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Comparison: Honda City vs Honda Elevate

The Honda Elevate is the latest offering from the Japanese automaker, and a much needed SUV addition to their sedan only line-up. While on front Honda seems to be known for sedans, the Elevate is certainly something to be excited for, since it blends Honda’s technological prowess and urban SUV. This calls for a comparison between the two – has Honda managed to bring in the good of Honda City to the Elevate? This blog explores this question. 

Honda City vs Honda Elevate: Dimensions

Honda City
Dimension(mm)Honda City sedanHonda Elevate SUV
Boot Space506 litres468 litres
Ground Clearance165mm220mm

Both cars belong to different segments, but when parking space is limited, the choice of choosing the car with the right dimensions becomes more essential. Elevate, being an SUV, will obviously give more road presence, however, on the other hand, Honda’s sedan is longer and narrower than the Honda Elevate SUV, and is shorter in height. At the same time, the City offers a larger wheelbase, providing more legroom for passengers. Even in terms of boot space, the City takes the lead with 506 litres compared to the Elevate SUV’s 468 litres. Additionally, the Elevate SUV boasts a higher ground clearance, making it a suitable choice for tackling rough terrains.

Honda City vs Honda Elevate: Engine & Transmission

Honda Elevate
Honda Elevate
Engine OptionsHonda City sedanHonda Elevate SUV
Engine1.5L Petrol1.5L Petrol
Transmission6-speed Manual, CVT6-speed Manual, CVT
Power119 PS119 PS
Torque145 Nm145 Nm
Mileage (ARAI)17.8 kmpl17.8 kmpl

If there’s one thing that’s common to all Honda cars, it’s their engine. Speaking of the engine and transmission options, both the Honda City sedan and the Honda Elevate SUV offer similar powertrain choices. Both cars are equipped with a 1.5L petrol engine that delivers 119 PS of power and 145 Nm of torque. The engines are mated to either a 6-speed manual or a CVT transmission. Similar to the City, the 6-speed manual on the Elevate has a shorter first and second gear ratio and a shorter final drive to account for the Elevate’s additional 150 kilograms of weight. Speaking of weight, both the City and the Elevate offer a similar ARAI claimed figure of 17.8 kmpl, despite the Honda SUV being heavier.

When it comes to driving experience, both these vehicles provide smooth and efficient performance. The engines deliver adequate power for city commuting and highway cruising. The choice between manual and CVT transmission depends on personal preference, with the CVT offering seamless gear changes and improved fuel efficiency.

Dynamics wise, the City feels more well contained on the road, and has a much more sorted ride behaviour. Although it lacks the punch of a turbo engine, it is nevertheless quite robust, tractable, and effective at both ends of the rev range. Coupled to the CVT, the City does the 0-100 kmph sprint in about 12 seconds, while the manual is quicker by one and a half seconds. The Elevate has comparable performance and the driver feels immediately at ease thanks to how easily the steering, clutch, and gear shifter can be used. Overall, both cars score well on the performance front, with negligible differences.

Honda City vs Honda Elevate: Features & Comfort

FeaturesHonda City sedanHonda Elevate SUV
Infotainment SystemTouchscreen Display20.3 CmTouchscreen Display26.03cm 
Music SystemYesYes
Climate ControlYesYes
Ventilated SeatsNoNo
Adjustable SteeringYesYes
Drive ModesNoNo
Instrument ClusterDigital Display17.7 cm HD Full Colour TFT Meter Digital Display17.7 cm (7’’) HD Full Colour TFT Meter
Adjustable SeatsManualManual
Rear AC ventsYesYes
60:40 rear seat splitYesYes
Cruise ControlYesNo

Both cars are equally equipped with a strong and modern set of features. The long list includes Honda’s Sensing Suite which has ADAS functions, a premium 8-speaker surround sound setup, and a sunroof. However, the biggest difference comes to the touchscreen infotainment system – the Honda Elevate features a new 10.25-inch touch unit, which is much more responsive, and features wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. On the other hand, the Honda City gets a smaller 8-inch unit. 

Inside, the Elevate and City both have a simple and straightforward design. The entertainment system in the City is integrated into the dashboard, whereas the screen in the Elevate protrudes from above the central air vents. With their wide seats and headrests, both provide a comparable seating arrangement. The City offers a lighter cabin feel with black and beige colours, whereas the Elevate leans towards the darker side with its usage of brown and black. Bear in mind, though, that the Elevate’s lower-end trims use the same black and beige colour scheme as found on the City.

Honda City vs Honda Elevate: Safety Features

Safety is a crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a car. Let’s compare the safety features of the Honda City sedan and the Honda Elevate SUV:

Safety FeaturesHonda City sedanHonda Elevate SUV
GNCAP Safety RatingNot TestedNot Tested
AirbagsDual front airbags, side & curtain airbagsDual front airbags, side & curtain airbags
ABS with EBDYesYes
Traction ControlYesYes
Automatic HeadlampsYesYes
Rain-sensing wipersYesNo
Hill hold assistYesNo
Rear parking sensorsYesYes
Rear parking cameraYesYes
ISOFIX Child seat anchor pointsYesYes
ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)Yes Yes

While both cars haven’t been tested under the GNCAP or BNCAP crash saefty tests, it’s very likely that they will score well. Both cars are equipped with a similar set of safety tech. However the Elevate only gets dual front airbags on the base trim, while the City has 4 airbags from the base trim. ABS with EBD, ESC, traction control, automatic headlamps, rear parking sensors, rear parking camera, and ISOFIX child seat anchor points are some common features that both cars have. With airbags being a major selling point, the absence of the four airbags as standard on the newer Elevate makes the City appear as a safer car, despite being based on the same platform.

Honda City vs Honda Elevate: Price Comparison

Ex-showroom Price (Base Variant)Honda City sedan (starting from)Honda Elevate SUV (expected range)
Price RangeRs. 11.63 lakh to Rs. 16.11 lakhRs. 11.04 lakh to Rs. 16.24 lakh

The Honda City sedan has a price range starting from Rs. 11.5 lakh and going up to Rs. 20.39 lakh. On the other hand, the Honda Elevate SUV is expected to be priced between Rs. 11 lakh and Rs. 17 lakh. It is important to note that prices may vary depending on the variant, location, and any additional features or accessories. Both are priced quite similarly with a few differences between variants here and there. But the Elevate does have a slight edge in terms of being a ‘newer’ car and having a bit more on offer than the City. So it ultimately depends on your preferences. 

Overall, both are quite similarly priced, but the Honda Elevate seems to be more value for money.


In summary, both the Honda City sedan and the Honda Elevate SUV excel on all fronts – range of features, safety, performance and comfort. The City would be the better choice if you’re inclined towards its design language and want the dynamics of a sedan. Its exterior styling is quite handsome, the dashboard design is to the point and no-nonsense, and has a spacious cabin, making it a great option if you’re looking for a chauffeur driven car. The Elevate however, is better suited if you want Honda’s famed reliability and responsive engine in an SUV package while maintaining the experience of the Honda City. The battle between the two cars isn’t really a battle between the City and Elevate, it’s more of a battle between sedans and SUVs! So the choice depends on individual preferences and requirements.


  1. Which car offers more space, the Honda City sedan or the Honda Elevate SUV?

    In terms of dimensions, the Honda City sedan offers more space with a longer wheelbase and larger boot space.

  2. Which car has better fuel efficiency, the Honda City sedan or the Honda Elevate SUV?

    Both cars offer similar fuel efficiency with an ARAI claimed mileage of 17.8 kmpl.

  3. Does the Honda City sedan have a sunroof?

    Yes, the Honda City sedan is equipped with a sunroof.

  4. Which car has better safety features, the Honda City sedan or the Honda Elevate SUV?

    Both cars have impressive safety features and receive a 5-star safety rating from GNCAP.

  5. What is the starting price of the Honda Elevate SUV?

    The Honda Elevate SUV is expected to have a starting price of around Rs. 11 lakh.

  6. Can I get a manual transmission in both the Honda City sedan and the Honda Elevate SUV?

    Yes, both cars offer a manual transmission option along with a CVT transmission.

  7. Does the Honda Elevate SUV have rear AC vents?

    Yes, the Honda Elevate SUV is equipped with rear AC vents.

  8. Which car offers better value for money, the Honda City sedan or the Honda Elevate SUV?

    Both cars offer great value for money, but the Honda Elevate SUV provides a competitive price range.

  9. Which car is better for rough terrains, the Honda City sedan or the Honda Elevate SUV?

    The Honda Elevate SUV is better suited for rough terrains due to its higher ground clearance.

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