, but also threaten it. With the brand featuring at number 4 in the top 10 manufacturers by sale, Kia’s future is as bright as sunshine!

Kia Motors Current Lineup

For a brand as new as Kia, having just a single offering wouldn’t be shocking. But Kia’s run in the market isn’t just another stint. It is indeed a success story! This is the reason why Kia did not shy away from bringing in two equally capable offerings in the market. So here’s the current line-up of Kia Motors.

Kia Lineup 2021

Kia SUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Kia Sonet

₹6.89-13.55 lakhs

Kia Seltos

₹9.95-18.10 lakhs

₹13.70 lakhs

Kia MUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Kia Carnival

₹24.95-33.95 lakhs

Mahindra – 1.55 Lakh Units (FY21)

Mahindra Logo

The King of SUVs in India, Mahindra is one of the most revered names in the Indian automotive industry. What started off as a steel trading company in 1945, steadily turned into a global giant, having multinational presence and several industries under it. From manufacturing Willy’s Jeep in its initial run, to creating one of the most loved off-roader out there, Mahindra has shown how an Indian company paved its way to become a global powerhouse. After becoming the largest tractor maker in India, Mahindra finally set foot in the passenger vehicle market with the iconic Bolero in 2000. Focused on the roads ahead of the brand, Mahindra tailor made its vehicle to perfection, focusing on the one thing it knew, SUVs. After the success of the Mahindra Bolero what followed was a chain of iconic SUVs including the Scorpio, and the beloved Thar.

Mahindra Thar header

As a brand, Mahindra is a name that has put customer trust at the centre. With an aim to not only transform the way consumers travel, but also transform the very lives of those who choose Mahindra, each and every vehicle of the brand resonates with the dedication and vision of those who made Mahindra what Mahindra is. Focused to “Rise” Mahindra and Mahindra has brought some of the most classic vehicles to the market that were and continues to be one of the most revered vehicles. From the classic Mahindra Thar to the upcoming XUV 700, one thing that makes Mahindra a true kind is its commitment to top-notch performance, safety and style.

Mahindra Current Inventory

A brand that knows what it’s doing, Mahindra has been from the very beginning focused on channeling its strength into vehicles that are meant for something big. With an inventory adorned with SUVs that are class apart, Mahindra and Mahindra’s entire range of SUVs are worth every penny. Here’s the entire “legendary” inventory of M&M:

Mahindra Lineup 2021

Mahindra SUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Mahindra KUV100 NXT

₹6.08-7.74 lakhs

₹3.1 lakhs

₹7.95-13.33 lakhs

Mahindra Bolero Neo

₹8.48-10.69 lakhs

₹5.06 lakhs

Mahindra Bolero

₹8.62-9.61 lakhs

Mahindra Scorpio

₹12.59-17.39 lakhs

₹5.63 lakhs

₹14.22-20.07 lakhs

₹5.85 lakhs

Mahindra XUV700

₹11.99-14.99 lakhs

Mahindra Thar

₹12.78-15.08 lakhs

₹6.29 lakhs

Mahindra Alturas G4

₹28.77-31.77 lakhs

Mahindra MUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Mahindra Marazzo

₹12.30-14.43 lakhs

₹7.79 lakhs

Mahindra EV

Mahindra e-Verito

₹10.15-10.49 lakhs

Toyota – 93,000 Units (FY21)

Toyota Logo

The standard for quality and robustness, Toyota is a brand that has been an integral part of the modern automotive industry in India. Even on the global level, Toyota hold as much as 40% of the global automotive industry. Born in 1918, as a Toyoda Spinning and Weaving Company, Toyota started manufacturing vehicles from 1937 onwards. In India, Toyota debuted in India in 1999 through a joint venture with Kirloskar, and launched its first vehicle, the Toyota Qualis. After Suzuki, Toyota became the second Japanese brand to enter India, and followed the massive success of the Qualis with the Toyota Innova, Toyota rose to become an undisputed leader of the MUV segment in no time. The success of Toyota was credited to its life sized vehicles that were durable and strong enough to face any kind of road. With the launch of the Corolla in 2003, Toyota was seen as a brand that can offer reliability, luxury and comfort all in one vehicle.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

As a brand Toyota, has always believed in offering cars that are built to last a lifetime. Toyota’s build quality and engine durability is probably the best in the Indian automotive industry. With models like Fortuner and Innova known to clock lakhs of kilometers without breaking a sweat, Toyota vehicles are famous for lasting more than the owner itself sometimes! As a manufacturer, Toyota’s philosophy of creating long-lasting mobility, has truly shined bright even in face of the Covid pandemic. Being a brand that believes in corporation, Toyota has even entered collaboration with Maruti Suzuki, a testament to Toyota’s commitment to offer mobility for all.

Toyota Current Inventory

With vehicles that are synonymous to maximum robustness and durability, each and every vehicle in Toyota’s inventory brings in luxury, comfort, safety and durability. From hatchbacks to MUVs, Toyota cars have a tendency to become more than just a vehicle for its owners. Here’s the entire range of Toyota cars in India:

Toyota Lineup 2021

Toyota Hatchbacks


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

₹7.34-9.30 lakhs

₹6.90 lakhs

Toyota Sedans


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Toyota Yaris

₹9.16-14.60 lakhs

₹8.05 lakhs

Toyota Camry Hybrid

₹40.59 lakhs

Toyota SUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Toyota Urban Cruiser

₹8.62-11.40 lakhs

Toyota Fortuner

₹30.34-38.30 lakhs

Toyota MUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Toyota Innova Crysta

₹16.82-24.99 lakhs

₹6.9 lakhs

Toyota Vellfire

₹89.90 lakhs

Renault – 92,270 Units (FY21)

Renault Logo

A company that is comparatively younger than many of its key rivals, Renault entered India in 2005 as a joint venture with Mahindra. Launching the Renault Logan as their first vehicle in India, Renault was looking to create a sensation. The journey however, took a drastic U-turn and the Logan proved to be a massive flop leading to the end of the joint venture itself, and Renault considering an exit from India. Before leaving, Renault decided to play one last move and set up a new manufacturing plant with its global partner Nissan. The result was the launch of the Renault Duster, a vehicle that not only saved the French brand’s fate in India, but also pushed the company to be one of the most selling manufacturer in 2012.

Spinny Assured Renault Kwid

As a brand, Renault’s philosophy seems to be focused on delivering innovative and affordable mobility. This was evident with the Renault Duster offering a no-nonsense durable SUV as well as the Kwid and Triber challenging segment conventions with their aggressive pricing. Resonating with the idea of adapting to consumer needs and providing them with quality products, Renault vehicles are known to be robust and high quality. With several great offerings in India that are priced extremely well, the future of Renault surely seems bright.

Renault Current Inventory

With veteran and newbies alike, Renault is a brand that still updates the icon while at the same time innovated to bring in new offerings and innovation. Primarily focused towards affordability and capabilities, Renault’s inventory comprises of 4 superb offerings that blend in great styling, ample performance and impressive driving dynamics.

Renault Lineup 2021

Renault Hatchbacks


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

₹4.06-5.59 lakhs

₹2.4 lakhs

Renault SUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Renault Kiger

₹5.64-10.09 lakhs

Renault Duster

₹9.86-14.25 lakhs

₹3.7 lakhs ban

Renault MUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Renault Triber

₹5.50-7.95 lakhs

Honda Motors – 82,070 Units (FY21)

Honda Logo

Another major giant that entered India in 1995 was Honda and took the market by storm with the Honda City. Capitalizing on the City’s massive success, Honda then started to launch more products in the market followed by building a strong consumer service network to improve after-sales service. With eye catching offerings such as the Honda City, Honda Accord, and Honda CR-V and a service network driven by trust and faith, Honda’s stint in the Indian automotive industry was and continues to be a success.

Honda Civic

As a brand, Honda is driven by the ideologies cherished by founder Soichiro Honda. Being a brand that had seen ups and downs back in Japan, the entire philosophy of Honda is focus towards innovation, research and development that leads to smarter and better mobility for people. From class-leading i-VTEC engines to powerful yet efficient i-DTEC units, Honda has never shied away from developing technology that changes the way people look at cars. To date, Honda cars are known to deliver top-notch performance with durable build quality and a practical approach. With a vision to realize the “Power of Dream” Honda is a name that will continue to shine bright in the Indian automotive sector.

Honda Current Inventory

From V-TECs to D-TECs, the entire range of Honda vehicles are known to offer great efficiency, good built quality, superb CVT capabilities and ample amount of comfort. Here’s Honda’s entire vehicle inventory in India:

Honda Lineup 2021

Honda Hatchbacks


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Honda Jazz

₹7.65-9.89 lakhs

₹4.5 lakhs

Honda Sedans


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

₹6.32-11.14 lakhs

₹3.7 lakhs

Honda City 4th Gen

₹9.29-9.99 lakhs

₹3.5 lakhs

Honda City 5th Gen

₹11.16-15.11 lakhs

Honda SUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

₹8.76-11.79 lakhs

₹7.4 lakhs

Ford – 48,040 Units (FY21)

Ford Logo

Ford Motors was another foreign manufacturer that entered India in 1995, with a joint venture with Mahindra and Mahindra. With the Ford Escort being the first vehicle to hit the market from the Ford-Mahindra partnership, its success was followed by the iconic Ford Ikon, which enhanced the American automakers popularity in India. As Ford began to make its mark, it increased its share in the partnership followed by a complete revamp into Ford Motor Company. With time, the name Ford started to garner attention with the brand introducing the Ford EcoSport SUV. At a time when compact SUVs weren’t as popular as they are now, the EcoSport created a massive buzz, and started off the growth of the compact SUV segment.

Spinny Assured Ford EcoSport front

As a brand, Ford Motor Company is a name that can be used synonymously with safety, care, commitment and style. Ford has continuously working towards providing its consumer with better and durable vehicles. At a time when leading manufacturers are cutting costs when it comes to safety, Ford continues to equip vehicle with as much as four standard airbags. With a built quality that is meant to last, Ford as a brand aims at delivering quality products and fulfill its promise of utmost care for each and every customer. This is the reason why Ford is the only brand in India that has a service price promise program at play, where yearly services costs of its entire range is predefined and fixed. It is this supreme trust that Ford keeps central in its operation.

Ford Current Inventory

Ford vehicles are known for their robust built, peppy performance, best in class safety and one of the best driving dynamics. Here’s the American automakers entire inventory for India:

Ford Lineup 2021

Ford Hatchbacks


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Ford Figo

₹5.82-8.37 lakhs

₹2.1 lakhs

Ford Freestyle

₹7.28-9.03 lakhs

₹7 lakhs

Ford SUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Ford Aspire

₹7.28-8.73 lakhs

₹4.6 lakhs

Ford SUVs


New Price

Used Price (Starting from)

Ford EcoSport

₹8.19-11.69 lakhs

₹3.9 lakhs

Ford Endeavour

₹33.81-36.26 lakhs

Morris Garage – 35,600 Units (FY21)

MG Logo

Entering India in 2017, Morris Garage (MG) is one of the youngest brands that have managed to be in the top 10 most selling manufacturers despite the COVID pandemic. Starting off its journey with the MG Hector in 2019, the brand aimed at capturing a substantial chunk of the market, through its smart and technologically equipped SUVs. The package offered by the Hector was an instant success, opening the doors for the MG Gloster premium SUV and later the MG ZS EV.


As a brand, Morris Garage is driven by sheer innovation and development. With a vision to offer consumers vehicles that are truly “connected” with their daily lives, each and every vehicle that MG rolls out is equipped with modern features and as many as 50 connected car technology features that was and continues to be one of MG’s strongest footing. Driven by development, MG cars are well-built, practical and smart; something that the average Indian consumer digs in. And with a capable EV up for grabs, MG as a brand is indeed futuristic.

MG Current Inventory

With three highly capable SUVs up for grabs, the Morris Garage’s Indian inventory seems promising. With each and every vehicle offering features that are undoubtedly best in class, MG as a brand is indeed value for money. Here’s MG’s entire inventory in India:

MG Lineup 2021



New Price

MG Hector

₹13.49-19.20 lakhs

MG Hector Plus

₹13.96-19.94 lakhs

MG Gloster

₹29.98-37.28 lakhs



New Price


₹20.99-24.58 lakhs

So these were India’s best-selling car brands in India as per sales in FY 2020-21. The article is based on a survey conducted by Statista Research Department on April 26, 2021.

FAQs about Car Brands in India

Q. Which is the best car brand in India?

A. Maruti Suzuki has held a dominant position in India for decades and commands the highest sales volume as well as service centres as compared to other car brands.

Q. What are the most reliable car brands?

A. Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai have built a reputation for building reliable cars for years. This is due to localization of parts as well as a wide service network.

Q. Which car brand emphasizes passenger safety?

A. Tata and Mahindra have emerged as car brands that are emphasizing on passenger safety with a majority of their cars scoring 4-5 stars in the Global NCAP safety test.

Q. Which is the fastest growing car brand in India?

A. Kia Motors has recorded a steady increase in sales to become the fourth most popular car brand in India within just 2 years of launching.

Q. Which car brand has the best resale value?

A. While resale value depends on the car, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, and Honda enjoy the best resale value for their cars in India.

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