Spinny Squad Star: Ajay’s Creative Streak

Since its inception, Spinny has been built on the contributions and efforts of talented men and women. They are all part of the family we call Spinny Squad. Even during these difficult times, they are giving their best to make the customer experience the best it can be. At Spinny, our strength is our people.

Our newest location in Pune has been gaining ground thanks to effort of our Spinny Squad Stars in the city. When you want to buy your car from Spinny in Pune, our team member Ajay Shinde may be the one helping you.

An Eye for Art

Creatvity is something that comes naturally to Ajay. With a creative perspective, Ajay sees the world as a canvas of art. He’s always ready to capture the next moment and the emotions it brings with it. Ajay’s creative prowess goes beyond photgraphy as well. Apart from capturing moments, Ajay also dabbles in letting his paintbrush create evocative moments.

With the imposition of the lockdown, Ajay’s photographic opportunities were very restricted. Staying at home gave Ajay the opportunity to further explore other art forms. “I was always interested in trying out new artistic techniques to enhance my artwork,” Ajay explains, “With more time, I was able to pick up many new skills during the lockdown.”

“As a form of expression, art lets me express different emotions that I hope bring people together.”

Pune’s New Experience

Ajay with the Spinny Pune team

Bringing Spinny’s experience to Pune hasn’t been the easiest of jobs. The unfortunate timing of the pandemic and the associated lockdown slowed the momentum that was building. Despite the obstacles, Ajay says that “customers in Pune have been very welcoming for Spinny and its services.”

“Spinny has been a breath of fresh air for the market in Pune. The great quality of the cars has attracted a lot of interest from buyers.”

Ajay adds that Spinny’s Fixed Price Assurance has also been well received, despite buyers in Pune preferring to negotiate on the price. “After seeing the excellent condition of the cars, very few customers actually negotiate on the price.”

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Feeling the Love

Apart from the quality of the cars, Pune’s buyers have also been very appreciative of Spinny’s sanitary and hygienic practices. “Our customers appreciate the extra effort we go through to make their car safe to drive,” explains Ajay.

As the lockdown restrictions further ease, Ajay expects more people to experience Spinny and its services for themselves. “We have been preparing and training ourselves to meet the upcoming demand of customers,” Ajay adds, “Even at this time Spinny has made a big impact in Pune and this will only grow further when things get back to normal.”

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