Spinny Squad Stars: Shailesh’s Adventurous Spirit

The ensuing pandemic and the corresponding lockdown has been hard on everyone. However, even during these times there are people who are ready to help and serve people. At Spinny, many of our team members are heading out, meeting customers, and delivering a high standard of service.

If you head to a Spinny Car Hub in Delhi-NCR, our Hub Manager Shailesh might be the one helping you.

From the Farm to the Mountains

Among our Hub Managers, Shailesh is truly a unique individual. He embodies the very definition of a homegrown boy. Unlike many who live in apartments, Shailesh lives on his own farm in Haryana. He’s also an active farm-hand, regularly participating in the farming activities on his land.

“While the city is great, nothing beats the openness of the farm. I feel connected with the land and nature when I’m on my farm.”

For a man who enjoys staying connected with nature, you won’t find Shailesh in the city or on his farm on his off days. With adventure in his heart, Shailesh loves to travel and head out to the mountains. “I travel to explore as much as I can. I love learning about new places and cultures, and just being in the moment.”

With the lockdown clamping down on travelling, you would think our avid traveller would have his wings clipped. On the contrary, Shailesh got the opportunity to wholly connect with nature on his farm. From growing fresh produce to experimenting with new farming techniques, Shailesh made farming his lockdown hobby. 

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A Customer Himself

A Relationship Manager is often engaged with customers to explain the features of the cars as well as Spinny’s services. In the case of Shailesh, he approaches his customers with the perspective of a buyer, having been one himself. Shailesh is a proud owner of a Hyundai Verna that he bought from Spinny. Having been a buyer himself, Shailesh understands the concerns and doubts that our customers will have and focuses on addressing them to their satisfaction. “When I bought my car from Spinny, I was confident of the car’s quality and the 1 year warranty,” he explains, “It’s this very confidence in Spinny that allows me to best address my customers’ concerns.”

“With the quality of the car and the 1 year warranty, I was confident Spinny was the right place to buy my car.”

With the lockdown restrictions relaxing, people are looking to buy a car they can call their own. Shailesh has incorporated the extra dimension of hygiene and safety in his approach. “Customers should feel comfortable making a purchase,” says Shailesh, “In these times, comfort means making a decision in a safe and secure environment. My job is to ensure they have that.”

Growing with Spinny

Shailesh has been a part of the Spinny family for the last five years. He’s been a key part of Spinny’s success story in Delhi-NCR since the beginning. His contributions have played a part in helping take Spinny’s sales in Gurgaon from 15 cars a month in 2017 to more than 100 cars a month in 2020. His determination and resolve finds him leading the Gurgaon Spinny Car Hub today.

“Customers want an experience that is convenient and they can trust. Our services and transparency provide exactly what they are looking for.”

Over the last five years, Shailesh has fostered Spinny’s values to build a transparent and friendly relationship with the customers. Selling a car isn’t a number for him, but instead is the start of a long term relationship. “The key to our growth has been building the trust of our customers over time,” he explains, “Today our customers appreciate our transparency, which makes selling a car that much easier.”

Going the extra mile was never an obstacle for Shailesh, be it on his adventures or for his customers.

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