Protect your Car from Flood Damage

Flooded Road

The recent flooding in Tamil Nadu caused by Cyclone Michaung as well as the recurring waterlogging in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bangalore highlights the threat flooded roads pose to our cars. The unpredictable nature of these occurrences often catches us off-guard when we are faced with taking the right action to protect our cars from being flood damaged.

With the threat of flood damage becoming more prevalent, it’s important to adopt proactive measures to protect your car as much as possible to avoid expensive repairs or complete loss of your car. In this guide, we highlight practical tips and essential actions you can take to protect your car.

Insurance Coverage

Flooding is becoming a frequent occurrence in many cities across India. With such regularity, it makes sense to review your car insurance to check if your current insurance covers flood damage. If you have opted for comprehensive car insurance, go over the conditions stipulated for your insurance coverage and ensure flood damage is covered. In case flood damage is not covered, enquire with your insurance provider for add-ons that provide the required coverage. If you have opted only for a third-party liability coverage, it would be sensible to consider a comprehensive car insurance plan that covers flood damage.

Find Higher Ground

Now that your car is covered by insurance, it’s time to take proactive action to prevent damaging your car from flood water. Whether you are driving or parking your car, always seek the highest ground possible. If your regular parking spot is often flooded, park your car on any nearby elevated ground to reduce the chance of your car being flooded or stranded. When driving, if you have to navigate a flooded road, make sure you drive on the path where the tarmac is visible. This will help you avoid driving through flooded parts of the road and damaging the mechanical components of your car.

Find Alternative Routes

Monsoon Road

Instead of driving through flooded roads, the better alternative is to find alternative routes to your destination where you know waterlogging and flooding is limited. In most situations, it may be hard to predict whether your route will be flooded. Prior research into your route will help you plan your drive better and completely avoid any flooded roads.

Adapt Your Driving Style

While driving through flooded or waterlogged roads, make sure you shift to first gear and keep your revs high. You will have to drive slowly while navigating flooded roads, so modulate your clutch to maintain your speed if you are driving a manual . On automatic cars, shift to manual mode and choose the lowest gear while you navigate the flooded road.

Precautions & Actions When Submerged

Even with the best precautions, you may face a situation where the water level goes above your car’s hood. In the case you find your car getting submerged, turn off the engine immediately to avoid sucking in water through the air intake and damaging the engine. If you are able to open the door, do so and vacate the car. Lock your car doors and find higher ground to wait for the water to recede or for rescue.


Flooding and waterlogging are unpredictable events that require proactive measures to ensure your car stays undamaged. If there is a flooding alert or you observe flooding in your area, it is wise to not take your car out and risk damage and loss. The tips and actions we have highlighted above should ensure you are better prepared to handle the situation and protect your car from being flood damaged.

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