Best MUV Cars in India in 2023

Toyota Innova Interior
By - Team Spinny
February 16, 2023

The MUV car is much in demand today and can be spotted very frequently on our roads. What exactly is an MUV car then? Think of the comfort and ease of manoeuvrability of a hatchback, the boot space of a sedan and the imposing road presence of an SUV. Put them all together in a neat package and you have an MUV.

Indians are people with large families and an even larger friend circle; you need a large vehicle to move everyone in comfort. The SUV is expensive in comparison to an MUV car and gets a bit challenging for senior citizens to enter and exit with ease. This is because of its sheer bulk and high ground clearance. Enter the 7 seater Multi Utility Vehicle. The spacious MUV car allows easy movement in and out of the vehicle which is a boon for older people and children. It’s a comfortable ride with style, flexibility and practicality that ticks all the boxes required to be a family runabout.

If you are the type who enjoys playing games in your vehicle, counting the number of 7 seater MUV cars on the road will lead you to a soporific trance.(could be a great way to get the kids to sleep)

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List of Top MUV Cars in India


Safety Rating (GNCAP)

Fuel Type

ARAI Mileage in kmpl


(Ex -Showroom )

Renault Triber

4 Stars


18.29 (AT)

19 (MT)

Rs. 5.91-8.50 lakh

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

3 Stars



20.3(Petrol AT)

20.51(Petrol MT) 

26.11(CNG MT)

Rs. 8.41-12.79 lakh

Kia Carens

3 stars



15.7-16.2 ( Petrol MT)

21.3 (Diesel MT)

16.5 (Petrol AT)

18.4 (Diesel AT)

Rs. 9.59-17.69 lakh

Maruti Suzuki XL6

3 stars


17.99 (AT)


Rs. 11.29 -14.55 lakh

Mahindra Marazzo

4 stars


17.3 (MT)

Rs. 13.17 -15.43 lakh

Toyota Innova Crysta

5 Stars



10.2 (Petrol MT)

15.6 (Diesel MT)

13.9 (Petrol AT)

15.6 (Diesel AT)

Rs. 17.86 -23.83 lakh


Not Tested


500 Km Range

Rs. 29.15 lakh

Kia Carnival

Not Tested


13.9 (AT)

Rs. 30.99 -35.49 lakh

Renault Triber

Spinny Assured Renault Triber MUV

Renault has a proven track record of great ride comfort and handling. It brought its expertise to bear on the Triber and came up with a vehicle that not only seats seven people but is less than four meters long. It’s a design masterstroke that allows ease of parking on our crowded city roads.

This 7 seater MUV car has got a great street presence that appeals to the eye. Thoughtful touches like the rear passengers getting their own AC vent ensuring it doesn’t get hot or stuffy at the back, and all three rows getting 12v charging sockets only enhance its desirability.

The engine though is a trifle underpowered needing a steady hand while overtaking or climbing an incline with a full load of passengers. 

Renault Triber: Specifications and Features

  • 1.0 petrol 3 cylinder
  • 5 speed MT/ 5 speed AMT
  • 19 Kmpl MT/18.29 Kmpl AT ARAI mileage
  • Petrol ICE
  • Four airbags
  • six-way adjustable driver seat with height adjustment
  • 7 seater

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Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Spinny Assured Maruti Suzuki Ertiga MUV

Maruti either has first mover advantage or it manages to pick up customer trends very easily. The Ertiga is what Maruti came out with to take advantage of this segment. And boy, does it deliver? A no frills car that will do the job with a minimum of fuss backed up by the Maruti network ensuring that it is the market leader in this field.

The engine has been updated with a mild hybrid system ensuring its mileage has improved and the company has even brought out a CNG version which is a first, and till date, the only 7 seater MUV car in this segment. However, this version doesn’t come with an automatic option.

The interiors have been freshened up and the exteriors given sharper sportier looks to enhance its appeal to families who would like something more upmarket in the 7 seater MUV category.

The doors are wide and the low seating allows easy ingress and egress into the 7 seater car.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga: Specifications and Features

  • 1.5 Ltr Petrol 4 Cylinder/1.5 Ltr 4 Cylinder CNG
  • 5 speed MT/6 speed AT
  • 20.3 Kmpl AT/ 20.51 Kmpl MT/ 26.11 Kmpl MT CNG ARAI mileage
  • Petrol and CNG ICE
  • Four airbags
  • 7 seater
  • Leather wrapped steering wheel

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Kia Carens

Kia Carens

The Kia Carens is an MUV car with design language which stands out on the road. Kia presented this 7 seater vehicle with a lot of variants allowing the discerning buyer to handpick one that fitted his or her requirements.

The USP of this MUV car is the amount of space on offer, especially in the back row which even has reclining seats. Throw in a dedicated AC vent for the rear and you are left with a very comfortable ride for passengers.

The level of quality in the cabin, the fit and finish are premium with everything around you oozing quality. It even has an air purifier. This MUV car’s field of vision for the driver is commanding, the steering and seat adjustments are comfortable while the control buttons are all set within easy reach.

To help it stand out from the crowd, Kia even gave it a powered electric sunroof that is offered by no other 7 seater MUV car in this price bracket.

Kia Carens : Specifications and Features

  • 1.4 Ltr Petrol/ 1.5 Ltr Petrol / 1.5 Ltr diesel
  • 7 speed DCT/ 6 speed MT/ 6 speed AT
  • 16.2 Kmpl MT(1.4)/16.5 Kmpl DCT(1.4)/15.7 MT (1.5 )/21.3 Kmpl MT(D)/18.4 Kmpl AT(D) ARAI mileage
  • Petrol and diesel variants available
  • 8 Speaker Bose sound system
  • 64 colour ambient lighting
  • 6 airbags
  • 7 seater ( 6 seat option in top model)

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Maruti Suzuki XL6

Maruti XL6

This is a spacious vehicle Maruti launched in its Nexa stable. As a result, it offers a more premium fit and finish with styling that catches the eye. It is one of the bestselling MUV cars in India today.

Maruti offers front ventilated seats and captain seats in the back to raise this 7 seater MUV car to greater levels of comfort making for a luxury feel.

The refinement levels of the engine has gone up with the old K15B engine being swapped for the newer K15C engine with dualjets. This has contributed to a marginal drop in power and torque but contributed to an appreciable rise in mileage ( at least two km more).

Just imagine asking Alexa to pre cool your MUV car, switching headlamps and hazard lights  on and off or be locking and unlocking this MUV car from the comfort of your armchair at home. Really cool, right? You can do all this on the automatic version.

Maruti Suzuki XL6: Specifications and Features:

  • 1.5 Ltr kseries Petrol Dual jet with Smart Hybrid Technology
  • 5 speed MT / 6 speed AT
  • 20.97 Kmpl MT/ 20.27 Kmpl AT
  • Petrol
  • Ventilated front seats and cup holders
  • Four airbags
  • 7 Seater

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Mahindra Marazzo

Mahindra tells us that the design language for this 7 seater MUV car was inspired by a shark. You can trace the resemblance in its antenna and tail lamps among other design cues. This aggressive styling helps it stand out on the roads presenting a very muscular SUV like look.

It does come only in a diesel version and there is no automatic on offer on offer for this 7 seater MUV car .You need to pass on the M2 variant which is devoid of any features and clearly aimed at the fleet companies. You could consider the M6 as a value for money product.

The seats are wide and comfortable with the captain seats in the back raising the levels of comfort even more. Mahindra has developed a one touch mechanism which folds the seat allowing easy access to the rear row in this MUV car.

Roof mounted air-conditioning that works like a charm is a standout feature in this 7 seater MUV car. But the talking point is its four star NCAAP crash rating and its standard safety kit across all variants.

Mahindra Marazzo : Specifications and Features:

  • 1.5 ltr Diesel
  • 6 speed MT
  • 17.3 Kmpl ARAI mileage
  • Only diesel variant
  • Dual airbags
  • 7 seater and 8 seater variants available
  • Rear AC with surround cool technology

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Toyota Innova Crysta

Spinny Assured Toyota Innova Crysta MUV

The Toyota Innova Crysta is a colossus in this MUV Car segment. This MUV car is a 6 or 7 seater with captain seats and has cemented its reputation among the best MUV cars in India when launched in 2016.

This MUV car stands out in this segment due to its reliability, its high resale value and its comfort levels. The levels of engine refinement and dependable after-sales service is unparalleled too.

Additionally, this 7 seater MUV car offers features such as connected car tech with geofencing, real time vehicle tracking, and last parked location as optional accessories which is not there with its rivals.

The entry to the Toyota Innova Crysta car is a bit of a step up because of its ladder on frame construction. This might be a problem for older people while getting in and exiting the vehicle. However the seats themselves are very comfortable with all three rows getting ample headroom and legroom.

Some Other Features:

  • 2.4 Ltr CrDi/ 2.7 Ltr Petrol
  • 5 speed MT/ 6 Speed AT
  • 15.1 Kmpl MT(D)/14.9 Kmpl AT(D)/11.25 Kmpl MT(P)/ 10.75 Kmpl AT(P)
  • Petrol and diesel available
  • Upto 7 airbags
  • 7 seater and 8 seater variants available
  • Front and Rear parking sensors with rear view camera

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Kia Carnival

Kia Carnival MUV

The Kia Carnival is for the passenger who wants the chauffeur driven luxury experience. Get in this MUV care and the sheer class and comfort will transport you to a different plane. You will sink into its premium captain seats while enjoying the two 10.1 inch touch screens provided for your enjoyment.

Getting in is also an experience. The doors slide silently to the rear with one touch. The door handles are recessed into the body but come out for you to grip and open at the touch of a button. Kia even provides a dual sunroof in this MUV car.

The Kia Carnival comes in only a diesel CRDi option with automatic transmission as standard. It is significantly larger, more powerful and much more premium than any rival in the 7 seater MUV car segment.

This spacious MUV car uses a monocoque construction and front wheel drive layout which is more space efficient giving you a roomy cabin so you don’t feel cramped for space at all.

Kia Carnival : Specifications and Features:

  • 2.2 ltr Diesel
  • 8 speed AT
  • 13.9 Kmpl ARAI mileage
  • Diesel only
  • 3 zones of climate control
  • 6 airbags
  • 6 , 7 or 8 seater variants possible
  • smart power tailgate

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BYD E6 was first launched for fleet operators and now is available for the general public. It goes in for understated elegance rather than in your face styling. It is the only electric MUV car on this list. It’s a five seater where the rear row has been sacrificed to give you more boot space.

The back seats are spacious and offer good head and leg room. However the inability to recline does affect the comfort factor.

The dashboard on this MUV car is devoid of physical keys , giving it a futuristic touch and is dominated by a 10.1 touchscreen which swivels 90 degrees to give the user a portrait mode (nice neat party trick that).

Its claimed range is over 500 km on a single charge with fast charging that allows you to get another 200 km in just half an hour. That range anxiety is now a thing of the past once you are behind the wheel of this MUV car.

BYD E6: Specifications and Features:

  • e-motor powered by 71.7 kWh battery
  • 1 speed AT
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Dual front and side airbags
  • Rear parking sensors with reversing camera
  • 5 Seater

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Best MUV Cars in India: Summary

The 7 seater MUV car is a way for people to get the SUV experience without shelling out the big bucks. Its sheer affordability makes it the go to option for the person who needs a large car for his family but isn’t ready to indulge himself to an SUV because he puts the needs of his family first. Even then, the different types of variants and models available have allowed him the flexibility to tailor the car to his personal requirements. He can stretch his budget to find an appealing car with all the fixtures, features and trimmings he requires.

So let’s reiterate. Are you a family guy? Do you enjoy a night out with your friends? Do you love to travel in groups? If your answer is yes then you understand why the best MUV cars in India today are fast becoming a necessity for the average Indian. The MUV contributes to the fun vibe on outstation trips whether for a long weekend or a daytrip. Bringing home a 7 seater MUV will not only make you more mobile but will in all probability make you the go to person in your friends circle whenever a road trip is being planned.

The premium features, the levels of refinement and sheer practicality of the MUV car available today tick all the boxes necessary to consider these vehicles when you are looking to buy a car.

FAQS on MUV Cars in India

Which MUV car has the best mileage?

In both the automatic and manual versions of the best 7 seater MUV cars in India, the petrol Ertiga scores the highest mileage. However the Kia Carens scores more in the diesel manual  MUV cars. The best mileage belongs to the manual CNG version of the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

Which is the best MUV car in India?

The best value for money 7 seater MUV car would be the Maruti Ertiga. If you’re looking for the highest resale value among the best MUV cars in India., that would be the Toyota Innova Crysta. The most luxurious MUV car would be the Kia Carnival. There is no single definitive answer and would depend upon you, as the individual concerned.

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