Should you buy a pre-owned Kiger in 2024?

Spinny Assured Renault Kiger front
By - Sankul Nagpal
January 8, 2024

Despite the SUV craze gripping the market, when it comes to bridging the gap between aspiration and affordability, there are only a few good names that can get the job done. A perfect balance of style, features, comfort, performance and driving dynamics, the Renault Kiger is one of the very few compact SUVs that is truly value for money. When compared to modern-day competitors, the Renault Kiger offers a package that impresses in almost every aspect, especially in its pre-owned glory, where it shines as one of the most affordable compact SUVs. But with a bunch of new launches in the retail sector and a plethora of options flooding the pre-owned market, the million-dollar question is should you buy a pre-owned Kiger in 2024? Let’s find out.

Why you should consider the Renault Kiger

If you are looking for a compact SUV that’s contemporary, sporty, easy to drive and feature-rich, then the Renault Kiger could be the perfect fit. Launched in 2021, the Renault Kiger has in a short span of time, managed to woo over 1 lakh happy customers, showcasing why the compact SUV is one of the very best out there. As a pre-owned car, the Kiger comes in as an option that offers the best value for your money with a package that is quite a charm compared to modern-day competitors. So, if you are wondering whether to consider bringing home a pre-owned Kiger, then here are a few reasons that can help you make the right call.

Renault Kiger Specifications

Engine and Transmission




1.0-litre Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine

1.0-litre Turbocharged Petrol Engine


5-speed Manual

5-Speed AMT Automatic

5-Speed Manual

5-Speed CVT Automatic








Up to 20.5 km/l (Manual) and Up to 19.03 km/l (Automatic)










Safety Features


Up to 4

ABS with EBD




Seat Belt Reminder


Impressive Design Inside Out

One look at the Renault Kiger and you will realise why the compact SUV is quite the charm. With a design that radiates contemporary style, sportiness and a plethora of SUV elements, the Kiger’s looks are a sure-shot hit that needs no validation. With high ground clearance, muscular cladding, functional roof rails, sleek LED clusters, triple chamber headlamps, swanky alloys and much more, the Kiger comes in as a good-looking option that can easily take on almost all modern-day launches, even in its pre-owned glory. Even on the inside, the Kiger impresses with a premium and well-laid-out cabin that looks absolutely stunning. Overall, the design and style quotient of the Renault Kiger is an aspect that will surely turn heads, every time you take it out for a spin.

Impressive Features and Exceptional Value For Money

Considering that the Renault Kiger is one of the most affordable compact SUVs in both the retail as well as pre-owned markets, the price-to-feature ratio of the Kiger is quite impressive, raising its value for money quotient to a whole new level. Considering that the SUV becomes even more affordable in its pre-owned glory, features such as an 8-inch touch infotainment system, automatic climate control, premium audio system, keyless entry, push-button start, ambient lighting, wireless charging and much more make the Kiger an attractive option. And since all this comes for a price that does not burn a huge hole in your pockets, choosing another SUV over the Kiger can be quite a difficult task.

Turbo Power And Great Handling

One of the biggest reasons behind the Kiger’s success is its turbocharged petrol powertrain. Churning a healthy 100 PS with 160 Nm of peak torque, the turbo petrol engine is perfect for both city and highway runs, with ample power at your disposal, no matter which drive mode you are cruising in. The smooth, refined and peppy turbo engine, when coupled with the lag-free CVT automatic makes driving the Kiger absolutely fun. The ride and handling itself are almost stress-free, thanks to the Kiger’s compact bodyline, light controls and great dynamics. Even the naturally aspirated petrol engine does exceptionally well, with an AMT on offer for extra comfort.  

How old should a pre-owned Renault Kiger be?

Launched in 2021, the biggest advantage of bringing home a pre-owned Renault Kiger is the fact that the SUV is only three years old. This means that no matter which make and model of the Kiger you choose, you will never feel that you’ve brought home a pre-owned car. Thus, when it comes to narrowing down Kiger models, there are absolutely no restrictions, at least when it comes to the make year. But with that said, the newer the make year, the better it is.

What to look out for when buying a used Renault Kiger?

Throughout its three-year-long history, the Kiger has been one of India’s best-selling compact SUVs, especially in its price bracket. Thanks to the Kiger’s affordable package, the SUV has made it to many happy homes over the years. Even in the pre-owned market, there is no shortage of capable Kigers waiting to make their way to a new home. However, since buying a pre-owned car is a task that requires utmost attention, here is what to look out for before buying a pre-owned Kiger for yourself.

One of the first things to check on the pre-owned Kiger you are looking to buy is that the fuel pump is working without any hassles. That is because several owners over the years have reported problems with their Kiger’s fuel pump. This can range from low or no fuel being pumped to the engine, or the vehicle stopping altogether in the middle of the road. To make sure the Kiger you are eyeing is free from any fuel pump issues, make sure to take a trained mechanic along with you for inspection and don’t forget to take the car on a long test drive.

Service History

The secret to keeping a vehicle healthy and running for long is to ensure timely services and maintenance. Thus whenever you choose to buy a pre-owned car make sure to go through the service history of the vehicle and look for regular services of highly used components such as air filters, spark plugs and throttle body. Even after you purchase, make sure to clean/replace these parts as soon as your vehicle runs over 10,000 km. This way you can not only have better mileage but you can also ensure that your pre-owned Kiger remains free from mechanical and technical issues.

Suspension Problems

Suspension issues are known to be one of the most common issues associated with pre-owned SUVs. From poor shock absorption to noisy rides, suspension problems can ruin the fun of owning a compact SUV, making you regret your decision. This is why it is crucial to inspect the car for any potential suspension issues. To do that, make sure to drive the Kiger over potholes and bumps to assess whether the jerks are easily reaching the rear passengers or not. If you find the suspension to be noisy, or anything out of place, it could be a sign of a potential suspension problem.

Electrical Components and AC Health

With a plethora of features onboard, the Renault Kiger can surely elevate your driving experience. However, since a majority of these features are based on electric components, it is crucial to make sure everything works well. Be it power windows, touch infotainment, ORVMs or steering controls, make sure to check out all electrical components before bringing home the Kiger you are eyeing. It is also important to check the AC’s health, and whether functions like automatic climate control, heating, cooling and blower functions are all working well.

Image showing the Renault Kiger

How much should a pre-owned Renault Kiger cost?

The Renault Kiger is a popular car in the pre-owned market with a variety of models available across all price brackets. Being a relatively newer car for the pre-owned market, the Kiger is available from models 2021 to 2024, for an average price that falls between Rs. 7 to 11 Lakhs.

Used Renault Kiger Price on Spinny


Price on Spinny

Delhi NCR

Rs. 7.1 to 9.54 Lakh


Rs. 9.17 to 10.73 Lakh


Rs. 8.10 to 10.78 Lakh


Rs. 8.15 to 9.8 Lakh


Rs. 7.20 to 9.50 Lakh


Rs. 7.1 to 9.54 Lakh


Rs. 7.99 to 9.29 Lakh


Rs. 6.96 to 9.5 Lakh


Rs. 6.74 to 9.5 Lakh

Is a used Renault Kiger worth buying in 2024?

As one of India’s most popular compact SUVs, the Renault Kiger comes as an exceptional package that offers stylish looks, comfortable interiors, ample features and superb driving dynamics. Even in the face of modern-day competitors, driving a pre-owned Kiger won’t make you regret your decision, thanks to the SUV’s exceptionally balanced and value-for-money package. In its pre-owned glory, the Kiger can be brought home at a highly affordable price tag, helping you realise your dream of buying an SUV without spending all your savings.


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