How to Apply for Driving License Online in Kerala


A driving license is the most important document required in order to drive any vehicle in India, if you are caught driving without the appropriate license, you can be imprisoned or fined heavily. Kerala is a state full of automobile enthusiasts, if you are a budding enthusiast and have finally reached the age where you can apply for a driver’s license, this post is for you. 

What are the types of driving licenses in Kerala?

There are a few types of licenses in the state of Kerala. They are either time based and classification based. The classification and types of driver’s licenses in Kerala do not differ from those in other parts of India. 

There are two main types of drivers licenses which are based on the validity of the license:

  1. Learner’s License (LL) – The learner’s license is a temporary license issued with a validity of typically 6 months.The LL or Learner’s License allows its holder to drive under the supervision of a Permanent License holder in order to learn his or her desired vehicle. One can apply for a Permanent license after 1 month, and before 6 months of the issue of their learner’s license.  
  2. Permanent License (DL) – The Driver’s license or Permanent License is issued to a person after going through certain driving tests. One can apply for a DL only after owning a learner’s license for more than 1 month and maximum up to 6 months. You have to renew the license after a certain period of time, either 18 years or 21 years from the date of issue.

Looking at classifications based on the type of vehicle that the driver can operate, there are multiple options:

  1. Motorcycle Without Gear (MCWOG) – The MCWOG license allows the holder to drive scooters, mopeds, and other two wheelers without gears. 
  2. Motorcycle With Gear (MCWG) – Holders of the MCWG license can drive motorcycles with gears, as well as all vehicles that come under the MCWOG license.
  3. Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) – A Light Motor Vehicle comprises basically all the four wheelers that are used for personal transport of humans. Cars, Jeeps, SUVs all come under this. There’s a slightly different license called LMV – TR which is used by cab drivers.
  4. Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) – The LGV license is one issued for commercial vehicles with a gross weight of roughly 3500 kg. Pickup trucks like the Tata Yodha and vehicles like the Tata Ace are famous LGVs. 
  5. Medium Goods Vehicle (MGV) – This category includes trucks that can carry loads from 3.5 tonnes to 12 tonnes. 
  6. Medium Passenger Vehicles (MPV) – MPVs are a category containing any public or private service vehicle, or a bus of an educational institute. Do note that this does not include any LMV, MCWOG, or MCWG 
  7. Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) – Heavy Goods Vehicles are those which can carry payloads to a massive weight of 32 tonnes. 
  8. Heavy Passenger Vehicle (HPV) – This category is concerned with commercial and tourist buses that are used. 

Other than these two broad categories, there is a special category which consists of three types:

  1. Invalid Carriage License – This is reserved for only disabled people who need specialized vehicles or custom fittings to their current vehicles in order to stay safe.
  2. Transport Vehicle License – A transport vehicle license is a suffix added to typically LMVs and MPVs which are used for transport purposes. 
  3. International Driving Permit (IDP) – An IDP is a permit which is issued to citizens of India, looking to drive abroad. Do note that an IDP is not a license, merely a permit that is to be used along with a valid Indian license.  

How to apply for a driving license online in Kerala?

To answer the obvious, you have to apply for a driving license through Kerala’s official Motor Vehicle Department website. There are quite a few steps, requirements, and procedures that are required. The following is a condensed version of all the necessities: 

  1. Eligibility Criteria – The eligibility criteria is only limited to age. If you want to drive a non-transport vehicle, you should be at least 18 years old. For a transport vehicle, you should be at least 20 years old.
  2. For New Drivers – If you are a new driver, you will have to apply for a learner’s license as it is a prerequisite for a permanent driver’s license.
  3. Starting the online application – To begin the online application, navigate to the “Apply Online” link on the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department’s official website. Select the “new driver’s license” option over there.
  4. Fill out the application form with the necessary details. Along with the information, ensure that you have your personal details, such as address proof, identity proof, passport-size pictures, and other relevant documents.
  5. Book your slot – Choose a date and time that works best for you and schedule a slot for your practical exam. You will be sent to the nearest RTO office. 
  6. Payment of fees – Pay the required fee for the slot and test. 
  7. Document Upload – Scan and upload all required documents, such as those mentioned a few steps before.
  8. Attend the test – Do not forget to arrive at the RTO location on time for the test.
  9. Pass the test – Failure to get a passing grade will usually result in a retest for which you will have to repeat all the steps over again.
  10. Collect the license – This is the most important part. Upon passing the test, do not forget to collect your license which is sent via post to your residential address. 

What is the eligibility to apply for a driving license online in Kerala?

The eligibility criteria which is the most important is of course you age. If you want to apply for a non-transport vehicle such as a car or bike, your age should be at least 18, while the age criteria for transport vehicles such as buses or trucks is 20. Other than the age criteria, there a few more necessities:

  1. Learner’s License – This is the next important prerequisite that is required at the time of applying for a permanent driver’s license. The method of obtaining the learner’s license is the same.
  2. Residency – You need to be a resident of Kerala to have a license of Kerala
  3. Valid age proof – Proofs such as a birth certificate, passport, or school certificate can suffice.
  4. Valid address proof – Address proofs could be documents such as voter ID, electricity bill, water bill, or a Aadhar card
  5. Passport size photos – Make sure the photos are recent. 

What are the documents required to apply for a driving license online in Kerala?

The documents required are divided into a few categories, them being:

  1. Proof of age – These include your birth certificate, school leaving certificate, passport, PAN card, Aadhar card, or your Voter ID card.
  2. Proof of address – There are a few common documents like passport, Aadhar card, Voter ID card which are also counted as proof of address. Make sure to produce two different documents for the proof of age and proof of address. Documents such as utility bills (electricity, water, gas, etc.) in your name, ration card, or a  rental agreement can also be shown. 
  3. Forms issued by the government – These are the forms which are necessary to fill and attach along with the application. 

They are: 

  1. Form 1 – This is if you are below the age of 50 years
  2. Form 1 A – If you are over the age of 50 years
  3. Form 2 – Also called the Learner’s License application
  4. Form 3 – Learner’s License form
  1. Learner’s License
  2. Passport size photos
  3. Training certificate – This is for vehicles that might require special training and proof of said training.

What is the fee structure for driving license in Kerala?

For a driving license, the fee structure is as follows:

Fees for issuing Learner’s License (for each category)INR 150
Fees for Learner’s Licence Test INR 50
Fees for Driving Licence Test (For each category) INR 300
Driving License in Form 7 (ie. smart card)INR 200
Issue of Driving LicenseINR 200
Service ChargeINR 60
Learner’s License Fail feeINR 50

After expiry of Learner’s License
Learner’s License test feeINR 50
Fees for issuing Learner’s License (for each category)INR 150
Service ChargeINR 30
Driving License Fail fee (for each category)INR 300

What is the process to get a permanent driving license online in Kerala?

Make sure you have the prerequisites cleared up before applying for a permanent license. This includes having a valid learner’s license and being of the age of 18 years old. 

Once you have these prerequisites cleared up, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Kerala Motor Vehicles Department website
  2. Select the “Apply for license” option
  3. Fill the application form
  4. Select the test slot according to your convenience
  5. Pay the corresponding fee
  6. Appear for the practical test
  7. Pass the test
  8. Receive your license

FAQs about how to apply for driving license online in Kerala

  1. Can I apply for a driving license online in Kerala?

    Yes, you can apply for a driving license online in Kerala.

  2. How long is Kerala learners license valid?

    A learner’s license is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

  3. What is the passing mark for the learners test in Kerala?

    The passing criteria for the learner’s test in Kerala is 60%

  4. What documents are required to apply for a driving license in Kerala?

    Some of the required documents are birth certificate, school leaving certificate, passport, PAN card, Aadhar card, and Voter ID card.

  5. How much time does it take to get a driving license online in Kerala?

    You can not get a driving license online in Kerala. You will have to pass all offline tests after which you receive the license via post in 30 days. For an online copy, services such as digilocker are to be used. 

  6. What is the qualification for driving license in Kerala?

    Have a valid learner’s license, have the necessary documents and proofs, and be over the age of 18

  7. Can we give a learning license test online at home in Kerala?

    No, it is an online test but is conducted at the test centers which are usually the RTO offices. 

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