Should You Buy a Used Skoda Slavia in 2023?

By - Jay Chauhan
December 14, 2023

In a market dominated by SUVs, Skoda’s attempt to revive the sedans gave birth to one of the most stunning sedans in the modern Indian car market, the Skoda Slavia. Born out of Volkswagen’s INDIA 2.0 strategy, the Slavia has generated a lot of buzz in the mid-size sedan segment, which has been losing its popularity to SUVs for almost a decade. The Slavia replaces the outgoing Skoda Rapid and is based on the India-specific MQB-A0-IN platform.

Launched in 2022, the Skoda Slavia was priced between Rs. 11.39 – Rs. 18.68 Lakh. Available in three variants, two turbo petrol engine options, and three transmissions, this stunning sedan has something for everyone. If you are looking for a head-turning, feature-rich mid-size sedan that’s fun to drive, Skoda Slavia is an amazing proposition. But is it the right car for you? Should you buy a used Skoda Slavia in 2023? Let’s find out.

Why You Should Consider the Skoda Slavia?

When contemplating the purchase of a new car, there are several factors that come into play. Let’s explore why you should consider the Skoda Slavia as your next ride.

Skoda Slavia Engine & Transmission


1.0-litre TSI Petrol

1.5-litre TSI Petrol


6-speed Manual

6-speed Torque Converter Automatic

6-speed Manual

7-speed DSG Automatic


115 PS

150 PS


178 Nm

250 Nm


20.32 km/l

18.73 km/l

19 km/l

19.36 km/l

Skoda Slavia Dimensions


4541 mm


1752 mm


1507 mm


2651 mm

Boot Space

521 litres

Skoda Slavia Safety


Variant Available on

GNCAP Rating

5 Star


Up to 6 airbags

ABS with EBD


Motor Slip Regulation


Multi-collision Brake




Rear Parking Sensors


Rear Multi-View Camera with Guidelines

Ambition, Style Variants

Hill Hold Control

Ambition, Style Variants

High Speed Alert


Traction Control System


Power Steering (EPS)




Engine Immobilizer




Skoda Slavia Feature Highlights


Variant Available on

Integrated LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)


Integrated LED Position Lights


Advanced LED Front Fog Lamps

Ambition, Style Variants

7-inch Touchscreen Infotainment System With Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Active Variant

8-inch Touchscreen Infotainment System With Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Ambition, Style Variants

Music system


Multi-function Steering Wheel


Driver Seat Height Adjuster


Cruise Control

Ambition, Style Variants

Automatic Climate Control

Ambition, Style Variants

Electric Sunroof

Style Variant

Elegant Design Marvel

One look at the Skoda Slavia, and you’ll understand why it stands out in the crowd. This midsize sedan exudes European elegance, capturing the essence of Skoda’s iconic design philosophy. At the front, the Slavia proudly showcases its signature chrome-rimmed butterfly grille, a design feature that instantly sets it apart from the competition. 

The trademark butterfly grille, paired with projector headlamps and fog lights, establishes a commanding presence on the road. Taking cues from the revered Octavia and Superb, the Slavia boasts a strong, confident stance, emphasized by its sporty 16-inch dual-tone alloy wheels.

And that’s not all – the rear, inspired by the Skoda Octavia, showcases angular tail lights and a layered boot design, marrying simplicity with a touch of flair. In essence, the Skoda Slavia is a masterpiece, fusing premium style with refined aesthetics, making it the epitome of sophistication in the midsize sedan segment.

Luxury Features and Spacious Interiors

On the inside, the Skoda Slavia welcomes you with a spacious interior designed for your relaxation. Its 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system effortlessly connects to your world with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLink. Opting for the top variant, you can experience the luxury of an electric sunroof, perfect for sunny days. Moreover, you’ll also find ventilated seats to ensure you aren’t drenched in sweat by the end of your drive, a true blessing in India’s heat. Lastly, the MySkoda ConnectED app keeps you connected to your Slavia with real-time vehicle health updates and parking location information.

The Slavia has one of the largest footprints in its class, and this is evident as soon as you step inside. The headroom and legroom are excellent, ensuring a comfortable journey for you and your passengers. The Slavia has a bigger stature than the Hyundai Verna, and the extra headroom can be a big deal for some.

Best In Segment Safety Ratings

Safety reigns supreme with the Skoda Slavia, earning a stellar 5-star rating in the rigorous Global NCAP test. This sedan doesn’t just promise security; it delivers it. Packed with advanced safety features, it’s your ultimate shield on the road.

In the top variant, you’ll find a comprehensive safety suite: 6 Airbags, Seat Belt warnings, Cruise Control, Child lock, and Anchor points for Child Seats to ensure you and your little ones are snug and secure. The other safety features you’ll find in the Skoda Slavia offered as standard include dual-front airbags, ESC for added stability, over-speed warning, a Multi-Collision Brake System for unexpected situations, Rain and Light sensors, ISOFIX mounts, and TPMS, ensuring you’re always road-ready. And let’s not forget the convenience of a Rear-View Camera with static guidelines, ensuring you park flawlessly every time.

Best-in-Segment Ground Clearance

If you are someone who’s looking for the practicality of an SUV but doesn’t want to give up the elegance of a sedan, then the Slavia is just perfect for you. The Skoda Slavia offers the best of both worlds with its SUV-like ground clearance of 179mm. Say goodbye to worrying about potholes or rough roads; this sedan easily handles them.

Power and Handling


The Skoda Slavia doesn’t just shine in the power department but also in its ability to handle the Indian roads with finesse. The torque-packed engine ensures swift acceleration, making your everyday drives more enjoyable. When launched, the 1.5 TSI variant donned the tag of the most powerful beast of its segment. Moreover, if you aren’t feeling that adventurous and want this sedan only for regular use, there’s a slightly less powerful 1.0 TSI engine option available.

Fuel efficiency is a significant concern for many car buyers. The Czech car maker addresses this with its innovative cylinder deactivation technology, switching seamlessly between high-efficiency and high-performance modes. You get the best of both worlds in terms of power and mileage.

Massive Boot

For those who cherish space, the Skoda Slavia is a dream come true. With the Slavia, you get a whopping 521 litres of boot space, unparalleled in its segment. But here’s the kicker – if you need more room for that weekend getaway or an impromptu shopping spree, just fold down the rear seats, and voilà! Your cargo capacity expands to a colossal 1050 litres, giving you the freedom to carry whatever your heart desires.

Now that we’ve highlighted the compelling reasons to consider the Skoda Slavia, let’s delve into some essential factors you should keep in mind when buying a pre-owned one.

How Old Should a Pre-Owned Skoda Slavia Be?

The Skoda Slavia was launched in India in 2022, so if you’re considering buying a used one, you’re in luck. There’s not much to worry about, as the car is still relatively new.

However, we recommend looking for models that came out in the latter part of 2022. If you find a Slavia from the early batches, be cautious. Many car buyers have reported niggles and problems with these early models, so it’s important to thoroughly inspect the vehicle before buying it.

What To Look Out for When Buying a Used Skoda Slavia?

Now that you know which model years to consider, let’s discuss what to look out for when purchasing a used Skoda Slavia. Here are some essential components to scrutinize:

Poor Features on Lower Trims

While higher trims of the Skoda Slavia come loaded with features, the base models may lack some conveniences like rear AC vents, auto AC, alloy wheels, and cruise control. If these features are essential to you, opt for a higher trim level.

Turbo Lag

The Skoda Slavia’s 1.5-litre engine offers excellent performance but is not without its quirks. Turbo lag can be noticeable at low speeds and lower gears. This might impact fuel efficiency, so keep it in mind if you’re concerned about mileage.

Transmission Quirks

The Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG) that you’ll find paired with the 1.5L TSI on the Slavia is known for its swift gear changes and efficiency. However, some users have reported jerky rides, particularly on lower gears during city driving. The transition from third to second gear (D3-D2) can be noticeably uneven, especially at city speeds. This inherent characteristic of the DSG gearbox can result in a somewhat jolty driving experience at lower speeds, requiring an adjustment in driving style for a smooth drive. 

Active Cylinder Tech-related Problems

Active Cylinder Technology (ACT) is a feature that allows the engine to deactivate some of the cylinders under certain driving conditions to save fuel and reduce emissions. However, some Skoda and VW cars with ACT, such as Slavia and Virtus, have faced some problems with this technology. 

As much as it is a good thing, there may be some hindrances like uncomfortable vibrations when the car switches to two-cylinder mode. When the car reactivates the cylinders, a noticeable delay or jerk may startle some people. A build-up of carbon deposits on the deactivated cylinders might also need some looking into.

While VW asserts that future models won’t face these problems, it’s essential to consider these issues when evaluating Slavia.

Drastic Difference in Mileage Depending on Driving

If you accelerate aggressively, expect a significant drop, with some users reporting as low as 6-7 km/l in the 1.5-litre motor. Though, it’s worth noting that the 1.5-litre engine is better suited for highway driving rather than tackling city traffic.However, with careful driving and the active cylinder technology, you can achieve a more favorable 15-20 km/l. It’s important to note that the mileage is highly dynamic, fluctuating from 9 km/l in city traffic to an impressive 22 km/l on highways with the 1.0-litre engine.

In summary, your driving habits and traffic conditions play a pivotal role in Slavia’s mileage. A more cautious approach can significantly improve fuel efficiency, making it essential to adapt your driving style for optimal performance. As we mentioned, the 1.0-litre powerplant is better suited for the city, while the 1.5-litre fares best between two cities. Hence, choosing the right one for your desired needs can be a big factor in the resulting mileage.

Niggles and Problems

As with any new car from most of the manufacturers in India like Mahindra and Tata, the first generation of Slavia comes with a long list of niggles and problems, some of which even Skoda’s service centers have no answers for. Occasionally, drivers have experienced electronic malfunctions, such as non-responsive windows or sunroofs. While not widespread, these problems can be frustrating. 

When the Slavia started getting new owners, users reported errors like EPC Error(like the one in Kushaq), Auto Start-Stop Error, Low System Voltage, and problems with the Intake Air Temperature Circuit. Many of these have been solved, though, it would depend entirely on the previous owner whether any of these issues still persist or not. So this is something you should be checking out when inspecting a prospective used Slavia.

As you embark on your journey to find the perfect Skoda Slavia, being aware of potential quirks and challenges is your key to making an informed decision.

How Much Should a Pre-Owned Skoda Slavia Cost?

Initially launched between Rs. 10.69 lakh and Rs. 17.79 lakh, ex-showroom, the Skoda Slavia has found its place in various homes and hearts. Presently, in the second-hand market, its value fluctuates, with the most affordable options starting at 10.69 lakh and the premium variants reaching up to 20.10 lakh.

If you seek a balance between cost and features, the Ambition variant offers a sweet spot, often priced between 12-13 lakh. The base Active models, on the other hand, present an attractive entry point at around 11 lakh, with the lowest listing hitting 10.69 lakhs. For those desiring top-tier luxury and functionality, the Style variants, although pricier, promise a premium driving experience, ranging from 18-20 lakh based on their condition.

Is a Used Skoda Slavia Worth Buying In 2023?


In the bustling realm of SUVs, the Skoda Slavia emerges as a promising contender among the scarce options of mid-size sedans available in the market. With its elegant design, impressive ground clearance, and powerful engine lineup, it certainly catches the eye. However, the decision to purchase a used Skoda Slavia in 2023 demands careful consideration.

Considering a used Skoda Slavia in 2023 can be a rewarding experience if you prioritize elegance, safety, and innovative features. If you just skip over the early batches of 2022, you can benefit from improvements made after the initial launch. Thoroughly inspect the vehicle for potential issues, especially if considering early batches, and choose a trim level that aligns with your budget and feature requirements.

Basically, a used Skoda Slavia can be a stunning addition to your garage, provided you weigh its merits against your specific needs and preferences.


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