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Buying a used car often comes with the expectation of negotiating a better price for the car to get a more appropriate value for the car you are buying. However, during these very uncertain times where car ownership is becoming an immediate necessity rather than an option, bargain hunting and negotiations could prove to be time-consuming. If you are looking to buy a pre-owned car to serve your immediate needs today, you will find that the prices in the used car market vary greatly for the same car model of the same year with similar mileage.

Some are priced too low, indicating a major hidden fault while some others are priced too high, diminishing the value of buying the car used. It is often quite hard to pinpoint a median where the price of the car reflects the condition of the car. To address these concerns, Spinny’s Fixed Price Assurance provides a reliable and accurate value that takes away the stress and doubts of overpaying for a used car.

Man inspecting a car and making a decision
Price and condition are important deciding factors. Photo by Seniv Petro

What is Spinny Fixed Price Assurance?

Every used car on Spinny comes with our Fixed Price Assurance. Our price assurance removes the ambiguity and subjectivity involved in the used car market when buying a second hand car, ensuring our customers can make their choice in a more informed and relaxed manner.

Fixed Price Assurance gives you peace of mind in the price of the car and its ownership

To ensure that our Fixed Price Assurance offers competitive prices for used cars, our pricing engine takes into account the condition of the car based on our inspection report in conjunction with the present market prices for the car. This will allow the you to make a decision based on the best car you can buy for your budget rather than the best price you can negotiate.

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How is Fixed Price Assurance useful for Used Cars?

With Fixed Price Assurance, buying used cars has been simplified for you. There are no hidden added costs or other unfair pricing methods used to price the used cars on Spinny. Instead, we rely on our pricing engine and our inspection report to calculate the car’s price. Our Fixed Price Assurance ensures that the price you see online on our platform is the same that will be offered at our Spinny Car Hubs. This price includes our 1 year warranty, further guaranteeing your purchase for any faults that may emerge. Through these services, Spinny provides you an ownership experience with complete peace of mind during these uncertain times.

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