Build Your Business as an Affiliate Partner with Spinny

By - Team Spinny
February 7, 2024

Grow your business by helping Spinny reach more genuine car buyers and sellers from your networks and earn per car bought or sold!

Apply now to register for the program and Spinny will get back to you within 24 hours with the relevant details

What is the Spinny Affiliate Program?

The Spinny Affiliate program presents an exclusive opportunity for individuals, small/medium businesses that have or want to get experience in finding and sourcing car buyers & sellers for Spinny.

As a Spinny Affiliate, you can onboard and help car sellers find a buyer with Spinny and earn up to Rs, 10,000 per car bought or sold.

Simple steps to register yourself as a Spinny Affiliate 

  1. Fill out this attached Form to register yourself as a Spinny Affiliate
  2. Receive an email with the documents required 
  3. Share relevant documents with Spinny to get registered
  4. Get access to your unique link
  5. Advertise Spinny’s USPs and propositions to your networks with the link!

Benefits of becoming a Spinny Affiliate

Become an Official Spinny Affiliate Partner

Opportunity to be a certified Spinny Affiliate Partner.

Attractive payouts

You earn up to Rs. 9,000 per car sold! 

Access to 1000s of Car Buyers!

Your car sellers will have access to sell their car on one of India’s largest Car Selling & Car Buying Platform. Your car sellers have the highest chance of selling their car when they Sell with Spinny!

More Buyers = Better prices = More cars you sell!

Your sellers have a hassle free selling experience

The car sellers you bring to Spinny will get an Instant Online Quote, Free Doorstep Evaluation & Same day payment on selling their car to Spinny!

Help your customers SellRight with Spinny!

Benefits of becoming a Spinny Buyer Affiliate

Become an Official Spinny Affiliate Partner

Opportunity to be a certified Spinny Affiliate Partner.

Attractive payouts

You earn as much as Rs. 10,000 per car bought! 

Access to 7,000+ of High Quality Cars for your customers!

Your car buyers will have access to over 7,000+ high quality vehicles on one of India’s largest Car Selling & Car Buying Platform. 

More High Quality Cars = Larger Variety for your customer = Higher chance of sales!

Access exclusive benefits for your customers!

Your customers can purchase Spinny Certified cars and avail of exclusive benefits such as 

  • Free Test Drives
  • 5 day money back guarantee
  • Upto 1 year warranty
  • Pocket friendly EMIs
  • Lowest loan processing fees!. 

Help your customers Purchase with Spinny!

FAQs about Spinny Affiliate Partner

  1. Q. What are the key expectations from a Spinny Affiliate Partner?

    We expect our Affiliate Partners to advertise Spinny within their unique audiences & circles and help genuine customers connect with the Spinny brand.

  2. Q. How do you make money online with the Spinny Affiliate Program?

    It’s simple! By advertising Spinny relevant circles you help genuine customers connect with Spinny. Once these customers use your unique link to successfully complete a transaction you get paid, excluding reversals or pre-existing car sellers with Spinny. Payouts are wire transferred directly to your account at the end of each month.

  3. Q. How do I register as a Spinny Affiliate Partner?

    It's easy:
    1. Fill the form(s) shared here.
    2. You will receive an email shortly from the Spinny team with the required documents.
    3. Proceed as per email’s directions.
    4. The Spinny team will review your submission and be in touch with you shortly

  4. Q. How do I share a Car Buyer or Car Seller’s details with Spinny?

    Any car seller of car buyer that approaches Spinny using your unique link is attributed to you and payable on completion of a successful transaction.

  5. Q. How will I resolve my issues (if any)?

    The Spinny team will share an issue resolution email address on which to escalate issues related to sellers or any other operational challenges being faced.

  6. Q. What do I have to do after a car seller / buyer submits their interest to Spinny?

    After a car seller submits their details to Spinny, we handle the rest of the coordination with the car seller. There is no additional effort required from our affiliate partners beyond this.

    You can track the progress of the seller’s journey with Spinny on the unique dashboard/report provided to you with the onboarding confirmation email.

    Please note: In any case of conflicting claims between multiple Spinny Partners, the claim will be attributed to the first partner referring the customer to Spinny, if shared within the past 60 days. Only car sellers and car buyers shared through your unique link will be considered for eligibility. Car Buyers/Sellers not shared through your unique link will not be eligible for payouts on procurement.

  7. Q. Will I get any training for the Spinny Affiliate Partner program?

    You will get official training material and support once you enroll into the program

  8. Q. What types of cars can my customers sell to Spinny?

    Spinny procures cars with no of owners less than equal to 3 under the following categories:
    1. Diesel:
    a. In Delhi NCR: We procure cars registered on or after 2015.
    b. Outside Delhi NCR: We procure cars registered on or after 2011.
    2. Other fuel types (Non EV): We procure cars registered on or after 2011.
    3. For all cities, we procure cars with no of owners less than equal to 3.

  9. Q. What types of cars can customers buy on Spinny?

    Spinny sells only the highest quality cars on our platform. We have a wide section of cars with almost all major brands present including Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Volkswagen, Skoda and many many more. 

    Spinny also sells luxury vehicles such as BMW, Audi & Mercedes. You can browse our platform to know more about this offering. 

    Our cars come in 3 categories: Assured, Budget & Max. Each is well suited to cover almost all needs of a car buyer. On, there is a car for almost all your customers!

  10. Q. Which cities does Spinny operate in?

    Spinny operates in all major metros and tier 1 cities and some tier 2 cities. A detailed list will be shared once you have submitted the onboarding form.

    Please note the city list is subject to change and will be updated on email incase required.

  11. Q. Will I get any training for the Spinny Affiliate Partner program?

    You will get official training material and support once you enroll into the program.

  12. Q. Where can I find car sellers and car buyers for Spinny and make money online?

    We currently have multiple affiliate partners who find customers for Spinny using multiple approaches through their unique links. Some of them are:

    With some investment required:
    1. SMS and other messaging/email campaigns for Spinny
    2. Redirection campaigns for Spinny on their websites & existing digital inventory
    3. Web/App Notifications & Redirection

    Without any investment required:
    1. Some affiliate partners choose to run an offline set up where you find car buyers and car sellers for Spinny and share their details with us through your unique link
    2. Some affiliate partners choose to share their unique links within community forums and online social media groups from which they find buyers and sellers for Spinny

    You are advised to go through the agreement in detail for further clarity on this. The agreement is shared on email once you have completed filling this onboarding form.

  13. Q. What practices should I strictly avoid while working with Spinny?

    All affiliate partners are expected to avoid the below practices:
    • Google search PPC Bidding on Spinny’s branded keywords or ‘Spinny’ term.
    • Google/Bing/Yahoo search engine advertising.
    • Meta (Facebook & Instagram) ads.
    • Advertising on native networks such as Outbrain and Taboola.
    • Impersonation of Spinny employees or Spinny as a company in any form.
    • Reaching DND Enabled customers by SMS.
    • Targeting customers who have opted for NDNC delivery.
    • Using ‘Spinny’ in SMS/Email headers and copies so as to lead the car buyer or seller to believe it is Spinny sending the communication.
    • Avoid Cookie stuffing and other such practices.
    • Procuring customers through call centres by impersonating Spinny Employees
    • Using Spinny branding & collateral without prior consent or approval.

    If found, this is grounds for termination of our partnership with you.

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