Spinny’s 2020: A Year of Extra Care and 10,000+ Happy Car Owners #WithExtraCare

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As we approach the new year, there is a sense of nostalgia for the year gone by. 2020, however, has not been a year to be very nostalgic about for many of us. It would have been a year to forget for Spinny as well if it wasn’t for our drive to reach our customers at their hour of need.

The COVID-19 pandemic posed an obstacle for everyone at Spinny. Would customers want to buy cars in this environment? How would we make it safe for our customers to buy and sell their cars from Spinny? How would Squad Spinny work together without physically being together?

These were questions that made the obstacle much larger than it was and in hindsight, the pandemic was less an obstacle and more of an opportunity. An opportunity to bring the entire car buying experience to your home. An opportunity to be the first in the industry to introduce policies of equality for our Squad Spinny members. And an opportunity to build on our strengths and prepare for the year ahead.

Delivered With Extra Care

As the lockdown relaxed in India, Spinny led with a committed response to deliver a seamless, safe and hygienic experience to our customers. With a significant increase in demand for personal mobility, Spinny’s agility and customer-centric approach gave us the ability to offer contactless processes to ensure that a car can be sold and bought remotely.

We launched #WithExtraCare – an initiative that encompasses thorough sanitization of the vehicles, safe and sanitary home test drives, home deliveries, and an entirely contactless experience focussed on customer safety and satisfaction. Our customers overwhelmingly welcomed our initiative, with 71% saying that our preventive measures against COVID-19 were a major deciding factor in their purchase decision.

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From Online to Your Doorstep

Over the year, we streamlined our process to significantly reduce the time taken to complete transactions from a week to 3-5 days. This was possible thanks to the determination of Squad Spinny as well as the numerous features designed to make car buying a completely zero contact experience.


With people apprehensive about physical contact, we brought the car showroom directly to your homes with the industry-first Spinny360. This revolutionary feature provides a 360-degree view of every Spinny Assured car that’s available in every city.

Spinny Buyback

This year has been financially difficult for many of us. With the demand for affordable personal mobility, we introduced Spinny Buyback, offering guaranteed resale value with flexible ownership tenures. Our initiative made owning a car more feasible and more economical than car rentals or car subscription.

Fixed Price Assurance

Spinny WithExtraCare Fixed Price Assurance

At a time when the market became highly price sensitive, we negated the need for negotiations with Fixed Price Assurance on every Spinny Assured car. This helped reduce the time required for a customer to finalize their purchase while also reducing the number of interactions needed to buy a car.

SellRight by Spinny

The full stack model allowed Spinny to facilitate a simple selling process for people to get the best price for their old car. Sellright by Spinny offers instant online quotes, free doorstep car inspection and instant payment without any middlemen.

These new initiatives have been positively received by our customers, especially women. As personal mobility has emerged as the safest and most convenient way to travel, we have witnessed more women opting to purchase used cars. There has been a 400% increase in queries and home test drive requests from women with the percentage of women customers doubling from 10% in 2019 to 20% in 2020.

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For Squad Spinny

While we streamlined the processes for our customers, we also looked inward to provide for our Squad Spinny members. Spinny has emerged as one of the pioneers in progressive policies for women team members in the automobile sector, offering 12 days of menstrual leave for women in a calendar year.

Spinny’s success in 2020 is credited to our customer-facing executives and team members, who dedicated themselves to delivering an unmatched customer experience during an unprecedented time. Without their efforts, Spinny would not have emerged as a leader and pioneer in the used car market. Their dedication and hard work allowed Spinny to sell more than 10,000 cars until December while ensuring a seamless and contactless experience for our customers.

Looking to the Future

Where do we go from here?

At Spinny, our focus has been to make used car transactions a safe, confident and delightful experience. We have already achieved success in Delhi-NCR and Bangalore while founding the base for success in Hyderabad and Pune.

Spinny Truck Delivery

Our intent is to continue to bring a transparent and delightful customer experience to more cities across India. You can expect to see Spinny Assured cars in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad in the new year. We will continue to drive new innovations and services that are designed to maintain and further the quality of our used car buying and selling experiences.

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