Spinny Connects Buyers and Sellers

Introducing SPINNY
Transparent • Honest • Customer-centric


Spinny is the revolutionary new way to buy and sell pre-owned cars online, powered by a strong team of 50+ members who believe in bringing transparency and honesty to the pre-owned car market. Spinny replaces the cumbersome process of buying and selling cars by eliminating unnecessary charges, reducing the paperwork, and removing the hassles.

Sellers simply put in a request to sell their car on the site and the Spinny process begins. A Spinny inspection team inspects the car and based on the inspection sets a price, if the car passes the 200-point inspection test. Once the inspection is successfully complete, the car is awarded the Spinny certificate and the responsibility for selling the car is taken over by Spinny.

Spinny's Revolutionary FeaturesBuyers can rest easy as all cars offered by Spinny are Spinny Certified, which means they have undergone and passed a rigorous inspection by Spinny’s qualified inspectors. This ensures that the car is not critically damaged in any way. Buyers also get the added benefit of Warranty on the cars purchased through Spinny.

Spinny also takes care of all the paperwork, from registration and title transfers as well as assisting buyers in financing their new purchase. With Spinny, the used car market becomes smooth and convenient for both buyers and sellers. Experience this new paradigm yourself by visiting Spinny and witnessing how the Spinny way revolutionizes the used car market.