Why India Loves Hyundai Cars

Hyundai Verna. New Car Facelifts Launched in 2023
By - Sarika Tyagi
June 16, 2023

Hyundai, one of India’s best-selling carmakers, is known for making people’s cars not only in terms of features but also in terms of design and reliability. The Korean carmaker believes in offering what people want and not what the carmaker is willing to sell. No wonder why Indians love Hyundai cars and have helped it to reach newer heights. The Korean carmaker entered India back in 1998 with Santro as its first offering and till now it has been unstoppable with products such as Verna and Creta

Wondering why people in India have time and again trusted Hyundai with its products and services? Let’s dive a little deep to find out.


Hyundai has always been ahead of the design game, and it represents youthfulness. Remember the ‘Fluidic’ design? The same stayed for years and many proud owners still cannot resist showing it off even today. Although the new-gen i20 and Verna faced a backlash on their new radical design language, the future in automobile design is going towards minimalistic and radicalism combined, and nobody can run away from the fact. Indeed, people are now more accepting towards it as the sales figures suggest. 


Spinny Assured Hyundai Creta Features

It has been the biggest reason why Hyundai has managed to do so well in India. The carmaker from the beginning is packaging its products in such a manner that keeps the customers delighted even if they have to compromise with other aspects. Again, it is subjective in nature and completely depends upon the individual needs and wants.

In 2023, the new-generation Verna made its debut in India with several first in segment features such as air purifier, wireless charger with cooling function, premium surround sound system, etc post which, many automakers found their cars sales figures going down. But as always, Hyundai managed to be a trendsetter rather than being a follower.

Not to forget, Creta’s panoramic sunroof still attracts a lot of attention from the customers and is one of the reasons why people prefer it over the rivals.


The existing line-up of Hyundai India says we have something for all and we don’t doubt it. The segments it covers are diverse and right from a small entry-level hatchback to a seven-seater MPV, the Korean automaker is catering to every individual with love. Let’s be a little more precise and one can find that Hyundai is currently having 11 models in its line-up including two electric cars: the Kona and IONIQ 5. What’s even more exciting though is that the carmaker has even introduced two N-Line models of i20 and Venue, making it more exciting than ever.

Multiple Engine & Transmission Options:

Hyundai is known for offering multiple engine and transmission options for a single product so that it suits the buyer requirements. For instance, the Venue is currently sold with three engine options and the gearboxes available are manual, iMT and automatic depending upon the variant. The good part about this is that it offers flexibility to the buyer while keeping their priorities straight right at the beginning. Some of the products from Hyundai are even CNG powered. Meanwhile, others use a battery pack to run. The efforts to keep the line-up simple yet effective are evident and that is one more reason why people prefer Hyundai cars and SUVs over the others.

Resale Value:

There are only a few brands in India that are able to offer good resale value to the existing owners. Keeping in mind the trend of changing the vehicle a little more quickly when compared to before, finding good resale value is something very difficult to find. Until now, only Maruti Suzuki was able to offer this kind of benefit to its customers but now with the second largest market share in passenger vehicles, even Hyundai is able to manage it decently. 

There are some factors that determine the ‘Resale Value’. The list includes kilometres driven, condition, year of purchase, make and model among others.

Strong After-Sales Network:

Hyundai has invested a lot in the Indian market keeping in mind its potential. The Indian arm of the company even exports to around 85 countries and has over 1500 touchpoints to serve the customers in the country itself. This also results in the easy availability of spare parts and that is how a strong after-sales network is created.


We Indians are fond of fuel-efficient cars and being a people’s brand, even Hyundai prioritises the mileage factor to a great extent. Almost all Hyundai cars, depending upon the segment, return a decent fuel efficiency. Therefore, if someone is looking for a fuel-efficient offering along with the other mentioned points above, Hyundai ultimately becomes their go-to choice at any point.


The brand never shies away from updates and we have witnessed that commitment from Hyundai every time they come up with a new generation model. Back in 2006, Hyundai came up with Verna and now, it is almost mid-2023. The model has already received a refreshed look with no sign of ageing. That is the kind of consistency with the models we were talking about that Hyundai has been trying to keep up with. 

Build Quality:

2023 Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Facelift Safety

Indeed, Hyundai tries to keep the overall price in check but that never affects the build quality of any of its cars or SUV. The material used inside the cabin on any of its products has always been up to the mark. Also, other details such as the paint quality, plastic elements or maybe the ‘Hyundai’ badging have always remained intact even after years.

Sporty Versions:

In a world full of carmakers that believe in offering cosmetic enhancements just to make the existing product look sportier, Hyundai has brought N-Line, its performance leg, to offer a sportier version of the i20 and Venue for India.

These changes thankfully are not limited to the design and is evident in the form of new exhausts, retuned suspension & chassis, N steering wheel and metal pedals to name a few. Both models also feature disc brakes on all four ends making them an irresistible offering. Looks like Hyundai wants us to say no to boring cars!

In a sea full of fish, Hyundai has emerged as a shark and the reason behind it is very clear. The brand has considered what people wanted and was able to deliver it. Hyundai Motor India’s journey is not merely a success story. It is basically a story of how to win the hearts of millions while keeping other objectives in line.


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