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Spinny Arrives in Mumbai, the Maximum City

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As we start a new year, there is an air of excitement and intrigue for what’s to come. The same fascination for the future currently resides within Spinny and every Squad Spinny member. 2020 was a year where many of our plans were put on hold. At the same time, it was also a year where we came together to spearhead new innovations to facilitate a completely contactless and transparent car buying and selling process for our customers.

With the year closing and circumstances returning to normal, we looked to our plans for the future, particularly our expansion to other cities in India. As the new year begins, we are extremely proud to announce that Spinny is now introducing its services in Mumbai.

Why Mumbai?

From a purely business perspective, Mumbai is one of the largest contributors to the used car market in India. This also translates to a mostly unorganized used car market dominating most transactions in Mumbai. There is a clear opportunity to introduce Spinny’s transparent services to improve the used car transaction experience for every customer in the financial capital. However, our commitment to Mumbai extends far beyond simple business considerations.

Marine Drive, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Private car ownership in Mumbai is rising owing to many moving to the suburbs as well as considerations for safe personal mobility taking priority. At the same time, customers are looking to get maximum value for their cars, whether they are buying or selling. Spinny is in a unique position to fulfill these needs while going further to make your used car transaction as seamless and delightful as possible.

What does Spinny bring to Mumbai?

Every Squad Spinny member understands that a car is more than the utility it provides. A car is a companion for life, as much a part of our family. We form a close bond with the cars we drive and at Spinny, we value this bond. This is why our processes ensure that you are able to buy or sell your car with complete confidence. We guarantee that your used car buying experience in Mumbai will be safe. Both from a health and hygiene perspective as well as providing a secure car ownership experience.

The Full-Stuck Advantage

The greatest difference thats sets Spinny apart from other used car platforms and dealers is the end-to-end full stack model employed by us. With this, we provide a level of integrity, responsibility, and personal commitment at every juncture of consumer interaction, whether you are buying a Spinny Assured car or selling a car to Spinny.

When you sell your car to Spinny, we procure the car directly from you. There is no dealer network involved as we handle refurbishment and storage of your car after you sell. For those buying, our model also does not withhold any information from you. The cars you buy are sold by personnel who have worked on the car themselves, thus enabling them confidently sell a car that they personally know the ins and outs of.

With our customer-first approach, we’ve streamlined our services to deliver an experience that places your needs at the forefront. Spinny Assured represents the core of our foundation as it is a commitment to ensure quality of the cars we offer as well as your experience with us. This assurance of quality is backed up by our 200-point inspection process and naturally flows into our other offerings.

Our confidence in the quality of our cars is the backbone of the Spinny Fixed Price Assurance. We have completely eliminated the need for negotiations while providing you a fair price for the car. While no negotiations in used cars may sound alien, we can assure you that after your first test drive, the quality of our cars will justify their price.

Our confidence extends to Spinny Buyback, where we offer a flexible car ownership experience that guarantees the value of your car. We are acutely aware that driving should be without restrictions and Spinny Buyback provides the freedom while securing your future resale value.

For our customers who wish to sell their pre-owned car, we have pioneered Spinny SellRight. Through SellRight we ensure that you get a price that values your car while also providing a safe and secure ownership transfer. We are able to deliver this with our proprietary pricing engine that takes into account the current market price for your car while also factoring in the current condition of your car.

Where is Spinny located in Mumbai?

If you would like to experience the Spinny Assured cars for yourself, you can drop by our first Spinny Car Hub located at the Korum Mall in Thane, Maharashtra. As we gain momentum, we plan on introducing more Car Hubs in the Mumbai Metropolitan Area to make our Spinny Assured cars more accessible.

Whether you choose to buy your car online or from our Car Hub in Thane, our aim is to deliver a confident, transparent and delightful used car buying experience. From discovery to test drives to delivery, we are focused and committed to fulfilling your needs while removing as many of the hassles as we can. The day you buy or sell your car should be the day you celebrate Car Joy with Spinny.

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