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    8 Used Hyundai Verna cars in Hyderabad | Spinny

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    Used Verna cars in Hyderabad

    Spinny features 8 certified used Hyundai Verna cars at the best prices in Hyderabad. Starting from Rs. 4.04 Lakh, second hand Verna cars are reliable cars to own in Hyderabad. Every used Verna car is certified with a 200-point quality evaluation and are available for a home test drive in Hyderabad. Second hand Verna cars are available in multiple transmission options, with second hand Verna automatic cars offering a convenient driving experience for city driving in the city. On the other hand, used Verna manual cars offer better fuel efficiency and a more engaging driving experience. In terms of fuel options, Spinny offers certified used Verna petrol cars as well as second hand Verna diesel cars at affordable prices. Second hand Verna cars under Rs. 5 lakh are an affordable way to own a Verna in Hyderabad. For a hassle-free ownership experience, Spinny provides 5-day money back guarantee, free RC transfer and quick loan approvals on all Spinny Assured second hand Verna cars in Hyderabad.

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    Make + Models:
  • Verna
  • Over 2 Lakh Spinny Love Stories

    • Superb experience with the team. It didn’t feel like we are buying a used car even for a second. Happily making new memories everyday!
      • Karishma Shah | Ahmedabad
    • While searching options to buy a new car, I just checked Spinny and realised I could get a safer car in my budget. With picky kids, like mine, it’s a win-win for me and Spinny.
      • Pazhaniappan | Chennai
    • Bringing a car home was a big decision and Spinny helped us in every step gracefully. I had my doubts about getting a used car but with after driving, doesn’t even feel like we bought a used car.
      • Sudhanshu | Jaipur
    • My son was really excited when I told him about getting a new car. He was involved in the process and made us sit in so many different cars before he fell in love with Baleno.
      • Shilpa Lodi | Mumbai
    • I planned to surprise my mother with a new car on her birthday. She was overwhelmed and told me how proud of me she is. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget that day.
      • Mischa | Mumbai
    • We were planning to upgrade from a two wheeler to a car for a long time and then someone at my office told me about Spinny. The car that we wanted was totally in our budget and the buying process was amazing.
      • Laxmi | Hyderabad
    • Completely smitten with the fair and fixed pricing model, it clearly shows Spinny is putting in the effort to get the pricing right in one go. Had no doubt about the end-to-end seamless experience and Spinny delivered.
      • Archana Gate | Bangalore
    • When we decided to bring a new member to our family, we were certain, it had be a Spinny. And Spinny, with seamless home test drive and delivery experience exceeded our expectations.
      • Aman and Harshad Mahale | Dhar

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How many second hand Verna cars are available in Hyderabad?

    Spinny features a wide range of 8 certified used Verna cars in Hyderabad. All Spinny Assured used Hyundai Verna cars are available for test drives at home or at the Spinny Hubs in DSL Virtue Mall and Sarath City Mall in Hyderabad.

    Q. What is the starting price of second hand Verna in Hyderabad?

    Spinny offers certified second hand Verna cars in Hyderabad starting at Rs. 4.04 Lakh. Second hand Hyundai Verna prices in Hyderabad make them affordable cars to buy and own in the city. The price of Spinny Assured Hyundai Verna cars includes 1 year warranty and RC transfer.

    Q. Are second hand Verna cars worth buying in Hyderabad?

    A second hand Verna in Hyderabad is a great sedan to own, as it offers a host of premium features and reliable performance for a complete experience. The options of a petrol engine, turbo petrol engine, and diesel engine expands the choices available when buying a used Verna in Hyderabad. Additionally, the spacious interior and premium features gives old Verna cars an edge over its competitors at a similar price.

    Q. What transmission options are available for second hand Verna in Hyderabad?

    Hyundai Verna cars are great cars to drive in manual as well as automatic transmissions. Spinny features certified second hand Verna manual cars starting from Rs. 8.99 lakh and certified used Hyundai Verna automatic cars in Hyderabad starting from Rs. 10.99 lakh.

    Q. Is a used Verna car expensive to maintain in Hyderabad?

    Second hand verna cars in Hyderabad are easy to maintain cars as Hyundai service centres are easily accessible across the city as well as in other parts of Telangana. This means replacement parts, if needed, are easily available while annual service costs are also low and affordable.

    Q. Which used Verna is better, petrol or diesel?

    Both petrol and diesel Hyundai Verna offer good reliability and mileage. However, for mostly city driving, an old petrol Hyundai Verna is ideal while long distance driving on highways is more suited to used diesel Hyundai Verna cars.

    Q. Where can I look for second hand Verna price in Hyderabad?

    Spinny offers a wide range of used Hyundai Verna cars in Hyderabad at the best prices, starting from Rs. 4.04 Lakh. The latest Spinny Assured second hand Verna cars are available at the Spinny Car Hubs in Hyderabad.

    Best used Verna in Hyderabad with Home Test Drive

    With a wide range of 8 certified used Hyundai Verna cars in Hyderabad, Spinny ensures you choose only from the best old Verna cars in the city. All Spinny Assured Hyundai Verna cars are certified through a 200-point quality evaluation and offered at the best prices, attractive finance options, and free home test drive. Spinny makes buying a second hand Verna in Hyderabad a hassle-free, transparent, and secure buying experience.

    Buy second hand Verna in Hyderabad

    The Hyundai Verna is one of the best-selling midsize sedans in India due to its exciting performance, good reliability, and low maintenance costs. Used Hyundai Verna cars in Hyderabad are desired for their compact package and Spinny features all variants of second hand Hyundai Verna cars, starting from Rs. 4.04 Lakh. Old Hyundai Verna cars in Hyderabad come in petrol and diesel variants as well as with manual and automatic transmission options.

    Why buy second hand Verna in Hyderabad from Spinny

    Every Spinny Assured used Hyundai Verna is certified with a 200-point quality evaluation that checks the interior, exterior, and performance of the car. This ensures only the best second hand Hyundai Verna cars in Hyderabad are available on Spinny. All Spinny Assured Hyundai Verna midsize sedan cars are offered with 1 year warranty, free home test drive, home delivery, and used car loan options at low interest rates.

    Best old Verna model in Hyderabad

    Spinny features the best old Hyundai Verna models in Hyderabad, evaluated through a 200-point evaluation process. The best old Hyundai Verna models include used Hyundai Verna E, Hyundai Verna SX and second hand Hyundai Verna SX (O).

    Secure second hand Verna ownership

    Spinny offers free paperwork and RC transfer for all Spinny Assured used Hyundai Verna purchases in Hyderabad. All documentation, including full service history, is securely transferred to you at the time of delivery. The RC transfer of your second hand Hyundai Verna in Hyderabad is securely handled on your behalf for a seamless ownership experience.

    Why buy a used car from Spinny?

    Spinny takes the uncertainty and risk out of buying a used car, offering peace of mind at every step with zero compromises. Our selection process ensures that only the highest quality certified second hand cars in your city. A Spinny Assured car is only certified once it passes a thorough 200-point evaluation that checks the condition of every part of the car. Any used car can get certified. It takes perfection to be Spinny Assured. Experience a simple & fully transparent way of buying used cars with Spinny. Find your perfect match from our wide range of fully inspected & certified used cars at the best prices. All Spinny Assured cars come with hassle-free paperwork, free RC transfer, and used car finance options with low-interest rates starting from only 12.99%. With Spinny, pre-owned is better than new. Get the savings of a pre-owned with the quality of a new car. All this through a transparent, convenient and trustworthy process, to make sure you buy a car you'll love, guaranteed.

    Used Hyundai Verna cars price in Hyderabad

    CarPrice starts at*
    Used Hyundai Verna Petrol Manual₹4,04,000

    *Price can vary based on inventory

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