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Maruti Alto K10
By - Patrick Nazareth
December 22, 2023

The Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 represents the most affordable car in Maruti’s lineup. Thanks to its low price, it is often the first car for many Indians, especially in rural India. While being affordable is its central selling point, the Maruti Alto K10 delivers more than its asking price. With a lineage that goes back to the Maruti 800 and Alto hatchbacks, the current gen Maruti Alto K10 remains a popular choice, regularly making it to the top 10 best-selling cars list. If you have been considering the Maruti Alto K10 as your first car or even as a secondary car for your family, this buying guide will give you the reasons you need to buy one.

Maruti Alto K10 Specifications

Spinny Assured Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 dashboard
Maruti Alto K10 Interior

Maruti Alto K10 Engine & Transmission


1.0 litre Petrol Engine

1.0 litre Petrol Engine

1.0-litre CNG Engine


5-Speed Manual

5-Speed AGS

5-Speed Manual


67 PS

57 PS


89 Nm

82 Nm


24.39 Kmpl

24.90 Kmpl

33.85 Km/kg(VXi)

33.40 Km/kg(LXi)

Maruti Alto K10  Dimensions









Boot Space

214 L

Maruti Alto K10 Safety


Variant Available on


2(standard to all variants)

ABS with EBD

Yes(standard to all variants)

Rear Parking Sensors

Yes(standard to all variants)

All Wheel Disc Brakes


Reverse Parking Camera


Electronic Stability Programme


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System




Hill Hold Assist


Hill Descent Control


Maruti Alto K10 Features


Variant Available on

7-inch infotainment system

VXi+ only


steering mounted audio and calling controls

VXi+ only


4-speaker sound system

VXi+ only


Power Steering

Not in STD

Remote Central locking

VXi and VXi+ only


Why you should consider the Maruti Alto K10

Spinny Assured 2022 Maruti Alt K10

A capable, affordable, fuel efficient car that has a fun factor while remaining perhaps the quintessential city ride, the Maruti Alto K10 is a fantastic option for many. Let us examine the factors that make it a great choice.


Price is one of the most important constraints while opting for a car. The Maruti Alto K10 is known for its budget-friendly price tag, making it an excellent choice for cost-conscious buyers or first-time car owners. The Maruti Alto K10 is very affordable, starting at 4 lakhs and going up to 6 lakhs. It is well within the reach of many and hence is practically the first car they own or will learn to drive on. Easy finance is available and in many cases not even required as people buy it outright after saving up for it.

Maruti Suzuki Brand

You cannot discount the value of the Maruti brand and the Maruti Alto K10 is no exception to that rule. There’s pan India coverage in terms of service centres, with parts available freely and cheaply. There is literally no place that does not have a car mechanic that can take care of your Maruti Alto K10, should the need arise and you choose to use one over an authorised service centre. Maruti Suzuki cars are known for their low maintenance costs and widespread service network, ensuring that keeping your Maruti Alto K10 in top condition won’t break the bank.

Fuel Efficiency

In a nation which prioritises mileage and savings, the Maruti Alto K10 delivers a ARAI certified figure of around 25 kmpl for both transmissions. The really good part? These figures are not far off the real world figures as well, depending of course, on your driving style.

Performance and handling

The Maruti Alto K10 delivers exceptional performance thanks to the K10 engine which also does duty on the S-Presso and the Celerio. The three cylinder is capable of producing a torque of 82.1 Nm and a power of 57 PS at top speed when running on CNG while a torque of 89 Nm and a power of 65 PS on petrol specifications. The powerful engine responds well with power on tap when needed, and it is surprisingly good over potholes. The K10 is efficient and practical for everyday driving, making it a great option for hassle free city commutes and longer trips. Parking problems? Not with this car. It handles our narrow lanes and zips in and out of traffic handling almost like a two wheeler thanks to its ability to squeeze into the tightest of spaces. The AMT option adds another layer to the ease of driving this car provides. 

Why you should not consider the Maruti Alto K10

There are always compromises to be made when designing a budget car for the masses. The low price point ensures that some features that you might be interested in don’t make the cut. Here are a few reasons why you might decide not to purchase a Maruti Alto K10.

Safety Concerns

This is a vehicle that when first tested got zero stars, albeit under an older GNCAP protocol. Maruti Suzuki has tried to address these issues with its new Heartect platform and attention to improved safety. The safety feature list now includes ABS with EBD, dual front airbags, reverse parking sensors, pretensioner and force limiter front belts, high-speed alert, and speed sensing auto door locks. 

However, the Maruti Alto K10 has a poor NCAP score of 2 stars in adult occupancy and 0 stars in child occupancy. Not something to boast about and worrisome in today’s day and age.

Missing Features

The Maruti Alto K10 is positioned as a value for money proposition. It’s a budget-friendly car, so it may lack some advanced features and amenities found in more expensive vehicles, which might not suit buyers looking for a more premium experience. but Maruti has inexplicably not given it a few features which its competitors have and which the consumers would love to have as well. For example, the Alto K10 doesn’t have LED tail lamps, rear power windows, a rear 12V socket, electrically adjustable ORVMs, and a rear parking camera. It’s hard to believe but the base variant does not even have an AC, music system or power steering. In this day and age, we do not expect any car to miss essential features like rear power windows and day/night inside mirrors.

Limited Space

Maruti Suzuki sells the Alto K10 as a five seater. However, in the real world, well built and tall individuals would be cramped for space. The Maruti Alto K10 is a compact car, which means it may not be the best choice for families or individuals who require more interior space and seating capacity.

For a large family, the Maruti Alto K10 is definitely going to feel small. It can seat four people in comfort. The cargo space is not much to write about either, it’s basically adequate without being spacious. You cannot buy this car if you require hauling a lot of luggage around. The compact size of the Maruti Alto K10 may limit the amount of cargo it can carry. If you require significant cargo space regularly, you might find it lacking.

Highway Performance

The Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 is not a car to be considered if you need to use the highways regularly. Though the engine is peppy enough to be pushed to around a 100 kmph with ease, keeping up and even overtaking bigger cars thanks to it’s high power to weight ratio, it lacks stability at high speeds, the comfort level is not present for long drives and the likelihood of walking away from a bad crash is minimal at best. We would recommend driving calmly and cautiously should you decide to venture out on the highways.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH)

Push the Maruti Alto K10 and you can clearly hear the thrum of the 3-cylinder engine. Even other Marutis like the Celerio and Wagon R using the same engine have lower NVH levels. This is because the Maruti Alto K10 has very poor insulation. Since there is partial to no cladding on the wheel arches, even pebbles hitting the underside or rainwater splashing carries through clearly to the occupants of the car. Road and wind noise remain high.

Maruti Alto K10 variants

The main Maruti Alto K10 variants are listed below for your convenience. You basically have a choice between petrol and CNG with manual or automatic transmissions. There is also a Xtra limited edition on offer with an orange coloured styling kit.






Rs. 3.99 Lakh



Rs. 4.83 Lakh



Rs. 5.06 Lakh

VXI Plus


Rs. 5.35 Lakh



Rs. 5.61 Lakh



Rs. 5.90 Lakh



Rs. 5.90 Lakh

Best Maruti Alto K10 Variant to Buy

We would recommend you buy the Maruti Alto K10 VXi Plus as it strikes an excellent balance between affordability and features. The VXi version is also a solid pick, providing essential safety and convenience elements at a lower price point, making it a practical choice for budget-minded shoppers. Otherwise, the Maruti Alto K10 VXi AT offers the convenience of an automatic transmission, which is a great help and reduces the stress of driving.


The Maruti Suzuki Alto has been around for 20 years now which tells you a lot about its desirability. The Maruti Alto K10 was launched in the third generation and has cornered a sizeable market for itself. The Maruti Alto K10 is absolutely the last word in dependability and reliability for most stretching across generations. The superb fuel efficiency, ride quality and handling, reliable engine allied to its compact build have all contributed to its brand value. You can be sure that you are buying a vehicle backed up by an impressive network that reaches every part of our vast country. It is genuinely a hassle free ride to own and maintain. If you decide to buy one, you will have made a good investment which will stand the test of time.


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