Complete Guide on Buying a Nissan Magnite

The Magnite is a fresh take on the compact SUV segment by Nissan and it comes at a bargain in order to trump its competition. Feature-loaded and equipped with a range of drivetrain options, the Nissan Magnite offers excellent value-for-money, and has all the right ingredients to dominate the segment. The Magnite is smartly priced starting at Rs. 6 lakh and goes all the way up to Rs. 11.02 lakh easily making it one of the most affordable compact SUVs.

If you’re considering the Nissan Magnite for your next buy, this guide analyses all the reasons you should or shouldn’t consider this car, and even points you to the best variant on the market.   

Nissan Magnite Specifications

Nissan Magnite
Engine and Transmission
Engine1.0 L Petrol
Transmission5 Speed Manual/CVT Automatic
Power98.63 bhp
Torque152 Nm
Mileage20.0 kmpl
Length3994 mm
Width1758 mm
Height1572 mm
Wheelbase2500 mm
Boot Space336 litres
Nissan Magnite Safety
AirbagsStandard Dual Airbags in all variants
ABS with EBDStandard in all variants
Rear Parking SensorsStandard in all variants
All wheel disc brakesYes
Reverse Parking CameraXV Variant
Electronic Stability ProgrammeNo
Tyre Pressure MonitoringYes
ISOFIX MountsXV Variant
Hill Hold AssistXV Variant
Hill Descent ControlNo
Nissan Magnite Features
Ventilated SeatsNo
Air Quality ControlXV variant
Alloy WheelsYes
Fabric UpholsteryYes
Digital OdometerYes

Why you should consider the Nissan Magnite

The Nissan Magnite makes great sense for new car buyers who are looking for a premium cabin, spacious interior packaged into an affordable price. It is well designed and quite the head turner too. The 1.0L turbo petrol engine deliverst a peppy performance and is fun to drive. It churns out a healthy 98 bhp with 152 Nm of low-range torque on offer. The Magnite can outshine its rivals in terms of acceleration, taking just 11.16 sec for 0-100 kmph. It provides sheer value-for-money pricing, with the turbo petrol with AT available at under 10 lakhs, thus being relatively cheaper than its competitors such as the Tata Punch, Hyundai Venue and others. On top of all, it has a mighty impressive feature kit and a whole lot of safety features with a 4-star global NCAP rating as a cherry on the top.

Smart Design Cues

The Magnite’s design has rightfully grabbed a lot of attention and is one of the best in class. Nissan created a lot of hype prior to the official launch with sketches to concepts to endless teasers and it was definitely worth the wait. It is easy to drive in the city – large windows provide a good view outside and the muscled side haunches are visible in the side mirrors, making it easy to place it through the tiny gaps in traffic. The side profile is well-rounded and it features muscular haunches, plastic cladding with a dash of chrome. The front end features a smart grille, L-shaped DRLs, and thin LED headlights which work well in city conditions. The rear end features non-LED taillamps, a bold Magnite badging and the new Nissan badge. The diamond cut 16 inch alloys look great, but they sadly look a tad small due to the raised suspension setting of the car. Overall, it is a very good looking car and scores well in this department.

City Performance

The talking point of the Nissan Magnite is definitely the 1.0L turbo petrol engine on offer. It is available in either a 5-speed manual or a CVT, and even though it has low torque output, it is available at lower revs and is spread across a wider powerband. Unlike the Hyundai and Kia’s 1.0L turbo petrol, there’s very little perceptible turbo lag, and power delivery is seamless and linear. Although, there is a need to shift up early with the manual as it isn’t a particularly smooth revving unit and can sound coarse and strained over past 4,500 rpm. It responds keenly to quick taps on the accelerator which makes it a dream to drive in city traffic conditions. The CVT is smoothly tuned and it even comes along with Sport and L driving modes. It is pretty frugal providing 14-16 kmpl in the city under most circumstances. It handles most potholes with decent outcome and its 205 mm ground clearance means that the Magnite can easily tread on roads less travelled. 

Impressive Features List

Nissan Magnite interior

Despite being one of the most affordable compact SUVs, the Nissan Magnite does come with a really lengthy feature list. This includes cruise control, LED headlamps, rear air-con vents, 360-degree camera, wireless charger, JBL speakers, air purifier and ambient lighting, wireless Android Auto & Apple CarPlay for starters. The cabin features a well laid-out 7-inch digital instrument cluster with the default screen featuring a large tachometer and a bold speedometer. The display is crisp and the transition between screens are really smooth. It further impresses with a safety kit which features Electronic Stability Programme, TPMS, ABS with EBD and a hill start assist. The Nissan Magnite even makes sure the base variant gets a reasonable kit, even including a rear wiper.

Why you should not consider the Nissan Magnite

Starting with the interior quality, the Nissan Magnite feels built to a cost, especially with the budget-grade cabin. The ride quality is pretty stiff and basic and every little undulation is felt in the cabin. Plus, the lower variant naturally-aspirated 1.0L petrol engine is dull and pretty boring to drive around. Given the Nissan Magnite is a car which prioritises value for money, there are a few departments where it scores low and pales in comparison to its rivals.

Interior Quality

The Nissan Magnite’s cabin could use some improvements. The plastics used in the car may come as a surprise for people who prioritise a very premium feel. The doors feel really light, and while that may be advantageous, it does indicate that door padding and quality of steel might not be the best (although the 4-star rating does assure the latter). The seating at the rear is quite narrow owing to the cabin width and it can barely hold 4 adults with ease. Even the boot space isn’t much to write about as it offers only 336-litres which is only sufficient for short road trips. The Magnite overall suffers from a lack of proper cabin insulation and hence all sorts of mechanical sounds can seep into the cabin, particularly at high revs or when the engine is under load. One can even feel vibrations on the steering, gear lever, pedals, and even through the seats, when the AC compressor kicks in while the three-pot engine rocks on its mounts at idle. Tyre and road noise, too, can become an issue at triple-digit speeds. 

Ride Quality

The Magnite may not be the leading contender in this category. While its suspension could benefit from some improvement, the overall ride quality may feel slightly stiffer and more basic in certain conditions. However, when it comes to city driving, the Magnite offers a decent ride experience and feels more composed at lower speeds. On highways, it may not feel as stable and could exhibit some handling challenges, particularly during cornering due to its slim 195 section tires. It is worth noting that the Magnite performs well in maintaining a straight line during highway rides. If you’re seeking a thrilling driving experience, you may want to explore other options beyond the Nissan Magnite.

Nissan Magnite Variants

The Nissan Magnite does come equipped with several widespread variant options to choose from. It comes with a staggering 19 variants, but they all come with either a 1.0L naturally-aspirated or a turbo petrol engine. The base XE variant starts at just 6.00 lakh, the mid-range Turbo XL comes at 8.25 lakhs and it goes all the way up to the CVT-enabled XV Premium Opt DT at 11.02 lakhs. Except for providing a diesel variant, Nissan has widely covered its bases and the petrol is available in both manual and automatic. 

VariantTransmissionEx-Showroom Price
XE1.0L PetrolRs. 6.00 lakh
XL1.0L PetrolRs. 7.04 lakh
XV1.0L PetrolRs. 7.81 lakh
XV DT1.0L PetrolRs. 7.97 lakh
Turbo XL1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 8.25 lakh
XV Premium1.0L PetrolRs. 8.59 lakh
XV Premium DT1.0L PetrolRs. 8.75 lakh
Turbo XV1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 9.19 lakh
Turbo XV DT1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 9.35 lakh
Turbo XV Premium1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 9.72 lakh
Turbo XV Premium DT1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 9.88 lakh
Turbo XV Premium Opt1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 9.92 lakh
Turbo CVT XV1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 10.00 lakh
Turbo XV Premium Opt DT1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 10.08 lakh
Turbo CVT XV DT1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 10.16 lakh
Turbo CVT XV Premium1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 10.66 lakh
Turbo CVT XV Prm DT1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 10.82 lakh
Turbo CVT XV Prm Opt1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 10.86 lakh
Turbo CVT XV Prm Opt DT1.0L Turbo PetrolRs. 11.02 lakh

Best Nissan Magnite Variant to Buy

Since the Nissan Magnite comes with several options, there are a few things to consider before choosing a variant. Firstly, if ride quality is a key factor for the user, that definitely rules out the 1.0L petrol and you’re better off with the peppier Turbo variants. So, the Magnite Turbo XV Premium is the pick of the lot here as it is both fun to drive and does come with premium features at a decent price range of Rs. 9.72 lakh. The Turbo XV Premium is enabled with key features such as ABS, dual airbags, alloy wheels, automatic climate control and much more.

Nissan Magnite Warranty and Service Cost

The Nissan Magnite is equipped with some good warranty and service plans and is amongst the lowest service cost for an Indian SUV. Nissan India provides a labour free charge service for a 2 year/20,000 km period depending on whichever comes first. They offer a 2 year/50,000 kms warranty which is expandable up to a 5 year period. A 5 year warranty plan for the manual costs Rs. 12,425 and the CVT automatic costs Rs. 13,668. It even comes equipped with a Gold or Silver AMC service option thus ensuring a peace of mind ownership.


The Nissan Magnite is a high value product and it checks all the necessary boxes. It does make compromises in certain areas, but excels in key attributes as well. It may not be of great build quality, but it offers an amazing turbo engine and is fun to drive around the city. 

A main selling factor for the Nissan Magnite is definitely the lengthy feature list. It comes with an impressive safety kit as well, which is great value for a car in this price bracket. It is cleverly priced and is one of the only cars to provide a turbo AT under the 10 lakh range, thus making the Magnite a strong contender in this hotly contested compact SUV segment.    

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