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Spinny Squad Star: Shailendra’s Poetic Legacy

The Spinny Squad is a family of talented men and women, whose contributions and efforts are key to building Spinny into a customer-focused platform. Our ambitious team is always pushing the boundaries, to achieve the most delightful customer experience at Spinny.

Apart from our excellent cars, the extremely user-friendly design and interface is the other Spinny product you directly interact with, whether on our website or on our app. Guiding the technological prowess of our developers and the design flair of our UI/UX teams is the product management team. When you buy a Spinny Assured car online, the guiding vision of Shailendra Nath Jha, VP of Product at Spinny, has shaped your experience. Here’s a peek at who Shailendra is outside of Spinny.

Poetry in His Veins

A penchant for writing always begins with being a reader, and Shailendra was a voracious reader as a child. “I was an extremely passionate reader and I would read everything from comics to children’s books,” he remembers fondly, “When I would run out of things to read, I would read through my mother’s magazines until she would stop me.” This early exposure to the written word laid the foundation for his interest in Hindi literature from famed authors like Premchand.

Shailendra naturally progressed towards writing and publishing Hindi poems, starting at the age of 10. “Back in my day, there was no internet to easily publish my writings,” he shares, “So I would send my poems to newspaper editors and I managed to publish more than a 100 poems.” This was a major confidence booster for him and ignited his passion for poetry and storytelling that he has nurtured throughout his life.

Shailendra performing at Social House

As an adult, Shailendra has now taken to performing his poetry in front of a live audience. With his poems becoming more personal and centered around major events in his life, performing his poems gives him the freedom to express the context and emotion behind his words. making his writings more personal also led to the publishing of his own book A Packet of Lays during the pandemic lockdowns, which has sold 2000 copies so far.

Marrying Art & Code

While poetry and product management might not have much in common, Shailendra has found the most creative way to combine the two. “Storytelling is important,” he explains, “Whether its poetry or product management, you are guiding people through an experience. There are no rulebooks to dictate the ideal way to do something and you’re constantly tailoring your approach to the audience.”

“Storytelling is important, whether it is poetry or product management”

With no rulebook to dictate the approach, Shailendra has the creative freedom to strike a balance between art and science. Since product management brings people and ideas from different fields to solve a problem, there is always a need to choose the approach that yields the required results rather than relying on past experiences. Describing his approach, he says that “having a calm head and staying focused helps to manage the people, ideas, and opinions in a way that achieves results.”

Creating a Legacy

Whether it’s poetry or product management, Shailendra takes great pride when people appreciate his creations. “For me, my poetry and my work are like my babies. Spending time and nurturing them takes a lot of work,” he explains, “When people appreciate the end product, when they relate to my words; it makes all of that work worth it.” There is no monetary motive behind Shailendra’s approach. Creating a legacy through his work and through his words has always been how he approaches life.

In his own words, “Spinny has been great from day 1. The focus on the customer from the CEO right to the inspector is a very unique culture that I have seen in all the companies I have worked for. It certainly makes it easier to guide the direction of the product as well as the energies of the people since everyone is on the same page.”

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