Setting off on a Journey


Here we are, all ready and excited to peel the covers off our blog and take it out for its first drive, the first of many miles approaching us in the journey ahead. We are going to encounter plenty of speed bumps, roadblocks, potholes on this journey but we’ll power through them all. Why are we heading out on this expedition?

People love machines. It is internally wired into our brains. The complexity of the construction that translates to the simplicity of function is strangely attractive to even the most non-technical person. Combine that with some very sharp and fluid appearances and that tiny and very influential voice in our brain that whispers “I want that” starts controlling our thoughts. Different people fall in love with different machines but one machine seems to captivate every person at some point of their life or throughout their life (depends on how passionate you get). That wonderful machine is the automobile.

Every boy growing up has had a poster of that one car they dream of owning when they get older. We’ve been seduced by those svelte lines, accentuating every curve of the car. We’ve been hypnotized by the symphony of pistons and combustion, humming it to ourselves whenever we get the chance. We’ve memorized every detail of the car and know as much about the car as we do about ourselves.

Then we grow older and a whole new world opens up to us. We learn that it’s not only those desirable supercars that are intricate and complex but the cars that we see on the road every day that are just as complex as those million-dollar cars. We fall in love with new cars. Maybe a small hatchback catches your eye or you are attracted to the rugged nature of soft-top jeeps. Whatever the car, we start looking forward to learning how to drive and then to the prospect of owning our very own car. Some buy a brand new vehicle and some choose to go the used car route. Either way, the excitement and pride of owning your own car is superseded by very few events (first love, getting married, birth of your kid, owning your own house; take your pick).

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That emotion for cars will take center-stage on our blog. It will serve as the platform where we’ll share our love and passion for cars and maybe present some relevant news and features, all from the car world. We are going to celebrate the Indian car culture, our innate ability to make the best of what we have (jugaad anyone?) and also feature some personal stories that you want to share with us. We’ll appreciate the past, discuss the present and speculate about the future of the automobile. All on this dedicated blog. So sit back, spin that (scroll) wheel and enjoy all that we have to offer.