What is Teflon Coating? - Pros and Cons of Teflon Coating

What is Teflon Coating? – Pros and Cons of Teflon Coating

Ever wondered why some cars on the road always have their paint looking like new all year round? Waxing and cleaning helps, but a special type of protective coating that protects the paint is what helps the cars shine all year round. 

So, if you are looking to preserve your car’s glossy shine, Teflon coating is one of the ways to do it.

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What is Teflon Coating?

Teflon coating is a synthetic sealant that binds to your car’s paint and forms a layer over it to provide protection from minor scratches. This helps keep the shine on your car lasting for longer, maintaining that new car aesthetic. This coating consists of synthetic fluoropolymer material that forms a clear coat over your car’s paint and provides protection. Teflon coating also helps prevent paint corrosion from moisture as well as paint dullness from sun exposure.

Teflon Coating Process

Teflon coating is slightly more complicated than waxing and involves more than just washing the car. A step by step process ensures multiple layers form a protective coating on the paint and lock in the shine.

Wash the car

The Teflon coating process requires the car to be washed thoroughly with car shampoo and thoroughly rinsed so that no residue of the shampoo remains. Post the washing process, the car is dried thoroughly, as moisture will hinder the process of waxing, that comes next.

Polish the car

After drying, the car is waxed and buffed until the required gloss is achieved. This can be done multiple times to achieve the desired shine.

Apply Teflon coating

Post the waxing and buffing, the Teflon coating is applied to the body. The coating is in a liquid form to help achieve thorough application. The coat can be applied in multiple layers to give maximum protection. After application, the Teflon coat is allowed to settle for some time following which another buffing session takes place without the wax.

Advantages of Teflon Coating

  • Prevents Scratches: While dusting our car with a cloth little do we know that we are causing micro scratches on the paint surface. With the inclusion of a Teflon layer on the car that dust is easier to remove.
  • Induces Hydrophobicity: Water stains can be detrimental to the paint surface of a car and harder the water, stronger the stain. A Teflon coat doesn’t let water stay on the surface of the car and it simply rolls away, preventing stains and retaining the shine.
  • Removes Scratches: Scratches on the paint surface can be removed by the application of a Teflon coat, while the scratches that have penetrated the paint layer cannot be removed.
  • Makes the shine last longer: A Teflon layer on the paint surface of your car protects the paint from the effects of the natural elements, which in turn makes your car look pristine for longer.

Disadvantages of Teflon Coating

  • Gets removed if washed improperly: Washing your car vigorously with soap or another detergent other than car wash can remove the Teflon coat from your car. That is why it is recommended that you don’t wash your car unless absolutely necessary to preserve the longevity of the Teflon coat.
  • Less life: Compared to a ceramic coat that can last for up to five years or a Paint Protection Film (PPF) that lasts for 10 years, a Teflon coat can last for 6 months to a year, depending on the condition and situations it is used in.
  • Expensive: Although it is cheaper than ceramic and PPF coating if used for a short duration, in the long run, it is a costlier solution.

Maintaining your Car’s Teflon Coating

Follow these tips to make the Teflon coat on your car last longer:

  • Wash only with a quality car wash, when necessary
  • Avoid using abrasives as these can tear the coating
  • Dust using a microfibre cloth
  • Use a quality car polish
  • Wipe with a microfibre cloth after the vehicle has been in rain

Which coating is best for the car?

Depending on the budget, you can choose either a Teflon or a Ceramic coating for your car. If there is no budget restraint, you can opt for a ceramic coating that would last for three years but costs three times more than a Teflon coating. A Teflon coating would last from six to nine months, and is priced more reasonably than ceramic coating. 

But what’s best for your car? The ceramic coating will give overall longevity and protection to the car paint and surface of the car from minor scrapes, dust whirls, erosion, and extreme weather conditions. So, while a Teflon coating on the car might be cheaper, it will last for a shorter period and require reapplication more than once a year, in turn, being more costly.  

Is Teflon Coating waterproof? 

Teflon coating is waterproof as it is non-sticky and heat-resistant. It forms a protective coating over the original paint of the car against water, extreme heat, and weather conditions like acid rain. The Teflon coating can resist up to 260 degrees of heat, offering corrosion and oxide resistance, and since a Teflon coating is waterproof, cleaning is easy. 

How long does Teflon Coating last? 

A well-applied Teflon coating can last up to 8 months before its effect starts to wear off. In comparison, a ceramic coating can last up to a minimum period of 3 years, i.e. 36 months.


What is the use of Teflon coating?

A Teflon coating on the paint surface on the surface of a car helps in the protection of the paint layer from scratches and effects of natural elements.

What colour is Teflon coating?

The Teflon coat has no colour, it is a clear, transparent liquid.

What is the cost for Teflon coating in India?

Teflon coating in India varies from region to region and can cost you anything from Rs. 2,000 to Rs.8,000. This also depends on the size of the vehicle and the brand of Teflon coating you opt for.

Is Teflon coating waterproof or not?

As mentioned, the Teflon coat is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water. An application of Teflon coat will make sure that water doesn’t stick to the paint surface of the car making it waterproof.

How long does Teflon coating last?

A Teflon coat can last for 6 months to a year, depending on the condition and situations it is used in.

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