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Harshita and her Father’s Heartwarming Father’s Day Spinny

Our fathers are many things to us. They are our role models, our protectors, our guides, and most of all our dads. As children, we are often aware of the sacrifices they make for us but don’t know how to appreciate them for doing what they do. In pursuit of education, Harshita’s dream of pursuing her MBA postponed her father’s dreams of buying a new car. This is the heartwarming story of how Harshita helped her father fulfill his dream.

In Pursuit of Dreams

In 2020, the Bhatronji family was preparing to upgrade their old car that had seen better days. The upgrade was becoming a necessity but life had other plans. “When I told him about my desire to pursue an MBA, he agreed readily,” shares Harshita, “And the car purchase was put on hold.” Harshita shares how she felt guilty every time her family would go on road trips. “He never complained about the discomfort he was in,” she says, “But I would always feel guilty whenever I saw him trying to fix the old car.”

My father was planning on upgrading our family car but put the plans on hold for my education.

Seeing her father’s dreams on hold, Harshita was more determined than ever to perform well in her MBA programme and succeed. After two years and some prudent financial planning, the Bhatronji family was again ready to upgrade from their old car.

A Dream Fulfilled

While the Bhatronji wanted to buy a new car, prices for cars that fit their need were going out of their budget. In the interest of taking care of the finances while also getting a capable car for the budget, Harshita’s father turned to the used car market. On the recommendation of their relatives, Harshita and her father were introduced to Spinny.

Bhatronji Family delivery

The quality and condition of a used car was a concern for Harshita and her family. However, these were put to rest once they started test driving the cars Spinny had to offer. “Our relatives told us about Spinny yesterday and we are here today to test drive the car,” shared Harshita’s father. Once they test drove the dashing grey Spinny Assured Maruti Suzuki Dzire, they knew this was the car that would become their road companion.

“I always wanted my father to have a relaxed drive”

“We will take the car for a long drive,” elaborated Harshita’s father when we asked him what their plan was after buying the car. For Harshita, this was a dream come true. “This mattered to me because I really wanted my father to always have a relaxed drive. Now when we plan for our next vacation, he won’t have to go through the tedious process of fixing the car,” she says

A Trip of Appreciation

Bhatronji Family trip

After a long time, Harshita could enjoy her family road trip to their village in Uttarakhand. Seeing her father happy and relaxed is the only thing that mattered to her and being able to help fulfill his dream was the best way she could show her appreciation for what her father means to her. “Gratitude goes out to my father, who has always been supportive and never complained,” she says.

Her appreciation extended to Spinny as well as she thanked Squad Spinny for providing a seamless buying experience to help her fulfill her long-lasting desire to get her father a car. “I would like to thank Spinny for making Father’s Day so special for me and my dad,” says Harshita, “This experience has been empowering for me because my father is happy to finally get the car that he has been waiting for a long time.”

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