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So, you’ve decided to part ways with your car or in simple words decided to sell it and are looking forward to posting your ad on free classifieds like OLX or Quickr. However, there is one obstacle you may want to consider when choosing to sell your car using online classifieds. There are thousands of people who post their ads on these online classifieds. With this competition, how do you make sure that your ad stands out?

We’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeve and we are ready to share them with you. But before we start let us tell you how these online classifieds work.

Working Of Online Classifieds

How to Sell Used Car on Olx

Online classifieds have a very simple method of functioning, they provide a platform where you can post your ad in a specific category and when people search for an item in a category specific to you, your ad along with several other ads are presented to them. When a user clicks or shows interest in your ad, you get a call or chat with them and ultimately sell your product.

The catch, however, like mentioned before is to stand out. Now since the template is already decided by the platform, you can show creativity in the photos you upload and the product description you write.

Due to their reach, anything can be sold on online classifieds as long as it is legal and saleable. From bottles to cars, jobs to services any ad can be posted on online classifieds.

Now that you have an understanding of how OLX and Quikr work. Let us shed some light on how you should prepare your car for sale.

Preparing Your Car For Sale

How to Sell Used Car on Olx

Since your car’s photographs are what helps the potential buyer to understand what your car is like, upload the best pictures of your car and as many as you can. But before you do that give your car a good clean, both inside and out as a neat and clean car will be worth more than an unkempt one.

A few more suggestions:

  • As mentioned above make sure that you thoroughly clean the exterior of your car and finish it with a waxing session. Check the body for any major dents or scratches and get them mended.
  • On the interiors, be extra vigilant, vacuum the floor, take extra care of the cubby places, wash the rubber mats with detergent and make sure that you’ve covered the windows and front and rear windshields. You can also wax the plastics on the dashboard with a special wax meant for the interiors.
  • Open the bonnet and dust it thoroughly to make sure that it looks presentable. 
  • Check all the fluids – Engine oil, coolant, wiper fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and refrigerant.
  • Start the engine check for smoothness, acceleration, smoke from the tailpipe, if it is an issue that can be repaired, do not hesitate to get it done, a small investment here can give you big returns on selling.
  • Check all the electric systems – lights, dippers, wipers, music system, and climate control.
  • Inspect the tyres, the tread marks shouldn’t be bald or you’ll lose value.
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Taking Pictures

Images that you will upload on the classified are instrumental in attracting buyers to your ad. Take pictures from all sides of the vehicle i.e.,

  • Both sides with doors closed
  • Rear and front
  • Rear with the boot open
  • Interiors also from both sides (doors open)
  • Full dashboard
  • Close up of the steering wheel with the odometer on display showing the number of kilometers the car has run.
  • Close up of the music system
  • Close up of all 5 tyres
  • Bonnet open
  • Engine close up (Showing the battery and the rest of components)

Posting Your Car’s Ad On Online Classifieds

You are all set, got the repairs done, clicked the pictures, and now you want to post an ad. Posting an ad on OLX or Quickr has been simplified, thanks to the easy and simple user interface that instructs users if they might’ve missed out on anything.

Here’s the step-by-step process you need to follow to post an ad on OLX.

Step 1

Visit and sign up with your phone number, email address, or Facebook account and log in.

Step 2

Once you’ve logged in click on the ‘sell’ button as indicated in the image below.

Select a category, in this case cars.

Step 3

Once you select the category, you will be redirected to a form wherein you will be asked to give some details about your car.

After filling in all the technical details, you will be required to write an ad title and a description.

As you will notice from the image ad title has got a limit of only 70 characters. An example of a good ad title would be:

FOR SALE – 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift VXi

Short, simple, and easy to decipher.

Step 4

After the ad title, you will be prompted to write a description of your car. The description, as mentioned in the image, describes the condition of your car, along with features and a reason for selling.

A proper description should’ve pointers and should mention:

  • The condition of the car, both exterior and interior along with year, brand, model and kilometers driven.
  • Any modifications you might’ve made like rims, music system, lights among others.
  • Be completely honest about the drawbacks – accidents, major and minor problems.
  • If you’ve installed anything new, let’s say tyres. Then mention it, this will help in increasing the value of your car.
  • Mention about the documents like insurance, PUC, whether they are expired or running.
  • Give a reason for selling – upgrade, shifting, whatever your reason might be.
  • Lastly, mention if the price you’ve mentioned is fixed or negotiable. Writing ‘negotiable’ attracts potential buyers.

Step 5

Setting a price can be a real mind-boggling task but you can take an idea from a few online used car retailers like Spinny, Car Dekho, Car Wale, and decide where your car stands. While choosing a price you should make it a point to think like a buyer, whether the car would require any repairs in the future or insurance renewal just after buying the car.

Step 6

The final steps include uploading pictures, confirmation of your location, reviewing your details, and verification of your account. After the verification, you can click on ‘post’, and your ad will be posted on the classified.

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Documents Checklist

Your car might not sell if it misses these crucial documents. Make sure to keep them up to date and in good condition if you plan to sell your car.

Registration Certificate

RC as it is popularly known, is a document that proves your ownership and testifies that the car was purchased legally. This document is very important when it comes to transferring ownership and keep in mind the Regional Transport Office (RTO) only accepts the original RC when it comes to transferring of ownership. Another important aspect that should always be taken care of is the information on the RC. For example, if your car had an accident and had to get the engine replaced, make sure that the RC has the new engine no. mentioned on it. Another example would be when you install a CNG kit on your vehicle. This also needs to be mentioned on the RC, otherwise, your vehicle will not be eligible for sale.


Having insurance that is valid for a longer duration will play in your favour and if it is not, make sure that validity lasts for 3 more weeks post the sale of your vehicle. The longer the duration of the insurance, the more profitable the deal.

Loan Document

If you have completed the vehicle loan then ask the bank to give you a NOC. This will confirm that you have made all the payments and the financier has no claim on the vehicle. In any case, it would be better to clear the loan off, if not then it process of transferring the loan becomes cumbersome and the deal might be a turnoff for the buyer.

Pollution Under Control Certificate

The PUC certificate is another important document that narrates the emission fitness of your vehicle. It would be wise to keep one, to avoid surprises later.

Road Tax Receipt

A document that confirms the one-time payment of road tax.

Car Purchase Invoice

Proof of purchase given by the dealer, from where the vehicle was purchased.

Service Book

Service history is a crucial part of any vehicle as this tells everything about the vehicle, including major repairs and services taken. Make sure that your service book is up to date as the potential buyer is very likely to ask for this piece of information.

How To Make A Safe Transaction

Although online classifieds give you good exposure, but, that also has its downsides. You can be called innumerable times during the day, some could be prank calls, some could be genuine and some could be conning calls.

A few must dos to keep yourself and your car safe:

  • Fraud: Be aware of fraudsters, as there is a very high chance that you might encounter one. Choose a public place for showing the car and never go alone, take a friend or an acquaintance with you.
  • Don’t Rely on Token Amount: A token amount paid by the buyer isn’t proof that full amount will come, that is why it is very important to hand over the car keys only when the full and final payment is received.
  • Transferring the ownership: Ownership transfer can be a tedious affair and requires the presence of both seller and buyer at the RTO office. Once you receive the payment it would be better to submit an application and sign forms to acknowledge the sale of the vehicle and transfer of ownership. Failure to do so might put you at risk if after the sale the vehicle becomes involved in an accident.
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Selling a car is not as easy as it sounds as there are many dos and don’ts, plus not everyone is aware of the government process that is involved. Not happy by the looks of it and having second thoughts about selling your car? Relax, let us give you a better alternative.

SellRight By Spinny

Spinny : A Better Alternative

SellRight by Spinny was formed with the aim of giving peace of mind along with the best price for selling their car. From inspection to payment and finding a buyer to getting the ownership transferred, SellRight by Spinny manages everything with seller’s minimal involvement.


Once you register your vehicle on our platform, Spinny dispatches its evaluators to evaluate the car, you don’t have to leave the house, we will do the lifting. Once the evaluation is done, the price is decided on a myriad of factors which include the condition of your car and market potential. SellRight by Spinny gives you a price which is always higher than the market value.

After you agree to the price payment is credited within 24 hours to your account. Upon receiving the car it is refurbished and parked at our car hubs where it will wait for a new buyer.

The ownership transfer will be looked into by Spinny and your involvement will only be required during the transfer process.

FAQs about Selling your Car on Online Classifieds

Why should I post my car’s ad on online classifieds?

Online classifieds give you great exposure to potential buyers interested in buying your car. Posting an ad also gives you an idea of what is the market value of your car to strike a good deal.

What are the risks associated with selling a car via online classifieds?

Online classifieds though do give good exposure to your ad but on the flip side, you have no clue whether the buyer is a genuine one or an impostor. This is why you should be very vigilant while sealing the deal.

How can I prevent myself from getting conned?

A few preventive measures mentioned below will help you a great deal from falling into potential traps:

  • Do not rush into the offer always take your time, check credentials and only then go ahead.
  • Do not hand over the car keys until you receive the full payment. A token payment doesn’t assure that the rest of the payment will follow.
  • Always be accompanied by an acquaintance or a family member when going to show your car.

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