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When buying a used car, getting the car inspected is an important step to ensure that you are  buying a quality car. Usually, in such cases, buyers bring along a mechanic to evaluate the used car they are interested in purchasing.

At Spinny, the inspection of the cars is an integral part of our selling process that guarantees that only the best cars are listed on our portal. Spinny boasts of an in-house team of automobile experts with an average experience of 8 years in the automobile industry. These automobile experts have previously worked with OEMs such as AUDI, BMW, VOLKSWAGEN, SKODA, etc.

When a seller requests to sell his/her car on Spinny, our experts visit the seller and do a 200pt thorough inspection of the car to see how well the car has been kept by the owner and to deduct the true condition of the car. The experts then generate a detailed report of the Inspection. The details of this report are then put up on the website alongside the car listing for prospective buyers to see.

Wondering exactly what all parts are inspected by our experts? Here’s an overview of our Inspection Process.

Bodywork & Lights

First impressions of any car are always made from its exterior appearance. So, naturally, our Spinny inspectors also begin their evaluation from the bodywork of the car. The bodywork inspection begins with a visual assessment of the car’s paint and panels and whether there are scratches, dents and paint chips present. The true evaluation of the car begins with a dressing down of the lining of door panels and assessing the seals of the doors to check that all is in order. While the lining is down, it gives our inspectors a view of the base chassis of the car where they check for rust damage and suspicious repairs that indicate that the car has been in an accident. While minor scratches don’t affect the performance of the car, accident repairs can have a profound effect on the car’s performance at a later date and so, cars with such repairs do not pass the inspection.

spinny inspection

The headlights and taillights of a car are some of the important components of a car. Our inspectors check through the functioning of every light. The headlights are tested on low and high beams and the indicators are tested to ascertain that they are functioning as designed. The taillights are tested by applying the brakes to test the brake lights, the indicators by using the hazard function and the reverse lights by putting the car in reverse. The lights’ casings are also evaluated to check for chips in the lights or if they are broken and need replacing.


Spinny Inspection



The engine is the heart of the car. So it is imperative that a thorough inspection of this vital component is carried out. A check of the individual components in the engine compartment is made by checking the condition of the battery, the exhaust manifold, and the radiator among other components. The terminals connected to the battery are assessed for wear and damage. The radiator is checked for damage by looking for any leakages while the exhaust manifold is also evaluated for damage by checking for any leaks in the pipes. The condition and the levels of the fluids, i.e. engine oil, power steering oil, brake oil, and coolant are also checked to determine whether the car has been properly maintained with a timely change of these fluids.

Spinny Inspection

Undercarriage and Wheels

The cars undercarriage and wheels are important parts of the car as they transfer the power from the engine to the wheels and get you moving. For the undercarriage, our inspectors carry out a visual inspection to look for any accidental or rust damage that may be present on the axles, driveshaft, and the transmission box. A mechanical check of these very components by running the car and going through the gears to find any abnormal behaviour or sounds.

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Spinny Inspection

The tyres are checked on the basis of even wear being present on all four wheels as well as all being of the same brand. The wheel rim itself is also checked for cracks and dents. The brakes also go through an inspection of their own with the brake pads and shoes being checked for wear. The brake hose is checked for dry rot and cracks while the brake lining is checked to assess the condition of the brake rotors and pads.

Interior and Electronics

If the car is going to be sold, it’s interiors have to be just as good as the exterior. At the same time, all the electronics should also be functioning as designed to ensure optimum passenger comfort. The inspection of the interior begins with the seats. The condition of the upholstery is inspected for tears and comfort while at the front, the reclining and adjustment features of the front seats are evaluated. The windows also undergo scrutiny from our inspectors as they check for cracks and chips in the windshield and the windows.

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Moving on to the electronics, the power windows, and central locking system, if present, are tested for proper functioning. The windows are tested on the basis of their responsiveness to inputs and the speed at which they go up and down. The locking system is tested from both inside and outside of the car to check whether both function as designed. Up next is the dashboard, where the instrument panel is tested for its responsiveness to inputs as well as whether their lights are functioning. The responsiveness of the steering is used to judge the functioning of the power steering as the steering should not be too loose or too tight if it has been maintained properly.

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Spinny Inspection

These are some of the  total 200 points that are Inspected by our experts in detail before listing it on our portal. Further the report generated from the Inspection is fed into our Spinny Star Pricing Engine to arrive at the Best Dealing Price for that particular car.

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So if you’re buying from Spinny, you can be sure that the car you’re interested in has been properly inspected and certified and comes at the best possible price in town.

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