Comparison: Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch

A detailed comparison , Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch
Hyundai Exter safety
By - Patrick Nazareth
July 25, 2023

The Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch make for two awesome contenders in the newly forming micro SUV segment. These compact cars are perfect for urban dwellers who occasionally hit the open road. They possess a small footprint, making parking a breeze, and their smaller turning radius makes manoeuvring through tight spots a piece of cake. But don’t let their size fool you. They still pack a punch (excuse the pun) with their aggressive looks that attract a wide range of car buyers who would normally consider a hatchback or compact sedan.

Now comes the head scratching part—it’s time for you to decide which car will proudly sit in your garage. To help you make that decision, we’ve got a comprehensive comparison of Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch. So buckle up and let’s dive into the details to help you make up your mind.

Dimensions of Vehicles: Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch

Hyundai Exter


3815 mm

3827 mm


1710 mm

1742 mm


1631 mm

1615 mm


2450 mm

2445  mm

Boot Space

391 Litres

366 Litres

Ground clearance

185 mm (unladen)

187 mm(unladen)

The width of the Tata Punch gives it a spacious cabin while the edge the Exter enjoys with its slightly larger wheelbase ensures that it comes across as roomy too. The Exter is taller and has a larger boot space adding just that little bit more of road presence. The Tata Punch hits back with its slightly greater ground clearance ensuring it will remain a favourite with those who have to deal with rough and broken roads on a daily basis.

The Hyundai Exter boasts distinct features, including H-shaped DRLs below projector headlamps, LED backlights, and faux skid plates for a muscular look. The car’s upright, boxy stance with sloping A-pillars and squared wheel arches, along with 15-inch wheel alloys and roof rails, add a nice touch.

Similar to the Tata Harrier and Safari, the Tata Punch features sleek DRLs and boxy projector headlamps integrated into the bumper, with fog lights neatly placed. The vehicle’s black plastic claddings stand out, while the slightly raised bonnet line enhances style and visibility.

There is not much to choose from between Hyundai Exter Vs Tata Punch as far as size is concerned but we can say that the Punch has a more beefy, muscular and aggressive look.

Engine and Transmission: Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch

Tata Punch Engine

Hyundai Exter

Tata Punch


1.2 l Kappa 4 cylinder petrol

1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine

1.2 l Kappa 4 cylinder CNG


84 PS

86 PS

70 PS


114 Nm

113 Nm

95 Nm


5-speed MT (P)

5-speed MT, 

5-speed AMT(P)

5-speed AMT

5-speed MT(CNG)


19.2 Kmpl (AMT)

18.8 Kmpl (AMT)

19.4 Kmpl (MT)

20.09 Kmpl(MT)

27.1 Km/Kg (CNG)

The Hyundai Exter gives you the freedom to choose between petrol and CNG engines. Both options are equipped with its tried and tested 1.2-litre Kappa engine, known for its refined performance. The petrol variant puts out 84 PS with 114 Nm of torque and is available with manual or AMT transmissions, while the CNG variant gives 70 PS and 90 Nm of torque with only a manual transmission on offer. This engine will give you smooth revs with enough power on tap for day to day drives. Ride and handling is also uniformly good.

The Tata Punch is powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine that delivers 87 PS and 113 Nm of torque. You can opt for either a 5-speed manual gearbox or an AMT. The car offers a smooth and linear power delivery, making it a comfortable cruiser even at higher speeds. The AMT gearbox might feel a bit sluggish with noticeable shifts, but you can switch to manual mode for more control and enjoyment.

When it comes to the Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch, it’s worth noting that neither of them offers a diesel variant. However, both these fantastic cars give you the choice between manual and AMT petrol versions. But if you’re specifically interested in an immediate CNG option, the Hyundai Exter is the way to go.

Features and Comfort : Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch

Spinny Assured Tata Punch interior
Tata Punch Interior

Hyundai Exter

Tata Punch

Infotainment System

8 inch infotainment system( mid variants)

7-inch touchscreen infotainment system

8 inch HD infotainment system with bluelink(only in top variants)

Music System


Harman music system with four speakers and two tweeters

Climate Control


Standard to all variants

Ventilated Seats


Yes ( top variants)

Adjustable Steering

Tilt steering(mid and top variants)

Tllt steering all variants

Drive Modes


Yes(City and Eco)

Instrument Cluster


Semi Digital


Yes(only in mid and top variants)


Adjustable Seats

Standard to all variants

Height adjustable driver seat (manual)

Rear AC Vents

Yes.(Not in base variant).


60:40 seat split



Cruise Control

Yes(only in top variants)


Leather wrapped Steering

Yes(only in top variants)

Standard to all variants

Wireless Charging



Cabin colour Scheme

Black with body colour accents

Dual tone dark grey and white

Electronic parking  brake



Powered drivers seat



When comparing the Hyundai Exter with the Tata Punch, we can see some interesting differences in their interior features. The Exter’s interior gives off a familiar Hyundai vibe, with a textured matte black area and convenient storage space underneath. Stylish body-coloured accents grace the AC vents and seat stitching, while the 8-inch infotainment system blends seamlessly into the instrument cluster. The real showstoppers are the segment-first features: wireless charging, a dashcam, and paddle shifters in the AMT version. Storage-wise, the Exter offers practical compartments and pockets, and the scooped-out roof design adds more headroom at the back, with wide doors for easy access.

On the other hand, the Tata Punch flaunts a lively dual-tone interior, featuring a 7-inch Harman infotainment system that doubles as a climate control display. The 90-degree swinging doors make getting in and out a breeze. The materials used feel premium, and the consistent fit and finish add to the quality. User-friendliness is key here, from the well-designed buttons and controls to the comfy fabric upholstery. The front seats offer decent comfort, and the driver enjoys a clear view ahead with good bonnet visibility.

In summary, the Hyundai Exter shines with its familiar design and standout segment-first features, while the Tata Punch impresses with its lively interior, user-friendly layout, and quality materials. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences and priorities – whether you value the Exter’s feature-rich offerings or the Punch’s lively design and cabin convenience.

Safety Features : Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch

Tata Punch GNCAP
Tata Punch GNCAP

Hyundai Exter

Tata Punch


Not Certified

5 Stars


6 airbags.

2 airbags

ABS with EBD

Standard to all variants

Standard to all variants


Yes.(Not in base variant).


Hill Hold Assist

Yes.(Not in base variant).


Traction Control


Yes( higher variants) 

Automatic Headlamps

Yes(only in top variants)


Rain Sensing Wipers



Rear Sensors

Standard to all variants


Rear Parking Camera

Yes(only in mid and top variants)


ISOFIX Child seat points

Yes.(Not in base and mid variants).

Standard to all variants




Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Yes.(Not in base variant).


Hill descent Control

Not available

Not available

When you’re in the market for a new car, safety should be a top priority, especially when considering the Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch. 

The Tata Punch has received a stellar 5-star rating in the GNCAP test, which speaks volumes about its safety standards. It comes with dual airbags as standard, along with ABS, EBD, and brake sway control. The build quality is commendable, and higher variants offer additional features like the first-in-segment Traction Pro feature. The Tata Punch also incorporates Idle Start-Stop and ESS (Electronic Stability System) technologies, further enhancing driver control and safety.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the Hyundai Exter. This SUV takes safety seriously, with over 40 advanced safety features to offer peace of mind on the road. From headlamp escort function to auto headlamps, ISOFIX, rear defogger, and rear parking camera, the Exter has you covered. It goes the extra mile by providing segment-first safety features like TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), burglar alarm, 3-point seat belts for all seats (best in segment), and seat belt reminders for all seats. With its decent build quality and standard six airbags across all variants, the Exter truly prioritises enhanced safety in the face of the Tata Punch.

In the Tata Punch vs Hyundai Exter stakes, both ensure that safety is not compromised, giving you the confidence and peace of mind you need when hitting the road.

Price Comparison (ex-showroom ): Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch

Hyundai Exter

Tata Punch


5.99 -7.26 Lakhs

5.99- 7.94 Lakhs


8.96- 8.23 lakhs

8.07-8.77 Lakhs

Upper Mid

8.67- 8.96 Lakhs

8.81-9.11 Lakhs


9.31 -9.99 lakhs

9.21-10.13 Lakhs

The Hyundai Exter has announced itself with a bang, aggressively and competitively pricing itself against the Tata Punch. While both car manufacturers have similarly priced base models, the higher variants of the Punch are more costly than the Exter. However this does not mean that the pricing difference is that marked, or at a premium. In fact, very little separates the two rivals here.

Summary : Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch

In the battle of Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch, two manufacturers showcase their strengths, with one renowned for its extensive feature list and the other excelling in safety and styling. Both vehicles offer aggressive pricing, a good range of features, spacious and comfortable interiors, and strong safety credentials, along with eye-catching design elements. It’s clear that both manufacturers have created well-rounded packages in their respective cars.

When it comes to selecting the perfect car for you, it ultimately boils down to personal preferences.Do you prefer the styling of the Exter over the design of the Punch? Or perhaps the absence of a sunroof or wireless charging in the Tata Punch is a deal-breaker. Safety requirements point you to the Tata Punch which has a desirable 5 stars in GNCAP. The price difference is slight enough for you not to be swayed either way. However, regardless of which vehicle you ultimately choose, it will undoubtedly become a prized possession in your garage. Both options are sure to deliver incredible driving satisfaction for many years to come.

So, take your time, carefully consider your preferences, and make the choice that aligns best with your needs. Whichever car you opt for, an exciting journey awaits you! The Hyundai Exter vs Tata Punch battle sets the stage for an exhilarating automotive experience.


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