How to Sell Used Car Online on Olx, or other Classifieds like Quikr Cars

Selling your car online on classifieds like OLX or Quikr?? Here’s our step by step guide on How to Sell Used Car Online on Olx India or any other online classified platform, like Quikr Cars, securely.

Since you have landed on this page, it’s safe to assume that you are unsure on how to go about putting up an ad or about the steps involved in the process of selling your car on Olx.

Worry not, we have listed all the information in this article to help you not only put up an attractive ad for your car but also to complete the sale securely.


How Does Used Car Selling Work on Olx and Quikr?

Olx and Quikr like most other classifieds is a peer to peer online marketplace for used goods. Being a horizontal (multiple product categories) platform, one can practically buy or sell any used good ranging from very cheap items like used wigs to big-ticket items like used two-wheelers and even Cars on Olx.

How to Sell Used Car on Olx
To sell an item on Olx, one has to create an account and put up an ad by entering relevant information about that item along with some images that reveal the item’s condition.
Once this is done, the item then becomes available for all buyers to see. If a buyer likes the item he can contact the seller on the provided number. And if they both agree to a deal, they can meet up at a pre-decided location and go through with the transaction.
While the procedure is fairly simple for low-ticket items, it can get a lot more difficult when it comes to selling cars as a lot of paperwork is involved and a couple of wrong steps can lead to big losses as a result of fraud or wrongdoings.

So, how should one exactly go about Selling his car on Olx in India? Read till the end to understand the right way to sell your car on Olx. Let’s begin with how you should prepare your car for sale.


How To Prepare Your Car For Sale?

The aim is to make your car look at it’s appealing best to maximize the price you get for it. A little dry-cleaning & touching up can go a long way in squeezing thousands for the same car  giving you a better return on your investment.

How to Sell Used Car on Olx


By following the below-mentioned tips you can easily squeeze out the extra thousands from your car’s sale :-

  • Clean your car thoroughly –   

    It’s the last time you might be doing it so might as well make sure that the dashboard is spotless, the car mats look pristine, and the car looks sparkling clean from both the inside & outside.

  • The basic car tenets
    • You need to check & top up the various fluid levels of your car, namely – engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, refrigerant & power steering fluid.
    • Ensure that the tires have deep enough threads and haven’t gone bald.
    • Try all the electric systems of the car including the indicator lamps, wipers and key remote.
    • Make sure that the climate control system of the car does its job. The air conditioner is capable of cooling the cabin when the mercury soars & the summer heat is at its peak.
  • Get those Repairs done

    Minor repairs add a huge value to the selling price. It might cost money to make those little chips & scratches disappear but think of it as an investment which is going to more than recover itself once the car goes under the hammer.

  • Organize service history

    Take some effort & organize the service history of the vehicle. Those service receipts go a long way in assuring the buyer that the car has been well taken care of.


How to put up a Used Car Sale Ad on Olx

Not sure how to go about putting your car’s ad on Olx for sale? Just follow the steps provided below to make your car visible to thousands of buyers instantly. While putting an ad is an easy task, making it stand out from thousands of other car listing is the true key to successfully selling your car on olx. We cover this aspect in the next section. Read on.

How to Sell Used Car on Olx

Visit Olx India’s website using your computer or your smartphone



How to Sell Used Car on Olx

To submit a FREE ad for your car, click on the big orange button on the top right corner.


How to Sell Used Car on Olx

Mention the car’s Make, Model, Variant & the Registration Year right in the title for easy discoverability.


How to Sell Used Car on Olx

Olx automatically suggests the most relevant category based on the Ad’s title


How to Sell Used Car on Olx

The most important part of the ad is the description. Be as descriptive and honest as you can get. This will increase the number of genuinely interested buyers and hence the chances of sale.


How to Sell Used Car on Olx

Using a good camera, upload as many images as you can. Exteriors, interiors, dashboard, engine compartment, dicky & tyres photos should always be included.


How to Sell Used Car on Olx

Choose a secondary number you’d like to be contacted on. Don’t give away your home or work number. You never know who would be calling.


How to Sell Used Car on Olx

Submit and let the magic begin.


How To Describe Your Car for Sale?

There are more than a million listings on Olx. For your car to stand out amongst these, you must make sure it seems attractive to prospective buyers. To do so, follow these tips (or better yet, hacks) while putting up your car’s advertisement on Olx to make it stand out from the crowd.

How to Sell Used Car on Olx

How to describe your car’s details.


  • Mention car’s make, model, variant & registration year in the ad title itself.
    It helps Olx suggest you relevant categories for your car and gives vital information to buyers about your car.
  • Choose a suitable category. (in this case – Cars)
  • Mention the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN in the Car Description.
  • Mention the condition of the interior, exterior & other functional components honestly. Attach related images.
  • State any drawbacks, the buyer is anyways going to find them out when he comes to inspect & test drive the car.
  • If there are any custom modifications like a music system or speakers, mention them.
  • If you have recently renewed the insurance, installed new tires or made any such changes which are beneficial for the buyer, stating them here will help in boosting the sale price.
  • Mention a tentative price which you are hoping to fetch for your vehicle. Make sure to mention whether the prices are negotiable or not. A ‘Price Negotiable’ tag goes a long way in making the buyer more interested in your deal.


The Checklist for a Secure Transaction

  1. Registration Certificate or (RC) is the most crucial document regarding car ownership. Make sure that in the case of an accidental car, where the engine has been changed, the RC has the new engine number. Only the original RC is permissible in the RTO & the duplicate copy (knows as DRC) is not accepted. In case the vehicle is equipped with a CNG kit, ensure that it is mentioned on the RC too.
  2. Make sure that the Insurance is valid for at least 3 more weeks to ensure a smooth transfer of RC. Further, if your Insurance has a longer period remaining, the deal will be all the more juicy to buyers.
  3. If the vehicle was financed by the owner, ask for the Loan Repayment & Foreclosure Statement or Form 35. It is necessary whether the loan has been repaid or transferred to you.
  4. Pollution Certificate of the vehicle is another vital document that has to be handed over to the buyer.
  5. Road tax receipt is a one-time tax paid on the vehicle at the time of its purchase from the showroom.
  6. Car purchase invoice or the bill presented by the dealership when the car is bought.
  7. Service book gives the buyer a true account of the car’s maintenance record & service history.


The process and steps to sell your used car online on Quikr is also more or less the same as explained above for OLX.


What about the Hassles & Risks of Selling Used Car at OLX & Quikr

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, a lot of things can go wrong in the process of selling your car on Olx apart from the hassles & security risks involved in giving out your personal number to an online public platform. These risks apply for other classifieds platform, including Quikr, equally well.

How to Sell Used Car on Olx

The Hassles in Selling Your Car on Olx
  • Endless Calls & Queries : Once you put your number out there, an endless barrage of calls will disturb you at all times of the day. A series of tedious, repetitive conversations will follow which will soon tire you out.
  • Test Drives or Test My Patience Time : Sitting beside strangers as they test drive your car & ask the same questions, you can probably think of a thousand better ways to spend your free time.
  • Time Consuming : Time is money. This statement holds an even greater weightage in case you are a working professional. Taking calls, scheduling test drives & then sitting through them can eat through both your time & patience.
  • Bargaining : Even if you are good at this, nothing can save you from spending countless hours on the phone, reassuring buyers that this is the best price you can offer. And in case, you aren’t any good at this, with a bit of a hard luck you might end up losing out on thousands.  
  • Document Transfer : It will take numerous trips to the RTO & countless hours spent waiting in queues to successfully transfer the car documents to the buyer’s name.


And The Associated Risks That Come With It
  • Making Phone Number Public : Listing out your phone number on a public platform isn’t really the safest of options in today’s time.
  • Fraud : You will actually be surprised to see fraud on OLX is not all that uncommon. Meeting a stranger for the very first time, that too when the question of a substantial asset like a car is involved requires some precautions. We strongly suggest the company of a friend for this one.
  • Security : It’s not only your car you should be worried about. You might want to ensure that the meeting place is public, with ample witnesses to come to your aid in case something goes awry.


Security of both you & your car is always a question on OLX and Quikr and other similar classified platforms. Instances of people being conned on the classified ads portal aren’t unheard of. The token amount might be prompt & forthcoming, but you may find the buyer becoming unresponsive after driving away with your car & an unfulfilled promise of complete payment within a couple of days.

If the buyer doesn’t have full cash on him to pay you at the moment, agree on a substantial amount to be paid as token. This amount can be anywhere in between 10,000-20,000 for a 2-3 Lakh rupees car. Tell the buyer to pay the remaining amount within a set time period, a week or two at maximum. Do not hand over the car keys til you receive the agreed-upon payment in full and final.

Do not bank on cheques or any other delayed means of payment. In the case of dated cheques, wait for your bank to credit the complete amount in your bank account before handing the keys to the buyer.

These are some of the many risks that face a typical seller while indulging in unregulated and uncoordinated meetings & transactions with strangers on classified websites such as Olx or Quikr.

Are you thinking if is there a way to do away with such time-consuming hassles & eliminate the risk of fraud? Yes! This is why we started Spinny. 

Spinny – A Better Alternative

Spinny is the largest online marketplace dedicated for Used Cars in India. Doing away with all the time-consuming hassles & risks involved in the process of selling a used car, Spinny brings a unique proposition for sellers looking to sell their cars.

To sell car on Spinny, sellers can choose between two unique services : List-n-Sell, & Park-n-Sell.

Read about List-n-Sell and Park-n-Sell

List-n-Sell in our reimagined way of selling used cars. While it’s very similar to selling a used car on Olx, the hassles & risks mentioned above are done away with. To sell a used car on Spinny, you only need to submit a sell request on our website & enter a few basic details about your car. Soon as we receive your car details, a Spinny executive contacts you to schedule an Inspection for your car. The Inspection helps us assess the true condition of your car and, thereby, fetch the maximum price for it. If the car qualifies our Inspection, it is listed on our website for prospective buyers to see and book test drives. All the calls and queries regarding the car’s condition are handled by a dedicated Spinny Customer Fulfilment Executive overlooking your car.

How to Sell Used Car on Olx

On the other hand, our one-of-its-kind feature in the industry- ‘Park & Sell’ needs you to take a single trip to our parking facility, hand over your keys and go home stress-free. In this unique way to sell a used car, we Park your car at one of our Secure Spinny Hub locations.  Our technicians subject your car to a thorough 200 point inspection, following which we give you an estimate of the price your car should fetch. If it passes our inspection criteria, we clean it & make it as appealing as possible & list it on our website.

Prospective buyers come, preview the car, test-drive it and make their best offer, all of which is our burden to deal with. This ensures that only serious buyers interested in taking home your car are brought to your doorstep. We take care of the paperwork as well, allowing you to forego the stressful, time-consuming visits to the road authorities.

You have access to 75% more buyers this way. What’s more, you can track the status of the car anytime & get a blow by blow account. We bring to you finalized deals & it is completely up to you to make the final decision. All that we need is your approval & you are sitting on a pile of money for which you had to do nothing more than giving us a call & driving in with your vehicle. Using our Park-n-Sell feature, you can sell your car in as less as 4 days, and with the average deal being 17% more than that of the local dealer to help you save on thousands if not lakhs.

The cherry on top of the cake is that you don’t have to pay anything upfront. We charge a mere 2% service fee, that only if we succeed in selling your car.

Benefits of Selling Your Car on Spinny

In case there is still some ambiguity about how selling with Spinny is better than selling at OLX, here is why :-

  • You get the Maximum Possible Price for your car calculated using our data driven Spinny Star Price Engine.
  • Your personal details remain personal. Your contact information will be kept confidential & won’t be shared with anyone without your permission.
  • No more repetitive, tiresome conversations about the details of your car.
  • We do it all – right from finding the right buyer to finalizing the deal & transferring the documents.
  • We not only make the car selling process convenient & hassle free, we also make it completely transparent.
  • Seamless document transfer.
  • No upfront charges. We only charge the 2% service charge if we sell your car.


If you want to sell your used car through an auction mela, you can try this platform Auctions42.


Spinny Star Price : How to Sell Used Car on Olx

Our Data Drive Spinny Star Price Engine calculates the Best price for your used car based on market data and previous transactions.


Check your car’s resale value on Spinny today.

Submit request to sell your used car by clicking the button below:

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Sell your used car to Spinny and get same day payment

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