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Should you buy a pre-owned Audi Q2?

Owning a car from a luxury brand is a dream for many. With high price tags, even car makers understand that an entry to the brand has to be relatively affordable to build brand loyalty. This is where cars like the Audi Q2 come in. The Q2 compact SUV is the most accessible car in the Audi lineup and that accessibility increases when you consider the raft of used Audi Q2 models that are now available. With this in mind, we answer if you should buy a pre-owned Audi Q2 in 2022.

Why you should consider a used Audi Q2

The Audi Q2 is a compact SUV that has been placed as the entry point to the Audi brand. However, at a starting price of Rs. 35 lakh (ex-showroom), this compact SUV is still at a high premium compared to some other premium or luxury cars that offer more space or performance at the same price. With this in mind, a pre-owned Q2 offers a better value proposition and here are the reasons why you should consider one.

A Well Blended Compact SUV

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While compact SUVs are high on the practicality front, in terms of space on offer, design, and overall road presence, they seem to lag behind a bit. But thanks to Audi hitting the bull’s eye, this isn’t the case with the Audi Q2, as it brings in all the grandeur SUV offers, in a package that is as practical as a hatchback. In terms of design, the Q2 stands as a beautifully designed crossover with an edgy, youthful and subtle design. Nonetheless, the Q2 ticks all the right boxes through its well-blended design. In the pre-owned market, the Q2 undoubtedly exists as one of the most contemporary luxury crossovers.

Supremely Practical

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When it comes to practicality, Audi has struck the correct chord once again with the Audi Q2. With a length of 4318 mm, width of 1805 mm, height of 1548 mm, and 2593 mm of wheelbase, the Q2 is compact, dynamic and diverse. That’s not all, the Q2 comes with several comfort features such as ambient lighting, panoramic sunroof etc. that add up to the Q2’s charm. Capable enough to seat five people in comfort, a pre-owned Audi Q2 can be the perfect luxury crossover for your family.

Trusted Powertrain

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One aspect that makes the Audi Q2 a vehicle worth buying is its impressive powertrain. The Q2 is equipped with a 2.0-litre FSI turbo petrol engine that is also present on the VW Tiguan All Space, Skoda Octavia RS, and even the A6.  The dynamic engine coupled with a 7-speed DSG automatic transmission delivers superb performance that makes a used Audi Q2’s case even stronger. In terms of mileage, the vehicle does well, returning about 15 kmpl of mileage.

The Rings of Pride

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Another great thing about the Audi Q2 is the brand name associated with the car. No matter where you are, owning an Audi is a statement in itself. As the Q2 is still relatively new, it comes equipped with all the best features that Audi is known for. This includes the virtual cockpit, 8.5 inch touchscreen infotainment system, dual zone climate control, and panoramic sunroof. As a pre-owned car, the Q2 won’t make you feel that you compromised on luxury in any way.

Availability of OEM Warranty

The biggest turn off for anyone who chooses to buy a pre-owned vehicle, is the fear of missing out on warranty. The good news however, is that the Audi Q2 comes with a 5 years/unlimited kilometer warranty as stock. This makes buying a pre-owned Audi Q2 even better as you are secured by the company warranty as well as the additional warranty from Spinny.

How old should your pre-owned Audi Q2 be?

Unlike many used luxury cars on the market today, the Audi Q2 is still a relatively new model. This means that the used Q2 models you choose from will be as recent as 2020 model year cars. With stock warranty available on any pre-owned Q2, age is not much of a factor to consider with an Audi Q2 for a few years.

What to look out for when you buy an Audi Q2?

Despite the fact that the Audi Q2 is one of the latest Audi offerings in India, it does not mean that you should buy the car without any due diligence. Even though a pre-owned Q2 will have low mileage on the odometer, there still are important things for you to check before you bring home your Audi Q2. 

Damaged Underbody Components

Any pre-owned Audi Q2 you come across should be in near new condition. However, the high 200mm ground clearance and AWD on some variants might entice some owners to go off-roading beyond the capabilities of the luxury compact SUV. As a result, even luxury vehicles like the Audi Q2 aren’t secure from undue underbody damage. Thus when you go out to inspect the pre-owned Q2 you are eyeing, make sure to check the underbody for dents/damages that will indicate possible rough usage.

Electrical Issues

The Audi Q2 is a very well-equipped compact SUV, with even the base variant packed with comfort and convenience features. With that said, it is important to check the functioning of all of those tech-features to diagnose any electrical issues that may be present. If you spot any niggles, any repair will be taken care of within warranty.

Service Checks

Even on a recent used car like the Audi Q2 it is important to check the service history of the car. As the Q2 is a relatively new car, the car should have undergone its initial service and maintenance as required by the manufacturer. If service records are not available, approach the car with caution.

How much should a pre-owned Q2 cost?

With popular luxury vehicles like the Audi Q2, price takes the centrestage. Amongst some of the most affordable luxury vehicles in the retail as well as pre-owned market, one thing that makes the Audi Q2, quite a popular choice in the market is its elegant stance, balanced looks, practical approach, overall reliability, and a trusted powertrain. In terms of pricing, a pre-owned Audi Q2 can be brought home for an average price of as low as Rs. 29.50 lakh, a figure that is about 7 to 8 lakh cheaper than the retail price.

Is a used Audi Q2 worth buying in 2022?

When it comes to considering a pre-owned luxury car, there are often questions about the condition of the car as well as the value of the car. With regard to the Audi Q2, the car’s relatively recent launch works in its favour. A pre-owned Q2 reduces the entry point into the Audi brand even further, especially with its considerably lower price. For the lower price, you still retain the feature-rich package as well as the responsive and exciting powertrain. If you are considering a luxury compact SUV that is feature-rich and exciting, there are few options that are better than a used Audi Q2.

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