Transmission Compared: DCT vs CVT

The automotive industry has seen a sea change in the last few decades. Transmission in particular has undergone tremendous evolution. There were times when double-clutching was the norm.Double-clutching means to engage another gear while driving you had to first shift into neutral and then shift to the desired gear. Pressing the clutch pedal twice for …

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cruise control

Cruise Control: All you need to know for a relaxed cruise

Cruising on the highway to the beat of your favourite song – isn’t that an experience we all crave every once in a while? However, manually maintaining the speed of your car with the accelerator pedal becomes tiring and uncomfortable over long distances. Enter ‘cruise control’ – a feature that is becoming increasingly popular in …

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Everything You Need To Know

Electric Vehicles have always been clean but they’ve also given range anxiety to potential car buyers. Well, with a hydrogen FCEV such is not the case. The need to be energy efficient and emit less carbon dioxide has become a global vision. India aims to reduce greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide emissions by 45% by …

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MG Hector interior

What is MG i-Smart?

In its endeavour of being a tech-focused car brand,  MG Motors was one of the firsts to bring connected car technology to India. Monikered as ‘MG i-Smart’, these connected car features dramatically raise the convenience, luxury, and safety of MG cars. Ever since its introduction, the MG i-Smart has featured on all their cars and …

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Illustration showing a car's suspension

Types of Suspensions

Ever wondered why you are able to sit comfortably in your car even for long distances? You might be thinking seats, of course car seats do have a role to play but not more than your car’s suspension. Yes, the jumble of springs and shockers you see sticking under the car are what make your …

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