Should you buy a used Tata Harrier?

Here's everything you need to know before putting your money down on a used Tata Harrier:
Tata Harrier
By - Team Spinny
November 23, 2023

The Tata Harrier is an SUV that is hard to look past. When Tata launched it back in 2019, it was a revelation as the SUV previewed the new face of modern Tata models. Underpinned by a Land Rover platform with a Fiat-sourced 2.0-litre diesel engine, the Harrier was destined to win before it even entered production. This combined with the striking design, spacious cabin, solid build quality and road presence sealed it for Tata and the Harrier became an instant hit. Tata’s start as a passenger carmaker took many years to perfect and the Harrier is the ideal example to showcase Tata’s journey throughout these years since the first car, the Indica. Being one of the most popular SUVs in India, the Harrier is a common face in the used car space. With new car prices soaring high every year, a used Tata Harrier looks tempting. But should you buy a used Harrier instead of a new one and what if something goes wrong? We answer these questions and more. 

Why you should consider the Tata Harrier

The SUV segment in India is one of the busiest with key players from established brands. Despite tough competition, the Tata Harrier still manages to be a crowd favourite. It is the de-facto choice for most buyers looking for an SUV around Rs 20 lakh budget. But, what makes the Harrier stand out from its rivals? Here are 3 reasons why: 

          Engine & Transmission


2.0-litre diesel engine


6-speed AT/MT
















Boot Space

425 litres (2019) 455 litres (2022)



Variant Available 


6 airbags as standard

ABS with EBD


Rear Parking Sensors


All-Wheel Disc Brakes


Reverse Parking Camera


Electronic Stability Programme


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System




Hill Hold Assist


Hill Descent Control


Feature Highlights


Variant Available 



10-speaker JBL sound system


Advanced ESP


Powered Tailgate


The Diesel Heart

The Fiat-sourced 2.0-litre diesel engine that Tata calls the Kryotec is a gem of a diesel engine, if not the best. This unit delivers 170PS and 350Nm with the BS6 version while the old version outputs 140PS and 350Nm of twist. Although the numbers are strong and equivalent to the rivals, it is how this engine delivers these figures that make it special. Torque comes in at as low as 1750 rpm making the Harrier an effortlessly capable SUV within urban confines. Point the nose at an open stretch of road, and the Harrier can reach triple-digit speeds without ever feeling out of breath. The 6-speed manual and the 6-speed automatic gearboxes also work well to amplify the engine’s performance. The automatic is the pick of the lot here as it suits the Harrier’s character more as an effortless highway cruiser.

Handsome Hunk

We have established that Harrier has size and road presence on its side with its dimension figures, some of which are class-leading. However, the size is masked well with a design language that truly stands out. There have been various styling revisions and a recent major facelift for the Harrier. But the general design language has stayed true and it is the same design that we’ve loved since 2019. The split-headlamp design, sleek grille, the flowing roof line and the towering presence makes the Harrier one the smartest looking SUVs in its segment. If you want to turn necks with your next used car purchase, the Harrier won’t disappoint.

Tata Harrier
Tata Harrier

Magic Carpet Ride

Indian roads are unpredictable and hard on most cars. However, the Harrier doesn’t fall into this category. Tata has struck a beautiful balance between ride and handling with the Harrier. The SUV glides over potholes, speed breakers and broken roads with gusto. The ride stays flat and the suspension does a great job of insulating undulations from the passengers. We’re also happy to report that this doesn’t come at the cost of handling. The Harrier is stable at triple digit speeds, cornering and braking well for an SUV of its size and stature. Interstate road trips in a Harrier bring out the best side of this Tata SUV.

Tata Harrier interiors
Tata Harrier interiors

How old should your pre-owned Tata Harrier be?

The 2019 model year is the oldest Harrier that you can find in the used car market. It comes with the 140PS engine and misses out on some features in contrast to the later updated models. Tata is also a carmaker that frequently updates its model line. So, if your budget is flexible, we highly suggest post-2020 models, especially the special editions if you prefer to stand out from the sea of Harrier owners.

What to look out for when you buy a used Tata Harrier

Being a relatively new SUV, it is hard to find out major issues as of now. But with our extensive research, we did come across some issues along with the usual Tata niggles:

Electrical Issues

There are multiple documented reports of some electrical issues on the Harrier. This issue is mostly reserved to the touch screen unit. It has not been the most responsive of the lot (earlier models) and there are reports of lags, crashes and unresponsiveness. Most of these issues are around the infotainment unit. So to be on the safe side, do make sure the infotainment system is working as intended without any of the above-mentioned issues. Since it’s a fully digital system with built in vehicle controls, a replacement will definitely be on the expensive side. 

Lacking After-sales Support

Online forums are filled with many customer service issues related to the after-sales support. Tata has always struggled with after-sales and the issue still persists. Harrier owners have reported lethargic response and poor customer satisfaction from Tata dealerships across the country. Keep this in mind before taking the plunge and if possible, do checkout the nearby Tata service centre just to get an idea of how it is. 

Other Niggles

Quality has not been a strong point of Tata models, especially the older ones. The brand lacks the finesse and quality control of some rivals and that reflects with some cars. The early Harrier models had many minor niggles such as rattles, shuddering issues, clutch issues, steering pull, steering vibration, all of which were fixed over time. The Harrier is a great product but make sure you thoroughly check the SUV and its service history for a hassle-free experience.

Tata Harrier
Tata Harrier

Please note that the Harrier is only offered with a diesel engine. So if you live in a metro city and want an SUV that can serve you for a long while, it might be better to consider a petrol alternative, with emission laws and regulations tightening with each passing day. For example, at the moment, the earliest Harrier is a 2019 model year, which is 4 years old – not an issue at the moment. But 6 more years down the line, you might be required to replace it with something cleaner.

How much should a pre-owned Tata Harrier cost?



Delhi -NCR

From Rs 11.38 lakh


From Rs 15.60 lakh


From Rs 19.22 lakh

A shiny new Tata Harrier will set you back anywhere between Rs 19.34 lakh to Rs 32.68 lakh (ex-showroom). That is indeed a lot of money for an SUV today. If that kind of budget is out of reach, but you still want a Tata Harrier, the used car market is your best friend. We have found examples priced as low as Rs 11 lakh to Rs 19.22 lakh for a new 2022 model year. We do recommend the 2022 model year for complete peace of mind. The more affordable examples are also great if you can thoroughly check the cars and make sure you’re not buying a lemon (a term used to describe a vehicle with many manufacturing defects or quality issues). 

Is a used Tata Harrier worth buying in 2023?

On paper, the Tata Harrier is a brilliant SUV, arguably one of the best in its class. There’s little to fault about it – the powertrain is special, it rides and handles well, there’s more than enough space on board, it looks the part, and a used one is affordable. In comparison to its rivals, the Harrier manages to impress SUV buyers, as can be inferred from its robust sales figures. However, usual Tata issues still persist and there’s a chance your used car experience might not be the most pleasant one. To mitigate potential concerns, we strongly recommend thorough checks and a long test-drive when considering a used Harrier. We also suggest opting for later models, preferably those with remaining warranty or an extended warranty for that added peace of mind. 


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