Aniket’s Car Upgrade with Spinny

Selling your car is never an easy task. Dealing with the hassles of advertising the car on online classifieds, sorting through multiple buyers, and then negotiating a price. This is the process that many have to mentally prepare themselves for.

Now add the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic and selling a car in Delhi becomes a monumental task. It’s in this restricted background that Aniket, a content manager at a leading ad agency in Delhi, wanted to sell and upgrade his car.

Selling After the Lockdown

Aniket’s reason to sell his family car was simply to upgrade to a more recent car. “We started with a small budget hatchback. I feel that as we grow, we should keep upgrading to meet the demands of life,” shares Aniket.

The imposition of the lockdown delayed the plan but Aniket knew that selling his car would need to be done online. Visiting a used car dealer in Delhi was out of the question for him. The health risks and the doubtful sanitisation were enough to push Aniket to head online.

“I was very concerned about how I would sell my car safely while reducing interactions with buyers to a minimum.

The story online wasn’t so straightforward either. While interested buyers were looking to purchase his family car, Aniket wasn’t prepared to compromise on his family’s health and safety.

While evaluating his options, he came across Spinny’s zero contact car selling process. “I immediately knew that this would be the safest and most convenient way to sell my car after the lockdown,” Aniket says. After his car passed the evaluation, he sold his car to Spinny within a week.

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A Seamless Upgrade

Having sold the only family car, Aniket was also in the market to buy its replacement. With how important owning a car is during the pandemic, he didn’t want to delay the purchase of his next car any longer than was needed. With the same concern of hygiene and safety, and having experienced the convenience of selling to Spinny, Aniket naturally looked through Spinny’s catalogue to find his next family car.

“Spinny impressed me when I sold my car. I was equally impressed when I got the experience when buying my car from them.”

With the requirements of a family car, Aniket was looking for a compact car with proven reliability and economical maintenance costs. A pre-owned Hyundai Grand i10 with just 13,000 km was the car that fit Aniket’s needs perfectly.

Aniket took the test drive of his next family car at his home and was satisfied with what he saw and drove. He placed the booking the very next day. A week later, Aniket and his family took delivery of his Spinny Assured Hyundai Grand i10 at their home. They were excited to take their upgraded family car on a short family drive.

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