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How To Sell My Car For An Optimised Resale Value

As it happens, the process of buying a car is significantly easier than that of selling one. Buying cars is a topic that is very well documented on the internet, but it can often be difficult to find simple and effective selling process. What’s more, the average car owner, who is more of a buyer than a seller, often finds it difficult to find a secure option that provides optimum value for their used vehicle. The process is made even more complex by certain conventions in the industry that make things confusing and lead to long delays. This article will attempt to break through such delays and ensure that you have a good experience when you sell your car online.

Conventionally, the market for selling your car for cash in India typically involves multiple middle-persons: a practice that often proves unprofitable for both the seller and the buyer of the used car. Spinny is aimed at putting an end to this convoluted atmosphere – our company focuses on a streamlined process that makes selling your car quickly, simply, and in a manner that optimises its value. In general, to optimise the value you can get your of your used car, it’s advisable to follow the following guidelines:

Think Ahead

As customers, people are inclined to think of themselves as consumers of the vehicles that they drive, but this is not usually the most logical perspective – your car is more than a possession, it is an investment. Keep in mind that the value of your car is very sensitive to its maintenance, its usage, and its outlook throughout the time it spends in your hands. Routine maintenance, revamping, and careful handling throughout the vehicle’s life would ensure that maximise the resale value of your car.

Know When to Sell Your Car

For every kilometre you drive your car, its energy and cost efficiency all take a small dip. What this means from an economic standpoint is that the operating cost of your car rises gradually. The value you get when you sell your car online, on the other hand, depends on a host of factors including but not limited to the brand, the model, the technology, the state of the present market, and even tertiary factors such as economic growth and reserve bank interest rates. What is important to realise is that while the cost of driving your car will always increase gradually, the resale value of your car can drop overnight, often without you having a say in it.

Getting a Quote

Unlike new cars, prices of used cars vary widely across brands, models, features, age, and distance travelled, Much of the conventional modes of valuations of used cars depends on calculated guesswork, gut-feelings, and immediate appearances. Ensure that a highly qualified team of certified car inspectors evaluate the price of your car based on scientific reasoning and verifiable statistical evidence from the market. If you want to sell your car fast, this will ensure a good experience.

Getting a quote for your car is usually a two-step process to reaching the optimum value that your vehicle has to offer. The first step is a close estimate of your car’s price, and you can get this quote directly from the internet, in most cases. You’ll need to know the make, the model, the variant and the number of kilometres the car has travelled, and statistical estimator software can tell you what range of value you’re looking at. If you like what you see, you need to have a car inspector visit your vehicle personally to ensure that it is in order before deciding on the value you get when you sell your car online.


Unlike conventional modes of car inspections that might involve long waits or require you to take a day off work, a used car buying company should undertake a car inspection on as soon as possible at a time that you find suitable. A certified inspector should go over to your doorstep and take a look at your vehicle to zero in on an exact value for your car with not a minute wasted. This is crucial if you intend to sell your car fast.

Getting Paid for Your Car

Conventionally, payments for used cars can be frustratingly delayed because of the legal paperwork involved in selling your vehicle, such as Forms 28, 29, 30, NOCs from any company already financing your own purchase, and the clearance of taxes related to the vehicle. However, consider opting for a used car buyer that prioritise such matters to suit the seller, realise your best interests and put them before the red tape. A buyer should understand your interests when you sell your car for cash to them.

Where Spinny Comes In

Spinny has in its arsenal a group of renowned and well-experienced car inspectors who, rely on scientific reasoning and statistical estimation to provide you with the optimal price for your car. What’s more, Spinny guarantees payments on the same day you sell a used car online to us.

Exchanging Your Car

Selling your car for the cash to buy a newer model? Tell us! Spinny has in its arsenal a highly diverse collection of used cars that you’re sure to find your next car in. Several of our customers find it both convenient and efficient to exchange their old cars for ones already in our garage. With our “Spinny Assured” 5-day money back guarantee, one-year of post-sale warranty and 200-points inspected cars, both selling your car online and buying your new one can be lightning-fast, cost-effective, and secure.

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sell car to spinny

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