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Spinny With Extra Care: Vaccinating Squad Spinny

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Health, hygiene and safety have become a major concern for everyone in the country. Every person is doing their part by taking every precaution against the COVID-19 pandemic and continue moving in the right direction.

Spinny has been committed to delivering a completely contactless experience to our customers in the interest of protecting their health. At the same time, we are also committed to protecting the health and safety of every Spinny team member. With vaccines becoming available, getting every team member vaccinated became a priority and a necessity to continue providing a safe working environment for our customers and team members.

Working as a team

As the rush to get vaccinated increased, many of our team members found it challenging to reserve slots while continuing to work from home. Squad Spinny has always been more like a family rather than a team of colleagues and many of our fellow team members stepped up to help.

“Without the help of my colleagues, I don’t think I would have been able to arrange the vaccine for myself.”

– Pranjal

A few people from our Quality Control team took up the responsibility to book the vaccination slots for other members in their team. Their efforts allowed their team members to get vaccinated while also giving them the freedom to perform to their maximum capability at work.

Drive to Vaccinate

Squad Spinny Vaccination

While individual team members stepped up to help their work family, the vaccine shortage was making it incredibly difficult for many at Spinny to find a vaccine for themselves and their families. It was felt that to truly protect every Spinny team member, Spinny, as an organisation, would need to help secure the health and safety of every team member and their families.

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To achieve this, Spinny initiated a vaccination drive for all team members at our centres across the country to protect every member from COVID-19.

The response to the call for vaccination has been more than enthusiastic, especially in Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru. We saw overwhelming participation by team members from all departments, ranging from evaluation to finance. With the drive open to family members as well, many also brought their mothers and wives to get vaccinated. During these difficult times, Spinny came together, not as an organisation, but as a family, to ensure every member and their family’s health is protected.

“Getting a vaccine for my mother has been extremely difficult, but thanks to Spinny, I could get her vaccinated safely”

– Deepak Goyal

As states and cities slowly open from the lockdown period, our vaccinated team members will be ready to provide a delightful customer experience. With safe personal mobility becoming a priority, we at Spinny are taking every measure that your experience with us is as safe and convenient as possible.

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