Go Far for your Squad with Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, and Anil Kumble

Go Far for your Squad

The open road, your favourite music, and the people you love. This is the perfect recipe for a summer/spring road trip that goes far to create memories that you can relive. With the freshness of spring in the air, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar brought Yuvraj Singh and Anil Kumble from the OG Squad together for a road trip to celebrate old bonds and create new memories. We know these legends and their performances on the field, so what does a road trip with the three icons of Indian cricket feel like?

Hitting the Road

The OG Squad reuniting would need an itinerary and a destination that lets them unwind away from the world of cricket. There’s no better place for this than the coast, with its bright and breezy atmosphere, lush palm trees lining the roads, and the pristine beaches to relax and spend the day away with the squad.

With the destination set, our trio pack their Range Rover from Spinny with everything they need and set off on a leisurely road trip to relive the good old days with the Squad. 

The Little Things

A road trip isn’t just the journey or the destination. It’s the little things we do on the way that create the lasting memories we love. Changing the tune from cricket scores to something more groovy is just the kind of small gesture to switch off from the field and get into the vacation mood. 

While the winding roads through the jungles are perfect, sometimes leaving the car behind can lead to fun little adventures. Cycling off the road onto less traveled paths was the perfect outlet for Sachin’s youthful energy to express itself, racing to discover the surprises ahead. Sharing some refreshing drinks over some friendly banter and stories is just the kind of off-beat detour you would expect from a trio that is still young at heart.

A Trip to Remember & Revisit

Stepping on to the beach has a way of instantly getting you into a playful mood, especially when you have Sachin, Anil, and Yuvraj always ready to play if given the chance. Seeing these three legends unwind and having fun is a sight of joy that we would love to be a part of.

From the playful sandy beaches to the peaceful lakeside, there’s plenty of scenery to explore and enjoy when you’re out on a trip with the Squad. The lake is the perfect backdrop to set up camp and start a warm fire to have familiar talks, reminiscing the moments that define the bond between friends while also recounting the new memories that deepen the connection further. Seeing the three legends going far for each other, whether on the field or while on vacation, embodies the spirit to go the extra mile and Go Far for our Squad.

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