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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I sell my luxury car with SellRight by Spinny?
Sell your luxury car with SellRight by Spinny in just 4 simple steps to get the best price with transparency and convenience.

1. Share your luxury car’s details to get price estimate
2. Schedule a doorstep evaluation at a time and place of your convenience
3. Receive a price offer for your luxury car after the evaluation
4. Get paid on the same day
Q. How does SellRight by Spinny guarantee the best price for my luxury car?
We consider a number of factors when offering the best price for your car. Your luxury car’s condition, certified by the doorstep evaluation, and recent market transactions are combined to ensure you receive more value for your luxury car compared to the market. There is no middleman involved in the selling process, which allows us to provide more value to you while assuring a simplified luxury car selling experience.
Q. The estimate for my luxury car's make & model is not available. What should I do?
If the estimate for your luxury car is not available it usually means that there is currently insufficient data to provide a price estimate. However, with SellRight by Spinny, an accurate price offer will still be provided after the free doorstep evaluation of your luxury car. After the evaluation, the price offer we provide will be valid for 3 days. When you decide to sell, we will process your payment on the same day itself.
Q. What is the process for the doorstep evaluation of my luxury car?
When you choose to sell with SellRight by Spinny, a doorstep evaluation is required to certify your luxury car’s condition and offer the best price. The process for doorstep evaluation with SellRight by Spinny involves the following steps:

1. Schedule a free doorstep evaluation of your luxury car at a time and place of your convenience.
2. Our evaluation team will contact you to confirm your appointment.
3. An evaluation of your luxury car will be conducted at your doorstep. The evaluation usually takes up to 60 minutes to complete.
4. The evaluation report will be shared with you providing complete details of your luxury car’s condition.
5. An accurate price offer for your luxury car is provided to you based on the condition of the car.
Q. Can I cancel or reschedule my car's evaluation to another date?
Your convenience is at the heart of the SellRight experience and we understand that other commitments may come up. In such an event, you can cancel or reschedule the car evaluation to another convenient time by calling the customer support 727-727-7275 or by emailing us at [email protected].
Q. What happens after the evaluation is completed?
Once the evaluation of your luxury car is complete, a final purchase offer is provided based on the evaluation report within 4-6 hours from the time of completion of the evaluation. The offer is valid for 3 days and when you are ready to sell, we ensure you are paid instantly. There is no obligation to sell your car to Spinny and you are free to reject the offer.
Q. Does my car's evaluation guarantee its sale?
The car evaluation performed by Spinny is designed to assist you in discovering the true and fair price for your car. However, please do note that the evaluation does not guarantee the sale of your luxury car to Spinny. Transparency is the primary focus of the car evaluation and we will share the evaluation report as well as the price quotation of your luxury car with you.
Q. For how long is your payment offer valid?
When you sell your luxury car to Spinny Max, we want to ensure that you sell with confidence after considering other options as well. Our payment offer is valid up to 3 days from the date of your luxury car's evaluation. When you decide to sell, we will process the payment on the same day and before procuring the car.
Q. How soon will I get the payment?
Selling your luxury car with SellRight by Spinny is designed to provide you with the most convenient and prompt car selling experience. We ensure the payment is made before we procure your car to ensure prompt service while giving you the piece of mind you need after selling your car. Once the payment has been transferred to your account, your luxury car, and its associated documents, is picked up directly from your home.
Q. What payment methods are available at Spinny?
When you sell your luxury car with SellRight by Spinny, you can choose to get paid instantly via a Bank Transfer (IMPS, RTGS, NEFT), Demand Draft or Cheque. Please do note that we do not make cash payments for your luxury car due to logistical reasons.
Q. What happens to my car after Spinny buys it?
After acquiring your luxury car, we recondition the car and offer it to prospective buyers through our platform. Your car is properly maintained at our facilities and we ensure all test drives are conducted in a controlled, safe environment.
SellRight by Spinny ensures the maximum price advantage for both the buyer and seller by operating without any middleman. Once your luxury car is sold, all paperwork and ownership transfers are handled by us.
Q. How long will it take for the RC to be transferred from my name?
With SellRight by Spinny, we ensure that your luxury car's Registration Certificate is transferred without any cost or hassles to you. The RC transfer should take upto 120 days once your car is sold. You will be regularly updated about the transfer process on your registered phone number. In some states, the RTO requires your presence to complete the RC transfer. In this case we will notify you of any such requirement to visit the RTO.
Q. What happens if there is any mishap while the car's RC is not transferred?
After you sell your luxury, we ensure that your car is safely stored at our secure Spinny Max centres and test drives are conducted in a controlled environment. However, we cannot control any mishaps that occur during the time lag involved in the transfer of the registration certificate post the sale of your car. In the event that such a mishap does occur, immediately get in touch with us and we address the issue directly with the buyer.