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Muskuraiye, Spinny ab Lucknow mein hai!

The summer heat is giving way to the cool monsoon winds and Spinny is keeping the momentum of expansion blowing strong. After starting operations in Jaipur and Indore, we are extremely proud to announce that Spinny is driving into Lucknow and marks the second location in Uttar Pradesh after Noida.

As we continue to introduce innovative technologies to improve the transaction experience more convenient, accessible, and delightful, prospective car owners in Lucknow will be able to take advantage of Spinny’s services for their personal mobility needs. Our commitment to provide a seamless and transparent customer experience remains strong and will be a focus as we cater to the used car market in Lucknow.

Why Lucknow?

It was only a matter of time before the City of Nawabs would be the next home for Spinny. What was the seat of power of the Nawabs has now become the capital and largest city in Uttar Pradesh. As the centre of the most populous state in India, the city has experienced rapid economic development that is fueling the need for personal mobility. With the used car market in Lucknow dominated by the unorganized sector, Spinny’s service are aimed to improve the overall used car buying experience. Our innovative services are ideally positioned to introduce a new level of transparency and convenience for every customer buying or selling a used car in Lucknow.

Spinny at Rumi Darwaza Lucknow

In the post-pandemic age, personal mobility has become a necessity and a priority for many people in the city of Lucknow. However, with the rising prices of new cars, used cars offer a more affordable path to owning a car. Whether selling a car or buying a used car, people in Lucknow are looking to get the most value for their car with the least inconvenience. As a full stack platform, Spinny fulfills these needs while addressing the core concerns in any used car transaction to make the experience as seamless and delightful as possible.

What does Spinny bring to Lucknow?

The city of Nawabs deserves a service fit for royalty and this is the experience we aim to provide at every stage of the used car buying or selling process. We understand the bond that forms between you and your car, as it becomes part of your identity and your family. We want this bond to be filled with happy memories of Car Joy, and our processes are designed to ensure you are able to buy or sell your car with complete confidence. We guarantee your used car buying experience in Lucknow is as safe as possible, and your car ownership experience is secure and hassle-free.

The Spinny Full Stack Advantage

Spinny offers a level of integrity, responsibility, and personal commitment at even juncture of consumer interaction that is unrivalled in the used car industry. We operate on an end-to-end full stack model that allows us to provide services that set Spinny apart from the other used car platforms and dealers.

Spinny Assured Car Joy

Sell your car to Spinny involves dealing and procuring directly from you. No dealer network is involved as the refurbishment, storage, and sale of your car is handled by us. This transparency extends to our car buyers as well. The cars you buy are handled and sold by personnel who have worked on the car themselves, which gives them the confidence to sell a car that they have treated as their own.

With our customer-first approach, we’ve streamlined our services to deliver an experience that places your needs at the forefront. Spinny Assured represents the core of our foundation as it is a commitment to ensure quality of the cars we offer as well as your experience with us. This assurance of quality is backed up by our 200-point inspection process and naturally flows into our other offerings.

Our confidence in the quality of our cars is the backbone of the Spinny Fixed Price Assurance. Negotiations are not a part of your car buying journey as we provide you a fair price for the car, based on the car’s condition. While no negotiations in used cars may sound alien, we can assure you that after your first test drive, the quality of our cars will justify their price.

Our confidence extends to Spinny Buyback, where we offer a flexible car ownership experience that guarantees the value of your car. We are acutely aware that driving should be without restrictions and Spinny Buyback provides the freedom while securing your future resale value.

For our customers who wish to sell their pre-owned car, we have pioneered Spinny SellRight. Through SellRight we ensure that you get a price that values your car while also providing a safe and secure ownership transfer. We are able to deliver this with our proprietary pricing engine that takes into account the current market price for your car while also factoring in the current condition of your car.

Where is Spinny Lucknow located?

Seeing is believing, and we are sure you would like to experience the Spinny Assured quality for yourself. You can drop by our first Spinny Car Hub located at the One Awadh Center in Lucknow. More Car Hubs will be opened in the near future and we are excited to make your used car transaction more accessible in Lucknow.

Spinny Lucknow Car Hub Team

Whether you choose to buy your car online or from our Car Hub, our aim is to deliver a confident, transparent and delightful used car buying experience. From discovery to test drives to delivery, we are focused and committed to fulfilling your needs while removing as many of the hassles as we can. The day you buy or sell your car should be the day you celebrate Car Joy with Spinny.

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